The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Chapter 16: Mate


Tristan and mine's embrace didn't last long. Before the two men re-entered.

"Good morning, beautiful." The man who'd knocked me out grabbed my arm.

"Don't touch her," Tristan growled.

"Or what?" The man reached for my arm.

"Greg, knock it the fuck off!" The other man snarled, turning to look at me."Have you shifted yet?"  

"None of your Fucking business." I spat.

The man holding me-Greg- grabbed a fist full of my hair and jerked my head back. I heard Tristan snarl.

"Is she yours?"

"No!" I yelled, hoping the man would take it as an answer, but in reality I was telling Tristan not to say anything. They wanted me and I didn't know what for, but I wasn't
going to drag anyone down with me.

Two other men came in and grabbed Tristan by the back of his arms and held him, I saw the needle with a syringe filled with a clear liquid.

"What the hell is that!" I screamed frantically.

"Calm down, it's only going to keep him from shifting for the next 10 hours." One of the men explained as they jammed the needle into Tristan's forearm. Tears filled my
eyes, as I realized we were fucked.

They dragged Tristan into the living room the muzzle of a gun against his back. I followed eagerly since Greg hadn't released his rough hold on my hair.

I looked to see my family and Tony tied with their hands in front of them and on their knees on the floor. Tony looked up at me with a worried expression. Tristan was
pushed to the ground and turned to see what the hell was going on, he seemed slightly dazed, Drugged.

"Just tell us what you want and you'll have it." My Daddy said to the men.

"We want her mate." One of them answered.

"I don't have a mate. That's why I haven't shifted." I whimpered as my hair was tugged, my skull felt like it was lit on fire.

"Then you're of no use to us." Greg whispered into my ear, his warm breath dragging across my neck. The barrel suddenly pressed at the underside of my jaw.

"I'm her mate!" Tony blurted quickly, "Don't hurt her." He plead he sounded like a vulnerable little boy again. I was dropped. My knees couldn't support my weight and fell
to the ground looking up to see Tony and Tristan eying each other, but it wasn't threatening- it looked as if they were making some sort of truce.

"That was easier then we'd expected." one of the men behind me whispered to another.

 Tristan caught my eye and nodded carefully, I scooted over between Tony and Tristan. when I went to lean against Tristan Tony caught me and pulled me to him. So
my head was against his chest. "just for now," Tony whispered, sounding heart broken as his fingers buried  themselves gently and comfortingly into my hair.

"What's going to happen now, Tony?" I whimpered into his neck keeping my eyes locked with Tristan's.

"Now they're going to take us away." I began hyperventilating. "Shh, Every thing will be okay." Tony whispered before I heard the first- POP!

I jumped and tried to turn to see what it was, but Tony held me tighter against him restricting me- "Everything's okay, Isabel." Tristan whispered as more pops erupted.

Then I saw one of the men walk up to Tristan and shoot a dart into his shoulder, Tristan hadn't looked away from my gaze, until he slumped forward unconscious. I was grabbed by the shoulders and pulled out from under Tony's arms to my feet, now I was able to see the rest of my family slumped over too.

I couldn't hold back the startled cry. But the man who'd grabbed me held me softer then Greg had. "It's okay," he whispered, "They're just asleep. They're gonna wake up in about a half hour." But how could I trust what he said- he was one of the bad guys, Right?


My head was pounding and I felt someone shaking me by my shoulder.

I opened my eyes and saw Dj. I cussed under my breath. "What happened?"

"They took Isa and Tony just like we'd planned man it's time to get up- your dad's here." Dj said, helping me to sit up. That's when I noticed Alpha Kaden on my other side supporting me.

"What was that stuff?" I asked referring to the clear liquid they'd injected into our blood stream.

"We don't know, but we're gonna find out." Alpha Kaden answered me. I finally got the feeling back into my hands and I flexed them while looking around. Almost all of both packs were here. We'd been working together for awhile now, but tensions were always noticeable, and fights were expected. But now looking around- no one was enemies. No one was fighting because of what happened in the past. Right now we weren't two different packs. Right now we were all trying to save shifters just like we knew they'd do for us. Right now we were allies.

I heard  Alpha Kaden say something to me and get up from the couch I was sitting on. Watched as he walked over to my father and- most likely be discussing strategies to getting Isa back.

That's when I remembered her terrified face. "We have to go get her." I growled.

"I know." Isa's mom sat down beside me and ran her fingers through my hair. "You really do love her don't you?" She murmured.

I nodded desperately. I felt like kicking myself. Did Isa know how much I really cared for her? how deeply I loved her? How desperately I needed her? I could feel my body tingling now as the drug wore off. Luna handed me a glass of water and I took it gratefully.

I couldn't keep my mind from worrying about Isa. If she was hurt I'd kill the bastard who did it then I tear Anthony apart. He'd promised to take care of her. And I felt the roar of jealousy rumble in my chest, I should be the one taking care of her.

A small warm hand squeezed my shoulder comfortingly, I looked up to see Luna, looking at me. "We'll get her back." she promised.

I could only nod with the painful lump forming in my throat. When my knees stopped buckling I finally stood, stumbling a bit but righting myself quickly.

"Alpha, how long were we out?" I asked Kaden.

"A half an hour- a little longer, We've already have shifters scenting and following the vehicle." Looking at him I realized he felt the same way I did. He knew deep down it was his place to protect her.

I averted my gaze looking to my father, He nodded determinedly. "Who?" I asked.

"Only the best," He answered and I knew it was Steven.

"And your human ally... Ian?" I asked Alpha Kaden.

He nodded, "He was there he will protect Isa."

"How can you be sure?"

"His father is one of the head scientists- His sister was taken as... an experiment to one of the labs-"

"But... isn't she human?"

"Nikole, was taken almost 2 years ago. She was only 8 years old."

"She's only a baby." My father growled.

Kaden nodded, "They want to see if the make hybrids." Kaden whispered with a sad glint in his eyes.

(Okay this is in Kaden's POV)

As I thought about that girl and the hatred Ian had toward his father and how rightly his father had earned I also saw how I deserved Dj's hatred toward me. I wasn't any better then that scientist. Sending his daughter away...

Now looking at how worried Mark was... I knew they were mates. I knew he would protect her. And most of all I knew it would kill him to see her mated to Tony. Tony would hurt, but he could survive it, Looking at Mark now, I knew he wouldn't. He looked like how I felt when Grace had walked away so many years ago.

How could I have ever doubted his love for my daughter? Or, even more obviously, her love for him? I watched Mark speak to his Father, his alpha, calmly and collectedly, but I could see the worry in his eyes.

I looked over to the couch to see Grace staring back at me, a sad smile on her face. She knew already what I had just discovered. I nodded at her letting her know I knew she was right. Letting her know I'd make it right. 


"Hybrids?" I questioned, nervously. What the hell had I put Isa in danger of?

"She's human," My father began, "They're... mixing our blood with humans."

"That's like putting the wrong blood type into some one's body!" I exclaimed. "That will kill!" I growled.

"Only if they, put the wrong type of blood into the human's system." Alpha Kaden whispered.

I turned to him, "What do you mean?"

"Our mates, when we mark them they share our DNA."

"So they have to find human's shifting mates? Is that even possible?"

This time my father answered, shrugging. "Statistics show there are 5 males to every female... It has to be possible, I've also hear there are other shifters-"

"Of course there are other shifters-"

"No, alpha Solan is saying there is rumors of... werecats." Alpha Kaden told me gently.

"You mean... like Lions and Panthers and... that kind of cats?" I asked, He nodded.

"Us announcing ourselves led others to follow us, I've also heard there are Coyotes, foxes..." He smiled softly his face lighting in wonder, "Who knows what else will reveal itself."

Dj and Owen walked in, "Ian Raimi, just called."  Owen announced, the look of pride on his face.

"Ian said everything is going according to plan, Isa and Tony are both fine at the moment." Dj said. "We should get moving."

Alpha Kaden nodded and smiled proudly at his sons, I wondered Idly if my father would ever look at me with that much pride. Wondered if he'd ever be that proud of me...

I quickly shook the thought away and said: "Lets go," And just like that the male pack members were ready some shifted into wolf form- my father Owen and Dj were shifted to lead the Wolves. While Alpha Kaden, Logan and I stayed in human form and got into my Mercedes.

I let the alpha drive and Logan sit in the front passenger seat because -it was showing respect- they were my elders... not to mention the Father and Uncle of the female I was itching to claim as my own.
AN: Okay so this Chapter is Really important for future reference. The Characters Nikole and Ian are going to show up in the next TAM...
Unless people are getting bored with TAM then just tell me and I'll just focus on others story ideas...

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