The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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First here are the Characters in age order.

Tristan Mark Kael age:15 -Alpha Solan's Son

Owen Taylor Calhoun age:12 - Grace and Kaden's first son

Anthony (Tony) Shields age:12 - Abby and Logan's oldest and only son.

Dakota James(Dj) Calhoun age:11 - Grace and Kaden's Middle child

Kristin Shields age:11 - Abby and Logan's middle child

Christine Shields age:10 - Abby and Logan's "Baby"

Isabelle Katherine Calhoun age:10 - Grace and Kaden's "Baby"

Chapter 1: World War

(AN:When I use the term Cousins- refering to Abby and Logan's kids keep in mind there is no blood relation)

"Daddy!" I choked on my sob, looking around Everyone was gone. I plopped down into the tall Grass to stay hidden. The grass moved a few feet away, I held back my whimper. When suddenly Teddy broke threw the blades and loped into my lap before turning and prancing around untill I followed him.

I followed him and found My brothers & cousins hiding in the Barn behind our house.

"Whats happening?" I asked, as Owen and Tony looked out the Hole in the side of the barn wall

"Shh!" Owen growled, I shot him a look.

Tony turned around and DJ took his spot peeking out to see what was happening.

"There are some Were's outside. From the other pack. Alpha looks mad. I bet there's gonna be another fight.

"Isn't there always a fight?"

"Why don't they just share their toys? I hate sitting in here." Chrissy whined.

"It's not toys they want!" Owen whispered, to Chrissy.

"Well then what do they want?" Kristen asked

"They want to kill humans. And they want us to help." Owen explained.

"But- why?" I asked, humans weren't terrible, Some of them started living on our territory just recently.
Owen shrugged.

We waited there along time before daddy finally came in with uncle Logan behind him. I was leaning back against Dj with Teddy in my lap Christine and Kristine had fallen asleep on Owen and Tony was ruffling Teddy's ears.

"C'mon," Uncle Logan murmured to Tony while wrapping his arms under Kristen and Chrissy. Tony said goodnight to my daddy then waved to Owen Dj and I before running to catch up to his father.

"Daddy?" I asked as he picked me up.

"What?" He questioned tiredly.

"Why do those Were's want to kill humans?"

"It's a long story baby girl."

"but... I want to know." I told him, resting my head on his shoulder.

"Okay, how about in the morning. I'll explain it to everyone."

I nodded happily. I couldn't wait to understand what was so important to fight over... To die for. As Daddy put me into bed kissing my forehead following our routine as every night.

He whispered he loved me at the door way, I smiled and argued, "No, daddy, I love you more." Then blew him a kiss so he could save it for later, he copied me.

Then I counted his steps. until I heard him go into his and momma's room before I got up carefully and tip-toed to their closed door. Pressing my ear against the wooden surface and listening closely I head Daddy talking to Momma.

"I'm going to be bringing more humans here. Now that they know Were's exist I don't see the harm in it. And we need to protect them.'' Daddy sighed.

"I know. And I agree with you. So... have they?"

"Yes, our pack and our land is now on their hit-list, who else knows how many packs they've gotten to join them... But my father knows another Pack Were's down south. They're coming to help us."

"Kaden... Solan is gonna be after the kids... isn't he."

"Yes, And you. Any immediate family we have."

"Oh god!'' I heard momma sob.

"Baby, it's okay. We're gonna be okay. I will do Everything in my power to-"

"I know. I know you will. I just feel so..." momma trailed off. "That means war doesn't it. They're gonna attack us. And with Solan's son being almost 16, he won't be worried about dying."

"That doesn't matter. I will protect our family and pack and any human that is trying to find safety here." Daddy promised.

My head was swimming with questions as I crawled into bed after repeating my prayers... and adding new ones.

"Please god, Keep my Family and Pack and all the humans safe... And forgive Alpha Solan. He doesn't understand what he's doing is wrong. Does he god?" I asked suddenly unsure. "Would someone really do something they knew was wrong?" I asked myself. With a shrug and extra prayer for my friends and Family, I drifted to sleep.

In the morning I awoke early. I got dressed quickly and made my way downstairs where I knew momma and daddy would be having breakfast and drinking coffee.

"Morning, Isa." Momma smiled as I reached up for a slice of bacon.

"Mornin' Momma." I smiled, then turned to daddy. "Mornin' Daddy." Daddy smiled and pulled me up onto his lap Kissing my forehead before returning to eat again. I picked off daddy's plate like Momma always does.

"Isa, where were you last night? I thought your Momma was gonna chew my head off, for losing you." Daddy asked.

"I was exploring, and I was being careful." I answered giving Momma a look she'd taught me.

"How'd you get back to the barn?" Momma questioned.

" 'eddy found me." I shrugged.

Mama sighed and kissed my forehead after refilling Daddy's plate. We sat quietly together until Owen and Dj came racing down the stairs at the smell of the
pancakes. I rolled my eyes, thinking one word.

---Brothers,--- but then Uncle Logan showed up being drug in by Tony, who had smelled momma's Pancakes.

----Boys,--- I corrected.

Mama smiled and went over to hug Aunt Abby, while I jumped down off Daddy's lap to go talk to Chrissy and Kristen.

We all played and rough housed with Teddy joining in as well after awhile.

When daddy and Uncle Logan came out They had that look that said what they were going to say was important. Without them speaking a word We quieted and I waited to hear what I already knew. We were in a war with Alpha Solan's Pack and we were protecting the humans- which meant there would be alot of non-shifting
people among us. Siding with us maybe even helping us. Daddy explained how it isn't only us in this area that are affected now- its the whole world. it was a World war.

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