The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - 19

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Submitted: December 04, 2010



Chapter 19: Just a Drug


"Where the hell is she?" I yell.

"She's being taken care of, same as you." The bitch answered calmly while measuring a dosage- of what I had no fucking clue but I knew I didn't want it in my system.

"My husband is taking care of her." She said flipping her black ponytail from her shoulder.

"Why isn't he taking care of me."

"He likes dealing with the girls... And I like the males." She smirked.

"You sick bitch!" I cussed and reefed on my restraints- my only thoughts were filled with worry for Isa. "You're all going to rot in hell!" I tried shifting, but they must have put more of that shit in my system when they knocked me out. I kept struggling.

"Come on, don't be like that." She smirked, Was she trying to be sexy? Eww.

She came closer and I growled an obvious warning, I could feel the hair on the back of my neck raise. She only laughed and set her hand on my shoulder.

"Are you a big bad wolf?" She giggled.

I groaned, not because I liked it either! "Listen Lady," I growled, "I'm not into the whole cougar thing, I'm a wolf. I like to be older then my Female."

"Oh so you like to be dominate?" She questioned,

"Why don't you untie me and I'll ahow you how rough I can get." I threatened- obviously meaning I'd kill her! Then I'd find her sick husband and tear him apart for even looking at Isa.

"No, no, no," She tapped my nose and I growled louder, heavier. She was purposely pissing me off! Why? She pulled her hand back when I tried to bite it. "do shifters mark their females?"

I wasn't going to tell her shit. "Come here and I'll show you," I snarled.

"You're such a smart-ass," She laughed, "I like you!"

"Wow, you're so observant! And I don't give a fuck that you 'like me'." I jerked on the restraints violently, "Let me go now and I'll let you live. I won't touch you."

"But I do want you to touch me," She smiled.

"You stupid slut! Let me go!" I demanded. Then her hand was in my pants. "Knock it the fuck off!"

"Why? It's perfect! You like it, huh?" I just looked at her, growling louder. This is humiliating!

"Just let me see, Isa."

"Ugh!" She huffed, pulling her hand back- thank god, "She's just a girl I could do things to you she's never even heard of."

"Sorry, I don't fuck humans."

She whined but nodded, "Fine, let me give you your shot. Then I'll take you to, Isa."

"Why don't we skip the shot." I growled.

"But the shot is what makes the fun!" She cackled.

"What do you mean?"

She smiled, tauntingly, "Hormones. They're going to make you want to Fuck the hell out of your little Mate."

I roared, I was pissed fuming! They were going to inject me with hormones- then the reality of the situation hit me.

They were going to make me rape, Isa!

"I won't do it!" I snarled, "You can't fucking make me."

"Don't worry she'll want it too!"

"No, she won't want it. I won't do it." I said but I was telling myself just as much as I was telling the scientist bitch.

"She'll beg for it." She smiled, shaking her head slightly. "She'll ache for you." She taunted.

"Go to hell! I won't hurt her!" I pulled again, I thrashed harshly against the restraints, but nothing budged. I cussed constantly.

Then I felt the pick of the needle entering my skin. Then the warm liquid being pushed into my body. The liquid that would make me hurt Isa.

God, please let Uncle Kaden get here soon! I prayed silently, And Please let Isa be okay.


When I woke up my body jerked in awareness. God what was that smell?

It was... tempting. It was forceful... I sat up and found I was in a cage. Trapped like a fucking animal. Then I saw her.

Isa was in the corner sobbing.


She looked up at me. "No- don't come any closer!" She commanded, I could smell fear so strong it was making me afraid.

"Isa, are you okay? What's wrong?"

"They-they pumped us full of hormones! God! Tony it hurts so bad." She wrapped her arms around her abdomen.

"I don't feel any different." I muttered.

"Just wait." She whimpered. "Promise you won't-"

"I swear, I won't hurt you, Isa."

"No, promise you won't mate me, even if I beg for it!" She cried out bringing her knees up to her chest again.

"I swear." I felt my body tightening now. "Shit! Isa, I feel it now. Just take deep breaths and talk to me." I breathed out roughly leaning back against the metal bars.

"We're gonna get out of here right?"

"Right. We are, Isa. We're gonna get out of here." I ground out, forcing my self to breathe through my mouth instead of taking in her scent. But soon it was like I could taste her on my tongue.

"Fuck Isa!"

"I know, God." She screamed.

"Hey," I smelled it then, other Shifters, not nearly as strong as Isa's scent but they were there.

I turned to see another male. "What do you mean we're getting out of here?" He whispered.

"Our pack, they followed the van, they're gonna be here any minute."

"Just for you?" A female asked quietly coming to his side.

I shook my head, "No, They're gonna bust everyone out."

Isa cried out again. "Why does she hurt?"

"If you mated her she wouldn't hurt." the male said.

"I can't mate her. Why would it stop if I mated her?"

"They have your hormones inside her. It's like a drug. The females get addicted. To the hormone the male has while he's in heat. You're the only one here that's in heat right now. She craves you." The female answered.

I banged my head back against the bars. "You better hope your pack gets here soon." the male sighed. Glancing at Isa. I growled warningly.

"So what's your name?" The female changed the subject.


"Tony," She smiled, "I'm Ariel, this is Hunter... he's a little grouchy."

"Y-you two" I noticed trying desperately to ignore the painful erection I'd gotten from Isa's panting and potent, sweet smell.

"That's because we're not wolves. I'm a leopard. Hunter is what we call a hybrid. He's father was a tiger, while his mother was a lioness. Quite unique, huh?" She answered.

"Cats!" I exclaimed Ariel laughed while Hunter growled.

"Tony!" Isa Cried out. My body jerked in awareness. She was hurting and I was the only one that could help her.

"Go to her, Just no intercourse or kissing mouth to mouth. Once she gets a taste of the mating hormone- the games over. Both of your animals will take over." Ariel said. I nodded and pushed myself to my feet and walked to where she sat curled in a tight painful ball.

"Isa," I whispered softly as I sat down beside her taking her into my arms so her body was pressed against mine.

"It's not supposed to be like this!" She cried. "This isn't natural."

"I know. It's not. They made this this is... some kind of drug Isa. It'll wear off soon." I tried to comfort. And as I looked up to see the male, Hunter, watching us his eyes told me I was wrong. This wasn't going to wear away anytime soon. I could only try to hold my control as I waited for my pack to get here. Then I felt Isa wince and I tightened my arms around her and even though I knew how bad I was going to hurt myself I knew it'd make her feel better. So I whispered the only truth I knew would help her get through this pain.

"Mark is coming for you, Isa. He'll stay with you this time you know?" I was glad it comforted her, but I still felt my heart rip in half when I realized I was loosing the only thing I'd ever thought was going to be mine.

We sat there for what seem like days, but in reality was probably only a few hours, with Isa pressing against me, sitting on my lap with her arms around me grinding against my hard on. The only thought keeping me from giving into her silent pleads for my body inside of hers was that this wasn't real. Not for her. She was drugged and I was the only male that had what she needed.

"Tony, please. I need you." She whimpered pressing her face into the crook of my shoulder.

"No, Isa, You don't need me you need the drug I have inside me that's all."

"Then give me it!" She moaned, "Please Tony, please." she began trailing kisses down my neck again and I couldn't hold back my groan. My hips instinctively jerked against her. She was so wet and warm.

"Tony." I heard the deep voice, and turned my head to see Hunter in the cage beside Isa and mine. "Don't do it. Do you understand." Isa bit down on my shoulder and I groaned again. My hands clutching her waist moving up. "Tony! Listen to me! That isn't real! She doesn't need you. Just like you told her it's the drug. You have to much in your system and she doesn't have enough-"

"No," I could hear my own voice weak with lust and drugs, "I've always wanted her. God, so beautiful." I murmured pulling Isa down harder against me as I  felt her fingers begin to unzip my jeans.

"Isa!" Hunter whispered her name, but it was more of a yell- just quiet.

She turned to look at him laying her head against my rapidly moving chest. "Who are you?"

"My name's Hunter. Now listen to me Isa. You don't love him do you?"

I felt myself growl. "Yes, I love Tony." She said her eyebrows scrunching together in confusion.

"But you're not in love with him are you? You love your real mate. Mark?"

"Mark..." She whispered his name quietly to herself. "Tristan Markus Kael," She smiled softly her hands falling limp on my thighs. Her eyes looking sad. "He didn't want me, though."

"No, he wants you. Remember what Tony said? Tristan is coming to get you guys out of here."

I felt my face rise to kiss Isa's neck, before hunter scolded me,"No, Tony." I growled at him. "Remember? No kissing." He said.

Isa looked over my shoulder towards the well lit hallway, "Do you hear that?" She asked I listened and so did Hunter.

I sniffed the air. Then looked over at Hunter, "Prepare yourself, cock blocker. The Calvary's here." I smirked. I was so stoned.  


There! Tony's POV! And a new character that's gonna be big in the next book: HUNTER!!!  

Whoot! Whoot! don't worry, you'll get to know Hunter much better soon.

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