The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Chapter 20

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AN: Breeding and Mating are two different things.

A Mating pair are those like Hunter and Ariel, they have sex to get the drug from one anothers body, but hunter has not(and will not) mark her- meaning they will not have an offspring. For example: Kaden and Cassidy (The famous Ex- fling of Alpha Kaden's that Grace bitched out) were a mating pair they had sex, but didn't breed.

A Breeding pair are those who mark their Mate and impregnate them. For example: Kaden and Grace; Logan and Abby, would both be defined as a breeding pair since they had off-springs.

JSYK: Technically, Hunter and Ariel aren't mated. They're more like friends with benefits. lol!

Hope that clears everything up for this chapter. If you have any other questions I'd be happy to answer!

Oh! And, I also made an error in the last chapter, Hunter's Father was a lion while his mother was a tiger. That will come in handy in the future.

Chapter 20: Advise


We broke in quite easily, Ian was 'guarding' the entry just as he'd promised and when he heard the low deep grumble of a howl coming from my father in his wolf form. Ian Turned to the soldier and for a 16 year old boy caught the soldier, quite easily, in a choke hold. Clutching him until the man passed out. As we approached, He took out a needle and pushed it into the man's arm.

"If he stayed alive he would put others in danger. I know him...And he would always be a danger to you guys." He told me and Kaden as the poison raced through the man's veins.

"Come on," Ian sighed, "We cant take long."

We followed him through the doors to the metal double doors and he keyed in the code. "Your Wolves will take out the Scientist and workers here. I'll take you guys to the Cages." Ian said as he explained to the wolves what was going to happen and where they needed to be.

I noticed Owen take the lead with Dj close behind with at least 10 other shifters behind them. They left disappearing down the hall silently.

"Where is the cages." I cringed as I thought of Isa in a cage.

"What is that smell?" Alpha Kaden asked.

I had noticed it as well, the smell of mating heat, but... so much stronger.

That's when Ian turned and looked at me and Alpha Kaden directly. I felt Tony and my father who'd shifted into his human behind us step closer. "Mark, I'm going to need to give you a hormonal injection." He winced.

"Why?" I asked at the same time as Alpha Kaden.

"Because they took Isa and Tony in for the injections sooner then they usually do.I'm guessing they were excited to think they had a breeding pair. The others have 'mated', but they have been each others mate..." He tried to explain shifting his weight from foot to foot. I growled and I heard Kaden chuckle quietly beside me.

"We should hurry." My father spoke up.

"Okay," He took another syringe out from his coat pocket. "Your arm," I gave him my arm and nodded, He slipped the Injection into me, I could feel the chemicals burn through my veins. And in mere minutes my skin was tingling with ultra-sensitivity. As Ian led us to the cages the smell of a needy female. He stopped at the door.

"Mark, I should warn you," He looked over to Kaden nervously, "you're going to... um, well, The injection..." He gave up and started again. "Every time Isa is in heat and you breed her- if you mark her- your going to knot her." He said, I felt Kaden tense beside me, I doubted he wanted to hear about how I was going to mate his daughter. "The drug I injected you with- it won't go away. You'll have it forever. It mixes into your DNA."

"Will it hurt her?" I heard Alpha Kaden asking his voice tight.

"It shouldn't she's been injected with the drug too." Ian answered apologetically.

Kaden nodded then looked over at me, "Think you can keep it in your pants until we get out of here?"

Ian answered for me. "Isa is currently going through withdraw."

"What do you mean?" I heard Logan speak up.

"The drug I injected him with is exactly that. A drug, The females become... addicted to it. It ensures mating." Ian said. "He'll need to mate her as soon as possible, she's in too much pain to try to get her out of here right now."

Kaden nodded, Ian spoke up quickly "And most importantly- no one touches her except her mate. It can be rather painful for any male to touch her, if he doesn't have the hormone in his system... And Mark, once you mark her, your DNA will merge with hers. You see, each male takes the hormones differently the hormones fit to you and your mate. She won't stand the touch, sexually, of any other male. Same as you, Any females touch will most likely make you want to get sick. Or so I was told."

He turned away and keyed in the next code to the door, and when he opened it my senses exploded, I could Smell Isa. I could smell her need. Her ache. I walked ahead and found Shifters being treated like animals in a zoo.

I'd heard of such a thing but never had I actually someone could treat another person this way, but humans were horrible creatures- they tortured other humans simply because of they're different ethnicity- why wouldn't they torture a a different species all together?

"Mark!" I heard Tony yell, I ran to the last cage in the room. Isa and Tony were snuggled together in the back corner, I almost snarled. But a man with Golden hair and eyes to match broke into my conciousness(sp?).

"They haven't done anything, She's been waiting for you. But you have to understand that-" The male stopped sniffing the air. "You've been injected?"

Before I could answer Ian was beside me. "Yes, he is." He then turned to me, "Stay here, Mark. Don't move and breathe through your mouth. I have to give thisto Tony." He held up a syringe, "It will push the effects away until he's found his true mate."

Ian opened the cage door and closed it behind him. I heard Tony growl at Ian. It was like Tony was rabid, but at the same time I realized that I was growling, long and deep and hard. My wolf was screaming at me to fight Tony- to take what was mine. But I felt my fathers hand on my shoulder.

"Be gentle. If you hurt her you won't forgive yourself. Last time you two were-"

"You know about that?" I snarled quietly, while turning to him.

He nodded, "I know. Last time you were together you weren't in heat. When..." He sighed, "What ever you do be gentle. This is naturally supposed to come after you've marked her. Remember, you may very well, impregnate her this time. This is your first time together as mates. Don't ruin it." My father advised squeezing my shoulder gently. "You're going to be a good, Mate and Alpha. I hope that no matter what happens, or what example I've set. You'll be a good father." He smiled sadly, " I know you will be... I'm sorry, for not being there as I should have been. Don't screw up like I did. You'll regret it." He said and I seen him look at where Ian was injecting the new chemical into Tony.

"Mark," Ian said as Tony's eyes drifted shut, "Come and pick up, Isa."

I turned to my father quickly, "Thank you, for your... advise." I said, awkwardly. We'd never really had this 'heart-to-heart' thing before.

He nodded, "You take care of her. She's a good girl." He smiled.

Something inside me shifted, he was finally giving me what I wanted all my life, what I'd worked so hard for. He was giving me his approval. But then as I  looked in his eyes I realized he'd been giving it to me all my life and I was just now realizing it.

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