The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Chapter 21

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JSYK: There's sex in this chapter. Sorry.

Chapter 21: Marking


I walked to Isa, slowly. Trying to control the animal in me from jumping out and killing Tony. I knew he hadn't mated her, but the scent of him was all over her. She was mine she was supposed to smell like me, not him.

I hadn't noticed my snarling until Ian held his hands up and slowly backed away.

"He won't fight you for her." I looked over to see Hunter speaking. His cage was unlocked but he had been making sure everything went smoothly. "She's yours. We all know that." I didn't stop growling, but it lessened as I scooped Isa into my arms, she was shivering.

"Tristan, please. It hurts. and I'm so cold. I waited for you, I promise." She whimpered nuzzling her face into my neck. It took all I had not to mount her, like the animal I was, right then and there.

"Mark, this way," Ian led me down another hall this time it was leading outside though. I realized quickly that I wasn't going to be part of the fight inside, I had a mate to take care of.

Ian continued leading us into the woods, that's when I saw the cabin. I watched as he dug in his pocket until he pulled out a small key and opened up door to the cabin door. "We'll leave your car here for you. I'm sure her family will want to see that she's safe." I nodded and he set the key on the table before turning around and disappearing into the woods.

I slammed the door shut and carried Isa to the couch. Neither of us were patient enough to find the bed.

"Tristan," she moaned as I pushed myself between her legs. She was wearing nothing but a long T-shirt.

"I can smell him all over you." I growled roughly.

"I'm sorry." She nipped my shoulder as I ripped the T-shirt she was wearing right down the middle and threw it to the ground.

His growl morphed into a rumble of satisfaction radiating from his chest. "I wonder if you taste any better then you did before," I thought aloud

"Wha-" I didn't give her time to ask.


"Oh, God!" his warm, mouth fell upon my body. Licking and nipping. My hands buried themselves in his hair. I'd dreamt of this. Of his body over mine, but even the dreams didn't do him justice. His body over mine was invigorating. I don't think I will ever get use to the perfect way our bodies molded together so... perfectly.

He kissed and nipped roughly up my stomach between my breast. As he moved my hands slid from his hair to his neck, He kissed my jaw. So gently I thought he'd gotten what he needed and then he whispered to me.

"I'm sorry, but I need you to badly to be gentle this time." His voice was a deep rumble, and before he shoved himself inside me. I cried out at the pain and pleasure he'd caused.

He groaned a curse and a blessing. Unlike last time he didn't give me time for my body to adjust to his intrusion, Tristan pulled almost completely out before he slammed into me. I whimpered, my nails digging into his back, my eyes clenched- unsure of the battle waging a war on whether it felt pain or pleasure, I was lost- was he making love to me or fucking me? Was there a difference?

That's when I realized what had happened- when I realized what was different. Tristan had finally lost control of his human. He was all wolf. Dominant and strong and willing to take what was his.

He suddenly growled and gripped my waist, when I opened my eyes I was on my belly- lying face down on the unfamilliar couch fighting for each breath.

"Tristan?" I asked suddenly scared out of my mind. I stared at the cushion, dazed and confused. My fingers clinging into the soft blue upholstery. My hips jerked up at an angle. Tristan's calloused fingers ran through the sensitive folds between my thighs. It felt so delicious I couldn't help but stretch into his touch- trying desperately to prolong it.

"Tell me you want me," Tristan growled behind me.

"I want you." I cried, so desperate for his touch that tears were falling from my eyes as I felt him behind me. His lips whispering against my neck "I want you." He thrusted inside me with out warning. I pressed my face into the cushion. Not like this, where I couldn't hold him back. Where I couldn't sense love or comfort. Where I couldn't see him.

He pushed inside and I jerked from the unexpectd pleasure as well as the pain. My back arched at the stretching of my body- the stretching I hadn't thought was possible. A sound came from my throat, protest, or a sound of lust, I guess I will never know. All I knew was that I was on fire. It was amazing and at the same time so terrifying.

I felt a pulse of heated fluid fill me, causing me to burn hotter. Making my need for him grow insanely larger- needier. I felt my body tighten and shiver as my wolf urged him to go deeper. With each heated groan I became more persistant to get what I wanted. That's when my human interrupted.

I should tell him to stop, to just wait one minute for me to catch up. An unexpected scream ripped from my throat as he pushed inside only using three hard strokes. Every inch of him sunk deep inside of me. He was so thick, thicker then I'd recalled. He was stretching me, tearing through me without the pain I had thought would exist, but with more impact than I could have ever dreamed.

My thighs parted further, my hips tilted back as he rose up over me, his powerful arms braced beside my head as he began thrusting into my body at a different position- one that aloud him deeper then I'd imagined any one could go. His lips brushed at my shoulder. Sharp, rough, kisses, heated and hard just below my neck.

I was filled with him. I felt every pulse of of his heart against my back. It was killing me to be able to feel and smell and hear, but not see. I needed more, wanted more. As if hearing my silent plea, he gave me more. Tunneling inside me as I felt my body tighten almost painfully. The muscles wrapped around his erection tightened, my body throbbed and burned. Then everything inside me seemed to explode. I screamed his name.

I shuddered through my orgasm, clenching beneath his body as he continued to thrust hard and fast, gaining speed, shoving into me as I felt more pulses of heated fluid.

A second later, I felt his chest rumble out a low growl, and felt something unbelievable. Something I knew couldn't be natural. couldn't be real. It couldn't be, but it was.

Tristan was swelling inside of me. Getting larger, separating me further. Animal genetics, I remembered vaguely, the mad scientists talking about it. He was locking inside me. Holding tight and sure inside of my body, he snarled, suddenly with an animalistic quality. Then I felt his teeth sink into my upper shoulder.

I screamed, but it wasn't pain as I always thought getting marked would cause. Instead I was screaming in pleasure. Another, harder orgasm ripped through my body. Tearing my senses from me. Leaving me lost. So lost. Nothing and no one to hold on to.

Behind me, Tristan growled. His teeth still gripped my flesh, his body still locked inside mine. I sobbed his name quietly. I wanted to beg him to hold me, but the last shreds of my wolf's pride held me back. This mating had been all wrong. This isn't how it was supposed to have happened. The day I dreamed of since I was a little girl wasn't at all what I'd dreamed it would be.

Why had he taken me like this? From behind? Why would he mark me now? When it was only the drugs making it happen. Why couldn't he had shifted with me? Watched me shift for the first time before he'd marked me, like he was supposed to? Didn't that matter to him?


I'd made a huge error, but it was to late to change it. All the emotions that had been growing inside me over the long months without her and I had overlooked the intense, all-abiding loyalty Isa felt for tradition.

I believed in living in the moment, not thinking everything- if anything- through. I had been so all my life. At least, until I sat here now, staring into the mess I'd made, and realized I had wounded another thing that was so precious to me. Somerhing I hadn't even known I'd held in my hands.

I had known from the moment I saw her that I was going to mate her, love her. It was the way of our world. To me it was a given. I had never given complete control or trust to another person, besides Tucker-(AN: Tucker is his friend that died when he was younger that part is in the flashback in a previous chapter.)- and he had died. I'd always expected to be alone.

She was finally sleeping. I sat in the chair beside the couch, dressed in my jeans, that I'd some how anaged to pull over my hips. My head rested in my hands while my elbows rested on my knees. I had sat down there the second I could pull out of her. As soon as the knot that had been swollen had allowed me an escape I pulled away from her. I had jerked my jeans back to my hips and sat. It was all I could do to keep from falling to the floor and bawling. My knees were shaking and my chest tightened painfully. I'd hurt her again.

I had stayed there, frozen, as she silently folded herself onto her side, tugging the ripped T-shirt over her body and crying until she fell asleep.

Isa hadn't sobbed. She hadn't argued with me. She had faded into herself, and I had no idea how to get her out. How to bring her back to me, I'd marked her without her permission, while she was on her stomach with me over top of her. Why had I done that?

I lowered my hands and stared at them. Large hands. The hands of a predator. My hands that had held her small delicate body beneath me as I took her so ruthlessly. My teeth had held her in place. My body had knotted hard and deep inside her.

I had never done that. I had never even heard of that between a male and a female. Why did it have to be us? Why her?

I rose to my feet and fixed my jeans before jerking my T-shirt on. I could hear someone moving up the steps to the front door of the cabin. I froze listening as the other man reached the door... I sniffed the air. Human- and not Ian.

Isa sat up. "Don't. It's him." She whispered looking to the door. She looked terrified. I reached over to push her behind me away from the threat when the door flew open.


Sorry for the cliffy, but the book is almost over!


I'm so excited, I'm currently writing the ending of this one and the beginning of TAM 3!

TAM 3 is basically what happens to Tony!

Here is the 'summary' quotes cuz I'm not completely sure how I'm gonna handle this book and I don't want to give too much away yet.

TAM 3: The Unwanted Mate

After Isa- Tony's "almost Mate" Chooses another male over him, he decides to take Isa's brother, Dj's, place in the pack, Giving Dj Tony's place as Beta male. Dj being the the Alpha's youngest son is meant to become "Alpha"(or the highest ranking Military officer/ Leader) of the Secret Shifter Forces(SSF). An army that has been trained to protect innocent Shifters and allied humans from any threat or danger. However the SSF is an army which is moved away from home- unlike the army/pack fighting on the battle field against another pack. The SSF is fighting against the Enemy humans. The scientists that wish to 'study' shifters and create new medicines... and other more profitable uses- using shifters as little more then lab rats.

Tony is going to lead his army/ pack to destroy one of the biggest labs they've found. At first he thinks of his new position as an escape from the constant reminder of what he'd lost, but soon he realizes that maybe everything really does happen for a reason... and Maybe he's destined to mess everything up.

Tell me what you think!!!

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