The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Eyes In The Darkness

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Happy Birthday abigailgracecrawford

Chapter 2: Eyes in the Darkness

Owen and Tony were turning 18. And we were all ready to party! We all went out to the Rez. The Rez was where all the teens hung out- humans and shifters-
There was music food... and alcohol.

This was my first party. And I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited- no ecstatic. After I begged mama to talk to daddy about letting me go and promising daddy I'd be careful a million times I was finally dressed and ready to walk out the door, My brothers and Tony were waiting downstairs for us girls to get ready. We had all kinda paired off to say the least. My Brother Owen was with Kristen and DJ was with Chrissy. Me and Tony didn't really feel... in love. He was just one of my best friends, but we didn't want to stand around and watch our siblings make-out. So we were just always together.

All three of us girls were wearing cutoffs and a tank. Mine was black my light brown hair hung straight and natural past my shoulders, while Kristen wore bright neon Yellow- which if I'd worn would have made me look like a traffic light- with her dark blond hair scrunched with a small bump a few bangs still hanging loose. While Chrissy wore a plain white tank her natural Bleach blond hair seemed to flow gently and perfectly without even trying.
Once we were satisfied we made our way down stairs where the guys were watching T.V.

I noticed Tony glance my way briefly before he did a double take and his mouth dropped. Okay I never tried to look good, but I didn't know I usually looked that bad. Tony quickly stopped his gawking at me and came to my side as did My brothers with their girls.

My brothers and his sisters started making-out while Tony asked teasingly, "You think you can hang tough with the big digs tonight?" As if on cue my brothers howled while I rolled my eyes while Kristen and Chrissy laughed.

 ---Yeah, it might be funny now, but wait untill you live with them.--- I thought to myself. Just before Teddy stood up on the couch and howled with them. I covered my ears, as daddy came in.

"C'mon guys, cool it." He laughed, looking at me with a smile.

I smiled telling him thank you silently, momma came out behind him wrapping her arms around daddy's waist.

"We're leaving now." DJ announced he could always tell when momma and daddy were gonna 'suck face'. I thought it was sweet though. even after all this time they
were still in love. Even though mama told me It would be the same for me... I just couldn't see it. as much as I liked Tony, I couldn't imagine waking up with him every morning, or cooking breakfast for him... I just couldn't. But of course we haven't even kissed so maybe I should just lay back and let the pieces fall together by themselves.

We all piled into Owen's truck while I claimed the window seat- claustrophobic- I saw daddy standing out on the porch with momma still wrapped in his arm, no one else seemed to notice how much daddy and Momma really cared, but right there, in that moment- I did. And I realized why they hadn't let me go party earlier.

They didn't want to let go. And neither did I. I- to this day had momma and Daddy tucking me into bed, I slept with my door closed, now, but they still tucked me in- I still said my prayers. Looking at my parents I waved out the window, when daddy waved back and Momma smiled I put my fingers to my lips as Owen started the car and  blew daddy a kiss, I saw momma laugh and after daddy caught it he blew me one and I caught it as well, I watched them disappear as Owen drove away with the radio blasting.

When we finally got to the rezI jumped out and looked around. People were dancing and drinking, and well, partying! I couldn't help the smile that tugged at my lips.

"You wanna go dance?" Tony yelled over the music. I laughed a out loud and nodded.

Tony took my hand and we made our way to the middle of the dance floor.  Everyone was packed together, but I ignored it concentrating on the music and the way Tony's hands found my hips. As we moved our bodies together in time with the blaring country music. I couldn't help but laugh. It was so much fun. Tony heard me and smiled, before singing along to the song. I followed suit screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs as our bodies bumped against one another's. After about half an hour of dancing Tony led me away from the crowd to get a drink, instead of getting me a beer he knew I wouldn't drink, he just took a swig of his and handed it to me.

"Come here, I have something to show you." He said nodding his head toward the dense forest and wrapping an arm around my waist. When we were sitting down on a log in front of a clean lake  away from the noise and craziness, I noticed Tony staring at me. I ran a hand through my hair self- consciously.

''Do you wanna go for a swim?" He asked.

"I didn't wear a bathing suit." I told him.

"You never heard of skinny dipping?" He said, with a mischievous glint in his eye.

I laughed as he began pulling his T-shirt off. "You're serious?!''

"Completely," He answered. I turned around so he could finish stripping and I did the same, starting with my shirt. When I heard him jump in the water I followed, knowing I only had so long before he'd come back up and see me naked.

The water was cool against my skin, as I popped my head back out of the water to breathe. Tony laughed, softly. And swam over to me. I glared at him and moved back. He laughed again. "I'm not gonna bite." he promised.

At that I laughed. His hand wrapped gently around my arm and pulled me closer. I could feel his body heat combining with mine. I reached up and touched his wet hair with my fingertips realizing, we'd never touched this way before... So intimately. He must have realized it to because his eyes softened and his hands moved softly over my shoulder to my neck.

"You're so beautiful." he whispered.

I remained quiet what was I supposed to say? Thank you?  His big hand cupped my face as he lowered his face to mine. "Happy birthday," I whispered, just as his lips touched mine- Some one growled. I turned automatically to the sound. Thinking it was maybe my brothers or- god have mercy- my daddy. But no one was there. Only trees and darkness.

"Tony?" I realized he was tense and still, his nostrils flaring as he tried to take in a scent. 

"Shh," He whispered pulling me closer. "Some one's watching."

"My brothers?"

He shook his head. "I'm going to get out and grab our clothes." He told me. "Watch for any movement, If you see anything  while I'm turned around you shift and get the hell out of here. You hear me?" Tony asked.

"Yes," I murmured.

"Good girl," He kissed my cheek and swam behind me to go get our clothes as I let my eyes rake over the darkness around me. I stopped, swearing I seen Emerald eyes staring at me, but the eyes didn't flinch, or move. So maybe it was just my imagination.

"Hey," I heard Tony say. I turned to him startled. When I  turned back. The 'eyes' were gone.

"Coming." I swam to the edge as Tony turned around so I could dress, quickly. Turning back around to double check the spot, but there were still no 'eyes'.

Tony and I got the hell out of dodge,  I still felt eyes on me as we were walking, And I couldn't help but glance back. Ready to see a wolf standing right there, but I never saw one. Still my subconscious screamed ---Even if I can't see him he can still be there easily seeing me.--- I shivered with the realization.

Tony pulled me closer. When we got back to the party. Tony asked several times if I was okay, or wanted to go home, but I refused to ruin everyone else's  fun. I'd thought that once I got to a group of people I wouldn't feel the eyes watching my every move. I was wrong. I swore I could feel a presence so close. --- Great now I'm Schizophrenic!--- I thought Wryly.

I was thankful that Tony never left my side. To be honest I was still terrified.

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