The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Getting away

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Submitted: June 30, 2010



Chapter 3: Getting Away


"Isa?" my mama called through the closed door.

I laid down pulling the blankets over my shoulder and curling on to my side how I usually sleep.

I heard my door creek open as mama leaned over and kissed my forehead. "Good night, Isa." Mama whispered, lightly brushing my hair out of my face.

When she left I threw on a pair of jean shorts I was only in my undies and a tank. It is July. Hot as hell!

As I carefully climbed out my window I dangled my feet over the window sill and dropped. landing silently on the balls of my feet.

I smiled and took off into the forest. I took my usual route- in human form- at least for now. Once I got to the tree I always sat at I found my note pad and my pencil I had always kept hidden here since I was 6. I began to draw.

I finally brought myself out of my sketching to realize it was getting dark, probably already past 10. I sighed and got up hiding my notepad and pencil in the small plastic box and getting it to fit easily inside the bush.

"Shouldn't you be safe and sound in bed, little girl?" I spun around, quickly ready to defend my self. Fight or Flight mode kicking in. Several males were in front of me. Some were in wolf form some in human.

"I was just leaving," I said calmly trying to prolong the inevitable. The leader of the small group took a step closer and I bolted, I knew it was stupid. But my instincts had taken over. My adrenaline shooting through my veins, like a drug. I pulled my shirt off over my head, then pushed my shorts down my waist so they fell around my ankles running out of them easily. I could hear the males right behind me. Before I could finish undressing to shift I was tackled. I fell with a painful thud.

"Please don't! Let me go! Please!" I cried, out of pure shock.

I felt the male lowered his face into my wild and now tangled brown hair.

"Yeah, she is definitely relation, to Kaden." The man on me growled.

"Let me go!" I demanded.

"What do we do with her?" a male asked distracting him for a moment- that moment was all I needed.

I angled my leg just right and kicked him. He howled, so I must have hit what I'd aimed for. I jumped up and ran, Just when I thought I'd gotten away scott-free... I ran right into the arms of another male. This one was younger, but still older then me. And this male held me more carefully, not making me feel like a trapped animal. I sobbed, breathlessly, into his bare chest.

"Please, please let me go." I begged.

"Shh, you're okay. No one is going to hurt you." He promised running his fingers through my snarled hair.

"Not going to hurt her! Did you see where she kicked me Mark."

"Of course she would fight back! It's not her fault you underestimated her and didn't... guard yourself." He said his voice very authoritative. "Besides," he laughed, "It's not like you needed that for anything anyways." The rest of the group broke out laughing.

I was still clutching the male-Mark- around the neck. Probably choking him, but he didn't complain.

Mark turned so he was angled between me and the other males, I thought realistically what chance I'd have for escaping now.

"Are you hurt?" He asked quietly.

I shook my head.

"Don't worry, You'll be home soon, okay. No one is gonna hurt you."

"My birthday is tomorrow." I whimpered against his skin. "I'll be 16." I told him explaining my fears, and reasons of wanting to go home so badly.

"Well, that may cause a slight problem," he sighed. "Come, we'll go get you some food and clothes, okay? Now you have to be good or I'm going to have to tie you up." He told me pulling back to look in my eyes.

I nodded my head. If he tied me up I would die.

"You'll be good?"

I nodded again quickly not looking at his face.

He waited a few more minutes, wanting me to look at him, I'm sure. When he realized that wasn't going to happen he sighed and took my hand, firmly leading me the opposite way of my home. I looked back longingly.

But I followed helplessly.

I stayed close beside Mark.

He led me into a small group of what looked to be a camp. Like a summer camp I'd seen in movies.

I heard the other males whispering and laughing and I knew it was about me. I desperately wished for a time machine, or at least one of my family members. I'd have even settled for Teddy. I didn't want to admit that I was as terrified as I was.

A rough hand suddenly reached out and grabbed me hard around my bicep. I couldn't help the quiet yelp that came out of my mouth in response to the pain.

"Knock it off." Mark growled, wrapping his arm around my waist.

The Were quickly released his hold on me. Mark tucked me into his side either protectively, or Possessively. I was hoping it was the first more then the second.

"You alright?" He asked pulling me into a cabin.

I nodded. "You can sit down," He whispered shrugging toward the couch. "Do you want some water?" again I nodded as I sat down and pulled my legs up against my chest.

Mark came over and sat down beside me handing me a cup.

"Thanks," I whispered, if we didn't have amazing hearing neither of us would have heard it.

"What's your name?"

"Isa-" I stopped myself. This was an enemy not a friend. And he was obviously pretty high in rank. If I told him my name he would know I was Alpha's daughter, but they could obviously smell the my daddy's scent on me, I still had to lie.

"I'm Isa... Katie... Shields." I told him. The first wasn't a complete lie, or the second. I had just shortened them. My name was too long anyway. My last name however I borrowed from Logan. Logan was also My God father... so technically no lies, right? "Do I get to know yours?" I asked finally looking up to his shoulders, which were wide and tan and masculine, but not looking up any further. I didn't know they're traditions, what if it was rude to look someone in the eyes?

"...Tristan Marcus Kael." He told me I could hear the nervous smile in his voice.

Solan Kael. He was the Alpha's son. Next in line to be Alpha of my rival pack, and soon by the looks of it. Tristan- Mark... Whoa wait!

"Why do they call you Mark?" I blurted.

"Because of the names meaning. The name Mark means Rebellious."

"O-oh." I hated when my voice broke. I'm so fucking weak! I'm an Alpha too! I shouldn't be afraid! but I was.

He realized I hadn't taken a drink. "You thirsty, or not?"

"uh, no thanks." How could I trust him not to drug me?

He sighed sadly, before putting the cup to his lips and drinking some of the water then he held it out to me. With only a slight hesitation I took it. Gulping down the water, but before I could finish his hand was taking the glass from my lips.

"Don't drink so fast. you'll get a cramp, or get sick."

"Oh right, thanks." I whispered.

The door swung open causing me to jump and sending water flying. Solan, i realized it instinctively.

"Leave," He growled to Mark. Mark hesitated slightly as I gripped his hand tightly, silently begging not to be left alone, but he pulled his hand from mine- it felt like falling overboard and someone throwing a deflated floaty to me- He left me any way. I almost sobbed.

When the door closed I saw Solan's eyes change, flashing to hatred as he looked at me. Only briefly did I see the movement of his weight shifting to grab me before he reached out.

I tried to get away, but he'd caught my arm and jerked me to him. "No!" I growled, still struggling helplessly. "Let go!" He lowered his face to get my scent and I knew once he smelt me he'd know who my daddy was. Throwing my head forward I collided with his cheek. He dropped me and I fell on my ass, frozen with shock, for a second before I scrambled back as far as I could- my back coming in contact with a wall. I jumped up running around him and out the door, I didn't stop, not until someone caught me by my hair. I jerked, falling on my back and crying out.

"Damn, you're pretty fast," The male growled as I clutched his hand trying to take away some of the painof my scalp, as he dragged me behind him. I kept struggling, desperately and praying under my breath, praying for someone to hear. Anyone who cared, Anyone who'd save me, Praying that I'd wake up in my bed at home, but none of those things happened as he twisted my hair causing my whole body to turn over so I wason my belly, as I pushed myself up I felt a something hard slam into my ribs. I fell down unable to breathe.

"You little bitch!" Solan yelled grabbing a fistful of myhair. He was now squatting in front of me so we were face to face. "Did you really think you could get away?" He growled.

I didn't reply, only glaring at him. "I wasn't going to hurt you, but I also thought you'd be better behaved."

"You mean I'd be to scared to fight back." I growled between my painfully clenched teeth.

''Either way," he smiled.

"Go to hell!''

"For you dear. This is hell." He said letting go of my hair only to hit me hard across the cheek.

I cried out again. "Take her back to your room." I heard Solan growl, but I also heard my body's ache telling me not to get punished, or tackled to the ground again. I listened as the crowd vanished, obviously seeingI was in no condition to try to runaway at the moment- meaning their fun was over.

I turned my face and saw a woman looking curiously at me as if she was trying to recognize me, butI didn't know her. "Oh, god!'' She cried. and suddenly she was dragging me into her lap gently. Brushing my hair from my face. Saying "You look just like your mama."

I only whimpered in response as my world faded to grey then black...

Dear Diary,

I'm begining to believe I have jinxed myself. My whole life is becomming one big accident... or in momma and daddy words a surprise. I'm turning 16 tomorrow. I should be excited, right?

But I'm not. Neither is daddy. My daddy, Kaden, believes no one is good enough for me- even Tony. But on top of my birthday and bonding to my mate, Solan's pack is getting close to our territory, again. My Older brothers and soon-to-be-Mate are always with daddy and logan, ready to fight. I wish I were a male. Then I would be there running perimiters, instead of being here writing and worrying about my family and pack.

g2g mama's coming, probably gonna talk to me about mating! Eww!


Isabel Katherine Calhoun

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