The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Mutts

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Chapter 5: Mutts (Pic of Kristen)

Mark led me through the camp, I watched as people treated him with the same respect an Alpha would get. It didn't... surprise me, Mark just gave off the aroma of Power. I didn't know weather to be afraid of that or comforted by it.

Mark knocked on the door. I tensed, but felt Marks arm around me tighten reassuringly. And i felt reassured until I remembered the last time I'd thought he would protect me. Then I was right back on edge until a little boy opened the door.

"Hey, buddy, where's you're mom?" I was stunned by the softness in Marks voice. He'd spoken to me in whispers, but this was different- more... care-free. Then I realized I'd never seen Mark smile... always little half smiles- polite smiles.

The little boy only looked at us shyly, before running back into the cabin. Not even a second later That woman was at the door wrapping her arms around me. I immediately froze.

"Oh, gosh , I'm sorry, you don't know me... Come in!"  She smiled. Mark took the step into the cabin, forcing me along with him.


"Steven," Mark said in a polite greeting.

"This is her?" Steven asked coming up to stand by the woman. She nodded still smiling at me.

"Come on, we should let them talk." Mark said quietly to the other male. He nodded and Mark followed him.

"Who are you? How do you know my mother?" I asked after an awkward moment of silence.

"I know your mom... because she was soon- to be mated to my brother." She answered.

"And who's your Brother."

She smiled sadly, "Kaden, your daddy. You have the same suspicious look he got when he thought I was lying to him." She laughed.

"You.... You're Samantha?" I asked shocked.

"They talk about me?"

"Yes. They miss you. Solan said you were dead-"

"That isn't important now." She whispered, looking scared out of her mind.

Then it clicked. I leaned toward her, "Solan told them that so they wouldn't come looking for you. You're a captive just like me."

"Shh, not now. We must not speak of this right now." she explained looking pointedly at the door the males were just behind. I nodded, whenI noticed her hand
shaking I put my hand over hers. Giving her a silent message: We were getting out of here. We were going home. We were never going to look back.

She nodded, then forced a smile, "So are you mated yet?"

I shook my head, "No but some one's waiting for me back home. his name is Tony."

"Do you love him?"

I thought about this, wanting to answer truthfully. "I- I think so. I mean when he touched me the last time we were alone... it was perfect, and romantic, and... so soft." I was surprised I remembered the feeling after the beating I was given. but I shook those thoughts away.

"How old is he?"

"He turned 18 this year."

"Do his parents like you?"

"Yes, Aunt Abby and uncle Logan are great!''

"Logan, Logan Shield?" she suddenly looked sad.

''yeah," I answered.

"Your mama's friend Abby? They're mated?"

I nodded. She smiled. "They did look perfect together, guess I shouldn't be surprised."

---D-did she have a thing for Uncle Logan?--- I thought, before I voiced it.

"You were in love with him?" I asked quietly.

She looked at me, then smiled again. "That's in the past. It doesn;t matter anymore."

"You were waiting for him..." I realized. That's Too late now.

"Wait you're my fathers sister? You don't look any older then me."

"That's because I haven't shifted. You don't age until you shift... not physically anyway."

"But-" I gave her a look. ''You have a baby."

"Yes, but I didn't conceive him. I was... home sick so Steven got me a baby. Saying it would help. And he does. He's... mine." she explained.

"You mean.. we could like live forever, if we didn't shift?"

"No, we would die from old age, or sickness, we just wouldn't look as old as we are."

"I didn't know that."

"And it's difficult trying not to shift, it's a part of you. Shifting. to me it's a part I can never really touch. It's just out of reach for me." She explained.

"And that's because you haven't found your mate, you're missing apart of yourself." She nodded.

"What if we have a mate that isn't our... soul mate?" I don't know where the question came from.

"I don't know... Never really heard of that." She answered.

"But.... what if you have feelings for two people?"  I was unsure and confused by my sudden concern. Tony was the only man I cared about... so why was there a
sudden doubt?

"Well, You have to prefer one over the other." She shrugged.

Suddenly the door swung open. Samantha and I jumped.

"Mark!" The male called out. "We caught some mutts snooping around!"

"Let us go!" A familiar voice yelled. I jumped up to see Kristen and Chrissy being restrained by two other Males.

"Oh, god!" I gasped.

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