The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Realization, wishing, and praying

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Submitted: July 17, 2010



I have a surprise for everybody in this chapter!!!! PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO!!!

Chapter 6: Realization, Wishing and Praying

I ran to Chrissy and Kristen hugging them tightly.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"We could ask you the same thing." Kristen sneered.

"Don't worry... I'll... I'll find a way." I murmured.

"We're not going anywhere without you!" Chrissy growled.

I just shook my head.

"Where do we take them Mark?"

"Take them to the females cabins." He told them like it was obvious.

"No!" I turned to Mark, "Please, Please, let them go!"

He just grabbed my arm as the males took Chrissy and Kristen. I fought him the whole way as he said good-bye to my aunt and the male. Even while he
dragged me back to his cabin.

He tossed me through the cabin door and closed it as soon as he was inside I leapt at the closed door, but before I could even grasp the handle Mark was holding me again and hoisting me easily onto his shoulder. I punched kicked and turned, trying to get away.

When he put me down I was in between him and a wall. "Stop it." He growled as I fought harder. "You're not going anywhere. Just stop!"

"Fuck you!" I yelled and I slapped him hard across the face. his hand was suddenly around my neck, loosely, but still threatening. My hands reflexively wrapped around his wrist.

"Don't you ever think you can hit me again." He growled quietly. And for the first time since I was kidnapped I was afraid of him. His eyes weren't soft and understanding, they were hard and deadly. When his hand disappeared from my neck I realized vaguely I was in the bedroom. Mark walked out and closed the door. When the door clicked I slid down the wall my knees giving out beneath me. I sat there a long time before I finally wrapped my arms around my knees and cried.

--- he was just like them, he wasn't any different.--- the thought kept entering my mind once I'd finally almost get the sobs under control, but when I remembered that I'd cry even harder.

---I think, I liked him better when he was pretending to care.---

(AN: Are you ready for your surprise? Cuz here it comes!)



--- oh god! What the hell did I just do?--- I thought while pacing the length of the living room.

----I wanted her to want to stay here with me! Why would I do something so stupid? Why would I threaten to hurt her? Why did that thought even cross my mind?--- Regret was the only thing I felt in that moment.

I sat down as I remembered what she'd said when she woke up this morning. She'd thought I was only pretending to care. She knew I wasn't any better then my father. She was waiting for this to happen. I realized, clutching my head between the hands that she only thought of as a threat. The hands she hated. The hands that had taken her from the place she wanted to be, My hands had hurt her so many times in the past... I looked up at the clock, Not even 48 hours.

--- How could I make her see that if those girls left she wouldn't stay? How could I make her see that this could all work out? That I wanted to make her happy? That I wanted her from the moment I'd laid eyes on her a year ago?--- I walked over to the bedroom door ready to plead to for her forgiveness- I stopped when I heard her muffled sob My head dropped, pressing my forehead against the door.

"I'm sorry." I whispered, "So, so sorry." As if she could hear me her sobs grew harder. I wanted to kill the part of me that hurt her. Wished that I could take it back. Wished I could rewind time and let her go, so she could be home, with her pack, with her family, and friends... with her mate. But now that I'd held her, touched her... how could I let her walk away?

I stood there I don't know how long listening to her sob, after her sobs had stopped completely and I heard her breathing even out, like the coward I was, only then did I open the door. Isa was passed out, her head resting on her knees. Ignoring the lump in my throat I picked her up gently and put her in the bed. I couldn't help myself as I leaned down and pressed my lips carefully to her forehead. when I pulled back to make my bed on the couch I heard her mumble, "No, daddy, I love you more."

Just like that my heart pained and my chest tightened. "I'm so sorry, Isa." I whispered looking at her perfect face. Lying there like that... she looked like a little girl. Only then did I realize she still was.

I walked back over to the bed and got down on my knees as I memorized the sight of her in my bed. My hand brushed her hair gently. But my eyes caught sight of the bruise on her bicep, the bruise I'd given her. ---How could I hurt a baby? how could I expect her to forgive me?---

The truth is I didn't. I expected her to hate me and I knew she had every right to feel that way. So why did it hurt me so much to know she would? Her scent was getting to my head making me think and crave things that I had no right to have... things that I'd never have. So I stood up and closed the door gently behind me. As I lay down on the couch I try to think of something that could make her see I do want her... I really do care for her.

As I remembered what she'd said in her sleep I wished her Father could know she'd been thinking of him. That I was keeping her safe... as safe as she could be, I amended the image of her bruised arm coming into my head with full force. I desperately wished my mom could be here to help me.
As I felt sleep wash over me I whispered, "I need help, Ma." Then I prayed for God to let her give me another chance.

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