The Accidental Mate 2- THE FORBIDDEN MATE

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Foreplay

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Submitted: August 16, 2010



A/N: Okay so ppl are confused about why sometimes Isa thinks of Mark as Tristan and sometimes just as Mark. That's going to come in later, but I'll tell you anyway. Tristan is the name only ppl really close to him use. So, like for example- a sex scene Isa will refer to Mark as Tristan... It's like a pet name it's showing the strong emotion she's feeling for him at that moment. Like if they're in a relaxed environment he's Mark... Get it? I hope that helped. And sorry this chapter took so long, I've been really busy lately. Forgive Me???? Well just wait after you read the chapter.

Chapter 8: Foreplay


After Isa fell asleep petting me I shifted and pulled on my jeans. She was still asleep when I walked back in, scooping her up into my arms and walking gently into the bedroom. As I put her down her arms wrapped around my neck.

"Tristan, don't leave me. Please, I'm sorry." A shrill of pleasure rippled through my body when she called me 'Tristan'. So few people used that name for me now.

"Sh, Isa, baby, I won't leave you. You have nothing to be sorry for." I murmured brushing her soft hair from her face.

"If I stay will you let Samantha go?"

"I'd do anything for you to stay,  but I only want you to be safe... and happy." I took a deep breath, "Isa, listen to me... I want you to be happy, so if what makes you happy is to stay with-"

"Sh," Her fingers covered my lips, "Just lay down with me." I swallowed nervously and did as she asked, wrapping my arm around her small waist. I was surprised and slightly excited when she nuzzled into my chest.

"I'm scared..."

"Of what?" I asked, "You know, I won't let anyone hurt you, again. I'm going to take you home tomorrow."

"That's what I'm afraid of... going home... I might want to stay with you... and I shouldn't want that." She murmured.

"You're tired, just sleep, Isa. We can talk when you wake up." I whispered kissing her forehead gently.


'Dear god, watch over my family and all my friends... even my enemies.' I prayed silently. 'And thank you for the chance I've been given to meet Tristan.'


After waking up completely refreshed I couldn't hold back my grin as I felt Tristan's warm chest rising and falling beneath my cheek, the pads of his finger traveling up and down the contours of my back.

"Mmm, G'morning, Tristan."

"Morning Isa," I flinched away at the pain in his voice.

"Are you okay?" I asked lifting my head from his chest.

Tristan nodded, but I could tell he was lying. Instead of pressing the issue I leaned in and kissed him. It was an innocent peck and when I pulled back he looked so shocked I couldn't help, but grin again. My nose nudged his chin, playfully. He smiled chuckling, quietly. Tristan's hands tightened on my hips when my playful nudges turned into open-mouthed kisses behind his ear and down his throat.

Tristan groaned, "Isa, please, you're going to kill me, little girl."

"Never." I promised, letting my teeth nip his ear. This time when he moaned he rolled over so I was pressed under his hard hot body.

"Isa... I want you so bad." He growled roughly.

"Then take me." I whimpered my hands found their way up his strong back, Tristan's muscles rippled against my fingers digging into his strong flesh.

"Isabel," He moaned quietly, "I think I've fallen helplessly in love with you." he whispered as his hands danced up my sides under my too big T-shirt. "So beautiful. I can't wait to see you," He growled.

I moaned, just the sound of his voice was affecting me so efficiently. "Please Tristan... I need you." My hands found the button of his jeans effortlessly.

"You have me." he growled, before his lips fell urgently on mine.


My body tightened with arousal every time I felt the soft hesitant stroke of her tongue. I inhaled deeply, smelling her scent all around me.

She made me feel like an animal, but I'll cut my own hands off before I'd ever cause this female any more pain.

When her hand slid down my abdomen to the button of my jeans, I couldn't hold back my growl.

"Isabel... if you want this to last longer then a minute and a half, you should keep your hands to yourself." she smiled against my skin, and laughed.

"So I'm not aloud to touch you, huh?"

"Yes, of course you can touch me," I told her but found that my hand had caught both of her small wrists and were pinning them above her head. "Uh- okay, How 'bout you touch me next time." I bargained, she laughed.

''I'm holding you to that, Tristan."

My hands seemed to burn with the need to touch her, to give to her. She arched her back so her hips and belly pressed up against my painful erection.  Suddenly my whole body was on fire.

Groaning I slid my knee between her legs pushing her thighs apart. "Oh god, Isabel. You're teasing me. Don't tease unless your planning to do this all over again in five minutes."

"Tristan, How about you take you time." She teased, nipping at my jaw.

"I'm gonna take you." I growled.

My hand pulled down her cotton shorts and slid into the the warmth between her legs. She gasped, and arched her perfect body again, as she released a soft appreciative moan.

I'd barely touched her yet and she was already so responsive to me. She had already caught fire, and I couldn't wait to burn right along with her.
My fingers made light, playful strokes on the insides of her soft thighs. She trembled and spread her legs wider. I kissed her neck gently, praying I could keep a hold on my beast, just long enough for me to accomplish  what I'd been craving since the first time I'd laid eyes on her.


Flashback(I've never been very good at these so just bare with me)-

---Fucking shit!--- I thought, growling, --- he was gone, my best friend, why did everyone around me seem to drop like flies?--- I thought.

Remembering our last conversation. Tucker had told me not to run any more. that running wouldn't fix anything. But neither would being forced to stand there and watch it happen.

'Really, Mark, how are you supposed to take over this pack if you cant deal with death. Grow up!' Solan growled.

'Just leave me the fuck alone old man. You know I could kill you before you could call your body guards, Just leave.' I growled my hackles rising. And to my surprise my father walked away. And, not much of a surprise, I ran.

I couldn't remember running so hard in my life. that's when I heard it, a bored slightly irritated voice, "Teddy, come on! I'm tired. I don't want to play right now." She groaned.

I quickly ducked down behind the bush as I saw the most beautiful creature I'd ever laid eyes on. She sat down, sighing and shaking her head as the small fur ball leaped at her side, far to distracted with playing then noticing my scent in the air. To my surprise when the dog jumped she roughed him up a bit a playful growl sounding at the back of her throat as the dog flipped over on his back and gnawed gently on her hand.

She giggled quietly as the dog barked and romped against her hand, "You little liar, you told me you had to go potty!" she laughed as the dog put his paws on her chest and attacked her face with wet kisses.

"Isabel!" I heard a mans voice call. "Teddy! Time to come inside."

"Coming Daddy!" she yelled then looked at the dog, "You ready to race?" the dog barked in response. "Ready? One, two... three-GO!" She yelled taking off with the dog at her heels. I followed behind her until she was out of the dense woods and on a porch, "I'm starving! Whats for dinner!" She asked jumping around Alpha Kaden, along with the dog.

"Don't ask me I just got home." He laughed, "Lets go see, baby girl." He murmured pulling her under his arm and into the safety of the house.


(End of flashback, Back to Mark's Pov)

My fingers feathered up the insides of her thigh, feeling her toned legs tighten and shiver trying to lure me in farther, closer to her.

She parted her lips and released a breathless moan, as my fingers parted her delicate folds of skin. I pressed forward gently, my movements stopped by the thin cotton of her panties. I could still feel her swelling flesh and the heated liquid as her body withered beneath mine.

Isa moaned lightly and shifted her hips to press against my hand, I leaned back and pulled her panties off, before falling quickly into the same position, only now my fingers scissored her swollen aching bundle of nerves. Slipping my finger forward toward her opening.


The sound of MY name on her lips was breath taking, I fought the urge to kiss her. Deciding I needed to see her face just a while longer.

"Tristan, please..." She whimpered. My fingers tracing her slick opening, promising pleasure. That's when her breathing faltered, turning into a breathless gasp. My hand caught her wrists again puling them above her head. If I didn't get inside her soon I would loose my mind.

A/N: I will try to post more soon. Sorry bout the long wait. I've rewritten this chapter probably a dozen times. I just couldn't make it sound right...
well tell me your thoughts. I love to hear what you guys think!

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