Chapter 1: The Unwanted: chapters 1-3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter One: A Dead Soul

There once was a land full of miraculous events and supernatural creatures, this land is where I grew up. I used to thrive for a normal life but when I first tasted blood, I changed my mind. Blood is something you'll lust for from the first moment you first taste it. It's what keeps us as live. The blood-souls. How could you not want something so alluring and pure? Although there is one thing I will always want more, to reach the tree of glory. Small pieces of my soul disintegrate as I speak, from my curse. It is slowly but surely killing me. But one day I shall be freed from my curse, with the help of the tree.


On my 13th birthday, the monster put this incredible haunting upon me. I am now 16, obviously finding the tree has been more difficult than expected. Although I can feel I'm getting closer to reaching my destiny. The monster swallowed the life and pleasure in me and left me like a marionette. Hanging by a thread until I finally reach the tree. Until my course turned upside down. Yesterday the monster returned to me once again, offering me a deal. The deal was to quit my quest to the tree and he'll return my soul. But if I continue to pursue the tree he will take away my will to love. This makes me curious to why he does not want me to reach the tree. So I decide to continue my quest and trade my will to love. Fore, no one would ever love a blood-soul.

 The Monster!smoke_monster_Wallpaper_uxwg.jpg\"

Chapter 2: Blood Soul 101

I was born a blood-soul, it runs in my genes. My mother was a blood-soul, never met my father. No siblings. Unfortunately the monster took my mother's life when I was only two. I have learned to strive alone ever since. One day, I would to meet my father... confront him for leaving my mother alone.

As a blood-soul, drinking blood keep us alive. But don't be fooled, we are no vampire. No fangs or all that crazy bs about coming out at night! We suck blood and have paranormal speed and sight.. besides that we are a normal human being. Nobody knows about us, we live in our own land of sorcerers, blood-souls, trolls, elves and other mystical creatures. The land of Pentravon.


Chapter 3: A Girl Like Me

As I walked in the silence of the night, a cold chill went down my back. I was getting closer. I felt a pang of relief, because I thought I was being watched. Then I realized it was a black cat lurking in the darkness, I've reached a new town, about 10 days away from the tree. Or at least, that's what I thought. Suddenly I fall through a trap door into darkness. I could feel the shadows swallowing me up, and I thought, "Okay, a little detour here." I roll my eyes, now I have no idea which direction I'm headed.

I can see a dim light in the distance and I start to approach it. All I can smell is cloves and rosemary, what an odd combination. This is the smell of blood-souls. I must be close to one of my kind. That's when I see her. A girl with blood red lips, smokey eyes and bleach blonde hair. Definitely someone like me. She looked out of place, a beautiful girl with a sharp dagger. I jump behind a rock to hide, but my footsteps echo through the tunnel. "Who goes there?" , she asks, "This is a blood-soul territory." While staying hidden in the shadows I reply, "I'm a blood-soul too". Out of the corner of my eye I see the girl approaching my hiding place. I blink, and suddenly she's next to me. I wail in pain as her dagger stabs into my left thigh.


"That's a lie!", she exclaims, "Why are you here and what do you want?!", she roared. Trying to stay standing, I stammer, "I-I'm on my way to the tree of glory, I told you, I'm a blood-soul." "Then why don't you have the scent?", she questions with her knife at the ready. " A monster darkened my soul, it fades the scent. This is the reason I'm headed for the tree, to regain my soul." I felt her grasp on my shoulder lighten slightly. "Well, then let me clean up your wound.", she said. She bent down and observed my wound. Then her mouth locked on it and collected the leftover blood.


Laila!.jpg\"The other blood-soul girl


Chapter 3: Laila, and possibly others.

My wound was instantly healed, a power of the blood-souls. "Thanks", I said quizzically. "So your headed to the tree?", she replies, "Because lucky for you I happen to be heading there to. You look like you may need some help. But only if you're willing to forgive for stabbing you." , she said sarcastically. "Okay..", I said considering her offer, I really don't know where I'm going, so she could be helpful to being along."Why are you going there anyway?", I say questionably, I still need to gain one last piece of her trust. She smiled slightly and said, "I'm meeting someone. My boyfriend, his name is Chad." "Well, I suppose we could travel together. Two is better than one anyway I suppose.", I reply uncertainly. "Great, we better get moving then. Anyway I'm Laila.", she said with her arm outstretched. I return a firm hand shake, "Nice to meet you", I say. " So which way is the tree from here? I got kinda lost after falling through the hole back there." “What are you talking about, what hole?", she said with worry. "The trap door you set up like 20 meters from here.", I reply. "I didn't set up a trap... They're coming."


cave.jpg\"The Cave!


Submitted: April 10, 2012

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