New Moon: Through the eyes of an Angel.

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This is New Moon through Edwards eyes (: Mostly all of the speaking parts and quotes are from the Movie/Book: The Twilight Saga: New Moon By: Stephanie Meyer. Thank you for reading and i hope you enjoy this :) For all you TwiHards: If you really pay close attention in New Moon, A lot of the stuff towards the end really happens. Also after Bella pushed Edward out of the sunlight, Notice how LONG Edwards fingers are. It made me laugh because in "Twilight" She mentioned he had long fingers in Biology (: Follow me on Instagram: Bellaa_Cullenn :) And make sure to read/watch New Moon !! (There are maybe 3 swear words in here. Thats about it.) (This took me like..3 get every detail the way i wanted it and i had to retype it like 3 times :P Oh well...!! ROBSTEN4LIFE(;

Chapter 1 (v.1) - New Moon: Through the eyes of an Angel.

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I called everyone into the living room. Esme, Carlisle, Rose, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper all spurred in, each finding a chair to rest in. Alice already knew what i was going to say. "Edward, I dont think that was a good idea." My whole families eyebrows knit together. Esmes sweet, polite voice spoke. "Alice-" She looked at Alics's unsettling face. "Edward-" She looked at my face, Full of sorrow and remorse. "Whats going on? You are both acting very strange." I bent over my knees and cupped my face in my hands. My voice was lightly hidden. The words were bouncing off of my stone cold hands. "I left Bella today." I looked up at everyones horrified and dissapointed faces. There was even some signs of sadness. Carlisles face was the one with the most dissapointment, But him and Alice were tied. "Edward. You have chosen not to live without her. Now you just let her go? What will become of you now? Everyone in this family has a mate, with the acception of you." Carlisles voice was sharp. "I know. But you all have mates that are actually vampires. I cant risk Bella getting hurt by one of us. I cant ever lose control with her. She is fragile and clumsy and she doesnt belong in our world she never did. Everyone began to understand. This wasnt just good for Bella. This was good for our existance and Bella. Jasper sat in the corner chair with Alice, His face ashamed. I looked over to him. "Its not your fault Jasper. Its better if Bella is gone." I winced at the word gone. He nodded his head but his facial expression never changed. "I just want her to have a normal human life. Is that to much to ask?" Everyone looked around at each others faces. I got up and walked up the staris. Halfway up, i called down. "Thats all i have to say." I continued walking up. I packed my clothes and bathroom nessecities into one big back and walked back downstairs. I walked into the living room. "I just want to be alone for now. I hope you can all understand. Ill call in every now and then. Goodbye." I walked out and got into my volo. I turned on the radio and surfed through the stations looking for "classical." It was obviously not on so i turned on whatever CD i had in the player. It was Claire De Lune. {"Claire De Lune is great." "You know Debussy?" "My mom-- Played alot of classical music around the house. I only know my favorites." "Its one of my favorites too." Her cheeks blushed a bright pink."} I gripped the steering wheel and backed out of the driveway at lighting speed. I looked over into the passanger seat and i saw her, sitting, looking out the window. I screetched to a stop. As soon as i stopped, the figure went away in a cloudy mist. I took a few deep breathes and i rested my head on the steering wheel. I started the car again and continued driving. I turned a few corner and the last corner i had to turn before i was to pass the Quillute resservation was Cheif Swans house. Thats where i saw her, sitting staring out her window, with the most blank expression on her face ive ever seen. My car was going to fast for human eyes to see, But slow enough for me to make out every detail on her face. She looked so dull and sad. Then again at the same time she looked so beatuiful. I sped up and continued driving away. I hadent really planned this out, so i had no pin point on where i was going. It was to warm to go to a lot of places around here so i would have to suffice with Brazil. Brazil is the farthest place i would allow myself to go. It took me about a day and 1/2 to get down to Brazil. I couldnt stay at Isle Esme because i didnt have the key and i didnt really want to travel all the way down there. I rode around the small Brazillian town to try and find a hotel to stay at. I didnt want one that was to crowded and i didnt want one that was abandonded. I found a half abandonded town which had a nice hotel that had a few rooms open. I parked my car and was able to get a room on the top floor. I took the elevator up to my room and put my suitcase on my bed. I took a look around. 1 bed, 1 couch, 1 TV, 1 balcony, 1 bathroom, and 1 decent sized kitchen. I could stay here as long as i needed, said the receptionist. Not many people rent out here because this is the smallest town in Brazil. I walked out onto my balcony. Thank god there were a few taller buildings surrowding this flounder hotel so i wouldnt sparkle. I sat outside for about a half hour just letting the breeze hit my face. As cold as i was, breeze was always cooler. I layed in a long stretch chair and thought and thought. ~2 days later~ I decided it would be a good idea to unpack. I needed a nice change of clothes. I unzipped my suitcase and got out first my shirts, then my pants, then my bathroom nessecities. I set all of my bathroom stuff on my sink and stuffed some other things into the back of the mirror. I walked back over and put my shirts and pants into the drawers under the Tv. Then i went back to my suitcase to make sure there was nothing left in there. Stuffed in the corner was a book. Wuthering Heights. This was Bellas favorite book. {“I’m glad Charlie has decided to let you out — you’re sadly in need of a visitthe bookstore. I can’t believe you’re reading Wuthering Heights again.Don’t you know it by heart yet?” "Not everyone has photographic memories." "Photographic memory or not, I don’t understand why you like it. Thecharacters are ghastly people who ruin each others’ lives. I don’t know howHeathcliff and Cathy ended up being ranked with couples like Romeo and Juliet or Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. It isn’t a love story, it’s a hatestory.”“You have some serious issues with the classics,”“Perhaps it’s because I’m not impressed by antiquity.”“Honestly, though, why do you read itover and over?What is it that appeals to you?”“I’m not sure,I think it’ssomething about the inevitability. How nothing can keep them apart — nother selfishness, or his evil, or even death."} I threw the book across the room. It hit the wall and a few pages went flying. Pictures also dropped out of the book. I walked over and picked up the pages that had managed to escape and i picked up the pictures that went along with it. The first picture was of me and Bella on her birthday. The second one was just of Bella. I put the escaped pages and the book down on the bed. I walked out to the balcony taking the pictures with me. I was debating on whether to throw them off the balcony and let go of the last memory i have of her or to keep them with me. I decided to keep them. I went and layed down on my bed, setting the pictures on my chest. I tried to escape the thought of Bella but the thought of her was hot ironed into the back of my head. Never fading away and suddenly the pictures that weighted lighter then a feather, suddenly felt like 1000 pounds being pushed on my chest. I threw them off and they slowly danced to the ground. ~~~~~~~`About 2 months later, I never left my room. The only time i ever left was to get food from the closest grocery store, or to wash my clothes in the washing machines they had downstairs in a seperate room. The room had 2 vending machines and the washing machines.~~~~~~~ I was sitting on my little couch, reading Wuthering Heights, yet again. {“What were you reading?” She muttered. Not really awake yet.“Wuthering Heights,” I said.She frowned sleepily. “I thought you didn’t like that book.”“You left it out,” I murmured“Besides . the more time I spend with you, the morehuman emotions seem comprehensible to me. I’m discovering that I cansympathize with Heathcliff in ways I didn’t think possible before.”“Mmm,” She sighed} Everything i did reminded me of Bella. The memory of her was hot ironed into the back of my head. Never fading. Never going aw-- My thoughts were interupted when someone knocked on the door. I opened it and it was the cleaning lady. She was spanish/Portugese. Everything and everyone here was, thats why i found no use for the Tv. "Hola, Gracias, pero yo no voy a necesitar sus servicios en el momento." (Hello, thank you, But i will not be needing your service at the moment.) She nodded. "Ah ok, bueno aqui estan algunas toallas limpias." (Oh ok, well here are some fresh towels.) She handed me 2 towels then pushed her little cleaning cart to the next room. Im surprised she understood me. I had only taken 2 Spanish classes throughout my whole life and they were in middle school. That was part of my drowsy human life. I sat back on the couch and thought about my family. I forgot to call them and usually someone would slip up and call me. I honestly wish they wouldnt do that. I never answer them, Only once had i ever. When i realized it was Alice, i hung up. I might as well answer next time. I wouldnt want them to think im dead--Oh--Well? Maybe i did. But then again they would then come looking for me and thats the worst case scenario i could get myself into, so i would answer. My phone started ringing. Speak of the devil. I walked over to my bed to answer it. This time the caller wasnt the one i would have expected it to be. This is the last person i would have thought would call me to see if i was ok. Rosalie. I picked up. "Hello? Rosalie?" She spoke fast and frantically. "Edward, Edward something has happened to Bella." I gripped the phone. "What?! Rose what happened!?" "She jumped off a cliff and as soon as she hit the water and bumped her head, Her future cut off." I immediatly hung up the phone. Shes dead. She killed herself. I got into my volo and drove off to Italy. I made it to Volterra in 2 days. I walked through the big doors and Aro, Caius, and Marcus were all there. "Edward! What a lovely surprize! What brings you here?" "Bellas dead." My voice sounded dead and rough. "Oh, i see. Im very sorry Edward. What do you need us to do? I dont understand what we have to do with this...?" He raised his eyebrows, He was really confused. "I need you..-- I need you..To kill me." Aro started laughing. Then he stopped. " We will concider your asking. Come back tomorrow. We will have your answer." I decided it would be better to stay in Italy rather then go back to Brazil. So i stayed there. I found a place to stay overnight. I used the phone inside my room to call Charlie. ~Riiiiing..Riiiing..Rii-~ "Hello?" "Chief Swan?" I asked for him and then there was a breif awkward pause. "Hes not here right now..-Pause-..Hes planning a funeral." The phone line went dead. I crushed the little phone between my hands and let the pieces fall to the ground. The next day i immediatly went to the Volturis secret hide out. It was St. Marcous day festival. It was the day to commemerate the expoltion of vampires from the city. Its the perfect setting. The Volturi would never let me get far enough to reveal myself. I walked in and Aro was awaiting my arrival. "Im sorry Edward, But your particular gifts..are to valuable to destory, but, if you are unhappy with your lot, Join us. We would be delighted to utalize your skills." I scoffed. It was 11:45. The sun is at its highest at 12 o'clock. "You know it will happen anyway." Marcus's deep voice spoke. "Not without cause." He held cause for an extra fraction of a second and i blustered through the door and outside. It was 11:50. I stood where i could be seen. People in their red cloaks began to crowd the city. I began to unbutton my shirt. I took it off and set it down next to me, still in the dark. I took the first step out. I began thinking about Bella. My last memory of Isabella Marie Swan. Then i stepped my second foot out and thought for a fraction of a minute about my last words to Bella. {"We have to leave forks"I said. "Why?" "Carlisles supposed to be 10 years older then he looks. People are starting to notice." "Ok--Well, I have to think of something to tell Charlie..--When you say "We?" "I mean my family and myself. You just dont belong in my world, Bella." "I belong with you." "No, you dont." "Im coming!" "Bella--" I said thorugh my clentched teeth, "I dont want you, To come" "You dont want me?" "No." "Well that changes things--A lot." "If its not to much to ask, Could you please do me a favor?" "Anything." "Dont do anything wreckless, For Charlies sake, and ill promise something to you in return. This will be the last time you ever see me. I wont come back, And you can go on with your life without any interference from me. It will be like, i never existed, i promise. Your just not-- Good for me." "Not good enough." "Im just sorry i let this go on for so long." "Please..Dont.." "Goodbye." I sautered forward and kissed her on the forehead, squeazing my eyes shut. Reluctantlly--I pulled away and ran away as fast as my legs would carry me.} The sun shone so bright and it heated up my skin. I could feel the diamonds begin to shine. Maybe 1 person saw me before i felt someone wrap their arms around me. It was Bella. "Heaven.." I murmured to myself. I put my face in her hair and i could smell her. She smelled like honey. "Death has sucked the honey of thy breath that had no power on thy beauty." I spoke a line from Romeo and Juilet. She smelled the same as she always did. "You still smell the same. Maybe this is hell. Oh well, ill take it either way." "You have to move! Open your eyes, Look at me! Im alive! You have to move!" I opened my eyes when i heard her voice, so real and so smooth. She was there. "Bella..Your here..And your alive." I smiled and faintly laughed." "Yes.." She breathed. She barley spoke the word. "I needed to make you see me once, You had to know i was alive, You didnt have to feel guilty about anything.I can--Let you go now. I shook my head in dissagreement. "You never have to let go now..Ever...I just couldnt live in a world where you didnt exist." "But you said--" I cut her off mid sentence. "I lied, I had to lie, You believe me so easily." She stammered trying to figure everything out. "B-Because it doesnt make sense for you to love me..Im nothing..Im human..Nothing." Again i disagreed with her. She wasent nothing. "Bella,-" I shook my head a little bit. "Your everything. Your everything to me." I gave her a kiss. A kiss that could kill a thousand people. I missed her lips so badly. I missed her embrace more then i missed anything in the entire world. Just then, Felix and Demtri walked in. I looked at them. "I guess i wont be needing your services today afterall." "Aro still wants to speak with you." "No rules were broken." "Non the less, We should take this conversation to a more appropriate venue." "Fine.." I agreed numbly. "Bella..Why dont you go enjoy the rest of the festival." "The girl comes with us.." He smiled snakly. "No, You can go to hell." Just then Alice walked in. I expected her to be here only because i knew thats how Bella got here. "C'mon guys. Its a festival. You wouldnt want to make a scene." "No..We wouldnt." A small girl figure came out from a secret passageway. "Enough." "Jane." I knew her powers were to strong to withhold so i did what she said. "Aro sent me to see what was taking so long.." We all followed her as she turned around and went back to where she had come from. Bella looked confused and i held her close. "Just do what she says." I whispered quietly. We followed Jane into the large stone building i had been in the other day. Janes brother, Alec, greeted us in. "Sister, I send you out to get one and you bring back two..and a half. Such a clever girl. Jane was at his side in seconds, both smiling at each other. "What a happy surprise! Bella is alive after all! Isnt..That..Wonderful? I love a happy ending." He smiled sluggishly. "They are so rare." He grabbed my hand and knew every thought ive ever had. "Lua tua cantante." He spoke in Italian. It meant "Your singer." Hes implying that Bella is my singer. That her blood sings to me. That was his way of showing how much her blood appealed to me. "The blood appeals to you so much.-- Makes me thirsty. How can you stand to be so close to her?" "Its not without difficulty." That was a lie. Some days it was easier then others. "I can see that." His laugh intertwined with his words. I turned my attention to Bella. "Aro can read every thought ive ever had with one touch." I turned my attention back towards Aro. "And now you know , So get on with it." He faintly smiled. "You are quite the soul reader your self, Edward. But--You cant read Bellas thoughts. Fascinating." He snapped out the word facinating but with a happy enphysis. He backed up a few steps and let go of my hand. "I would love to see, if you are an exception to my gifts as well...Would you do me the honor?" He held out his hand for Bella. As soon as she even touched it he pulled her close and tried to read her thoughts. I kept my protective stance in case he tried to eat her. Caius and Marcus were watching intently. He looked up, frustration in his eyes. "Interesting.Hm." Then he smiled. "I see nothing." He let go of her hand and turned towards his brothers, Alec, and Jane. "I wonder..Let us see if she is immune to all our powers." His grin grew wide. "Shall we Jane?" "No!" I rushed forward to stop her. "Pain.." Suddently i felt the stabbing of a thousand knives hitting me in all different parts of my body. The fire rippled through my body and got hotter and hotter, i felt like my skin might just melt or turn to flames. It was the most excrusiating pain ive ever felt, in my entire life. I heard Bella begin to yell. "Stop!" She tried to come closer to me but Alec rushed to stop her. "Stop! Stop! Just stop hurting him! please! please!" She plead for Jane to stop. I wanted to do the same. Alice rushed to my aid."Jane.." Aro spoke. "Yes, Master? Finally i felt the pain go away. I gasped for air. It was over. The fire had stopped and the knives were gone. "Go ahead my dear.." There was nothing i could do now. I prayed she was immune to it. "This may hurt just a little." Jane smirked. After a few moments i heard nothing but silence. Bella wasent screaming. Everyone was exactly how they had been a minute ago. Aros laugh caught me off guard and made me jump. Bella and Alice jumped as well. "Remarkable!" Aro said. "She confounds us all!" I stared at Bella, and she looked more worried for me then she did for herself. "So..What do we do with you now?" "You already know what you are going to do Aro." "She knows to much. Shes a liabelity." I tried to gather all my strength back in order to jump up and grab Bella. But i couldnt. I was much to weak. Aro sighed. "Thats true...Felix." I felt my anger bubble over and my strength replenished. Alec pushed her aside so she was facing Felix. "No!" I grabbed her and flipped her over my arm so she was in back of me. I charged over and knocked Felix down to the ground. Felix threw me and i plumeted through the air. He grabbed my neck and threw me to the ground. My right cheek had a crack in it. I couldnt move because if i did my whole head would roll off. He sautered over to Bella, And just as he was about to kill her, my skin repaired itself, thankfully, and i tackled him back down to the floor. I was unsucsessful as he grabbed my neck and lifted me off my feet. He threw me on the stairs right in front of the Volturi. This was it. He grabbed my neck and plastered me on my knees, head bent backwards. Bella pleaded again. "No! No please! please! PLEASE! " Aro held up his hands for Felix to wait. "Kill me..Kill me..Not him!" Bella shocked me with her words. No Bella! What are you doing!? I couldnt speak because i was on the brick of death. Felix picked me up and turned me towards Bella, Still keeping his arm around my neck and my hands defensless. "How extrordianry! You would give up your life..for someone like us..a vampire..a" "Just get away from her!" Was all i managed to get out. Felix tightened his grip on my neck. "You dont know..A thing..About a soul." You could hear the bravery in her voice. "Forse" Aro trailed off. "Nel vostro l'uno o altro. (Which means:Maybe yours is one or the other or Maybe for you, it's one or the other. Basically Aro is saying it may seem to her like he has a soul, or for her maybe he does, but that vampires do not have souls. *You may need a second to comprehend exactly what hes saying*) He sighed. "Mhh..This is a sadness." I was thankful they didnt hurt my Bella, But i was not sure what he was going to do with me. "If only for your intention to give her Imortality." He looked at her and walked forward. No. No hes not going to turn her. I struggled to get out of Felix's grip, in which he only tightened. "Wait!" Alice called. "Bella will be one of us. Ive seen it. Ill change her myself." Alice words stunned me. Although her future is subjective, Bella always had her mind on being like one of us. Alice walked over to Aro and gave him her hand. I could see what she saw in my head. I always did. Bella looked beautiful. I mentally shook my head. No, I wouldnt let this happen. "Mezmerizing, To see what you have seen, Before it has happened." He let go of Alices hand and walked over to Bella. "Your gifts, will make for an intreging, immortal." He put his hand on her face. "Go now.." Felix dropped me and i rushed to Bellas side. "Make your preperations!" He was saying that more towards me. "Lets be done with this. Heidi will arive any minute. Thank you for your visit." Marcus stood up and gestured to the door. "And we advise, that you follow through on your promise soon, we do not offer second chances." Caius's words were sharp and demanding. We began to walk out. "Goodbye, My young..friends." Aro gestured us goodbye. Heidi was walking towards the doors. "This way people! Stay together!" Heidi was another one of the guards. Bella looked back, obviously noticing all the small innocent children." Then came the screams. Bella looked back again......"Stop it! Stop it!" I held her close. She immediatly woke up and found herself in her bed. She gripped my hand. "Your here.." "You can sleep. Ill still be here when you wake up.--She sat up-- The only reason i left, was because i thought i was protecting you. I needed you to have a chance at a normal happy life." "It was so easy for you to leave." She murmured to me. "Leaving you..Was the hardest thing ive done, in a hundred years. I swear ill never leave again. Im so sorry...Charlies coming." I hid behind the door as fast i could. Luckily Charlie didnt see me. He said i was not allowed to step foot in the door. He shut the door and i came out from behind it. "Im not technically breaking any of his rules. He said i couldnt take a step through the door, i came in through the window. Hes not going to forgive me easily--Maybe not at all." "No." She agreed, a smile turning up in her lips. I missed her smile, too. "Can you?" I asked feebily. "I hope you can because i honestly dont know, how to live without you." I thought to myself. I dont like crappy Brazillian hotels. I dont like crappy Itallian motels. I dont like not having someone to watch sleep. I dont like not seeing the most beautiful smile. I dont like NOT being able to always be with her. I kissed her again, another light kiss, but agian, could kill a thousand. A passionate kiss. A kiss that said i loved her. "Once-- Alice changes me. You cant get rid of me." "She wont need to change you. Theres always ways to keep the Volturi in the dark." "No..No." She shook her head and got up. She forced me to drive her to my place. She and i gathered everyone by the stairs. I leaned on the wall, standing on the stairs. She stood a few feet in front of me. "You all know what i want. And i know-- How much im asking. The only way i think it can be fair is if we just vote." She wanted to vote? I laughed inside my head. This is ridiculous."You dont know what your talking about." I shook my head. "Shut..up." She breathed the words again. Ok. Wow. Alice smiled. "Alice?" "I already concider you my sister." She walked over and hugged Bella. "Yes." I growled under my breath. Jasper spoke up. "I vote yes. It would be nice to not want to kill you all the time." Everyone sort of laughed. Even i did a little, but i wasent any happier. Then Rose. "Im sorry. Im really sorry to both of you for how i acted and im really grateful that you were brave enought to go and save my brother but this isnt the life that i would have chosen for myself. So No." Rose nodded and walked away. I smiled to myself then hid it before anyone else could see. Thank you Rose. But thats only 1 person. Emmett laughed. "I vote hell yea! We can pick a fight with these Volturi some other way!" He ran and swooped her up, hugged her, then put her down. Everyone smiled and laughed again. And again, i was the only one not laughing. Along with Rose. Esme agreed. "I already concider you a part of the family, So yes." She nodded and smiled. Oh my god. This isnt happening. Im not turning her. I wont do it and i wont let Alice. Carlisle walked right past her. For a second i was hoping he would say no and come to stand by me, But obviously thats not what he was going to do. "Why are you doing this to me? You know what this means." I stood up and looked at everyone, hoping my face would change their minds. Again, i was wrong. "Edward, You've chosen not to live without her. Which leaves me no choice. I wont lose my son. I looked away, utterly annoyed. I said goodbye to everyone, so did Bella, and i drove her home. "Ill wait..Until after graduation, to make it easier on Charlie." I was still alittle pissed off so i didnt really reply to her. "Edward i want you to be the one to do it." I was just about to speak when i saw Jacob in front of the car. I screetched the car to a hault. He ran off into the woods. "He wants to talk to me." I admitted quietly. Me and Bella got out of the car and followed Jacobs trail off into the woods. "So your still alive for now?" Obviously speaking to Bella. "Its just me keeping you away." "You stay the hell out of my head." His response made me smirk. "Jacob, I know you have something to say to me, but i want to say something to you first if thats alright.-- Thank you, for keeping Bella safe, when i couldnt." I know apologizing to the mutt was a stupid idea but i thought Bella might not be as uptight about the relationship between the 2 mythical creatures. I laughed mentally to myself. "No. You didnt. But it wasent for your benifit trust me." "Im still greatful. But im here now, and im not going to leave her side until she orders me away." "We'll see." He said it like Bella had options. Shes told me before, there were no options. She loves Jacob, Yes i know it, But she loves me more. Not being cocky about it though. I walked back towards Bella. "Im here to remind you about a key point in the treaty." "I havent forgotten." "What key point." Bella and her damn curiosity. "The treaty says, if any of them bites a human, the truce is over." "But what if i chose it, it has nothing to do with them." I knew he was jealous. He was also furious. Mad that of course he knew Bella would chose me over him. "No! I wont let you!" "Thats not your decision Jake." "Your not going to be one of them Bella!" "You know what we'll do to you. I wont have a choice!" "Bella, please, c'mon." I tried to pull her away. I didnt want to talk about this any further because i wasnt exactly going to turn her. "Wait. Is he going to hurt me, read his mind." Dammit Bella. I didnt respond but my face gave away that, of course, he wouldnt hurt her. "Jake..I love you..So please..Dont make me choose. Because it will be him. Its always been him." Jealous and anger raged through his head. It almost made me uncomfortable. "Bella.." He breathed. Bella began to walk backwards and i walked up to bring her to the car with me. "Goodbye Jacob." "No you dont speak for her!" He grabbed Bellas arm and yanked her to the side. Thats it. I pushed him backwards in a fit of rage and he turned into his mutt-self right on the spot. Bella right in the middle. I tried to lure her away. I tried to push her back to the car while i kept Jacob busy. Of course, She just ran back into the middle. Splitting us up. "Stop! Stop!" She pushed through me. "You cant hurt each other without hurting me!" She looked at the both of us. Jacob lost his guard and ran away into the forest. "Jacob." She whispered. She stood, her back to me for a while. "Hes right. You shouldnt become what i am." She turned to me. "I cant do this alone." "Then please just wait." I plead. "Just give me..5 years." She look genuanly shocked. "Thats to long." I laughed a little. "3?" Her face gave away the "No." I laughed and a smile curled my lips. "Your so stubborn." "What are you waiting for?" She smiled along with me. "I If you want me to change you myself." "whats the condition?" I knew she was willing to do anything. "And then forever.." She sighed in relief that it wasnt something extreme. "Thats what im asking." There was a long pause between us. I knew this was right. If she wanted to be changed, she had to do this one thing for me. "Marry me....Bella."

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