The Whisper of the Wind

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Savannah Lavender is a sixteen year old. Her two best friends are werewolves. She's popular, sweet, sensitive, and the best friend anyone could have. But, when she looks for her dog out in the woods behind her house, her life goes in a new direction....the same direction her best friends' life went. Some of the stuff that the werewolves had came from the Twilight Saga. ^_^

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Bite

Submitted: June 30, 2010

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Submitted: June 30, 2010



I parked my car in the driveway, and stepped out. I walked in the house and went in my room and plopped down on my bed. I inhaled deeply. Something scratched on my door. I got up to open it, and it was my Bernese Mountain Dog, Maddie. Maddie jumped up on my bed. So did I. I stroked her back, scratched her stomach, and she licked my hand. I kissed her head, and grabbed my cell phone and called my friend Devin. He was a pretty muscualar guy, but that wasn't very surprising for a werewolf. Yep. Werewolf. I dialed the numbers and he answered almost instantly.

" Hey," he said casually. I smiled and said, " Hey. Can you come over?"

" Of course. Wait, now?"

" Yeah, sure."

" Ok. I'll be there soon. Bye."

" Bye." I flipped my hair and hung up. He did too. We've known eachother for fourteen years. And we still have a really good friendship. But, everyone else says we're perfect for eachother, and that we should take it to the next level. But, I like the comfortable friendship we have. I do think he's cute, though. But I want to stay friends, for a while. Someone knocked on the front door. I ran downstairs and opened the door. It was Devin. I smiled and said, " Hey!"

" Hi," he said, walking in. We walked in my room, and Maddie ran up to him, her tail wagging so fast it looked like it would fall off. While petting her, he said, " Did you hear about the people being attacked by the so called ' bear'?" I nodded, and he continued, " Yeah. Our pack found out it's other werewolves." My eyes were wide. That was bad. Werewolves are extremely territorial, and protective. That's actually good sometimes. I sighed and said, " I'm gonna take Maddie out for a walk. Wanna come?" He nodded, and we both walked out. I grabbed the leash, clipped it to her collar, and walked out the back door. We walked into the forest. A bit later, a flash of lightning lit up the dark gray sky. Time to go back. But, we were lost, unless Maddie could smell the way back. But Devin remembered where to go. We were back in the backyard. I called our other dog's name, Tina. She didn't come. I tried again, still didn't come. I ran back into the forest, and there was a Begle, growling at me.

" Come here!" I said. It snarled, and ran to me and bit me. That bastard! Then a Golden Retriever ran by, heading in the direction of our house. Tina! I ran back too. We went inside, and I went into the hall bathroom and grabbed some disinfectant, and a bandage. I cleaned it, and suddenly discovered it wasn't bleeding! So I put back the bandage. I sat down next to Devin on the couch. He looked at the bite mark, and gulped.

" What's wrong?" I asked.

" Nothing!" he said quickly, " Abosolutely nothing! Erm, I gotta pee." He got up and ran to the bathroom. What a spaz! I rolled my eyes and flipped through the channels. Oooh! Mean Girls is on! I turned it to that channel, and it just started. Man, I love this show. Devin sat down next to me.

" Do you have a mint?" he asked quietly. I looked at him and said, " Yeah, but why? Did you puke?" He nodded. I shook my head and got up and walked to my room. I grabbed six buttermints and walked back downstairs and gave them to him. He ate them quickly. A little into the movie, my mark was burning like hell. I held back my scream. Then my arms. I couldn't take it anymore. I ranto the kitchen, looked through one of the cabinets, and found some pain reliever. I took a pill, and drank a glass of water. Now I should be ok. We finished the movie, and it was now eleven.

" Damn," he muttered when he saw the time. " I should get home before my mom has a heartattack. I'll see you tomorrow, hopefully." He looked a bit relunctant to leave.

" You can stay, if you want," I offered. He thought for a while, and finally said, " Well, I guess." I smiled and said, " Awesome!" We walked to my room, and talked for a good three hours, then we finally fell asleep, with my head on his shoulder. When I woke up, around seven thirty, I just sat there for a while. I liked this moment. But then I sneezed and it woke him up. He snarled, and then calmed down.

" Sorry!" I said, laughing. He punched my arm playfully, and stood up. I walked in my bathroom, and noticed my eyes were a amber color. I also noticed some of my teeth were pointed. My eyes werethesame color as my dogs' eyes. I shrugged and noticed I wasmore toned and muscular. Maybe the dog injected some radioactive super stregenthener. I laughed at the impossible thought. I walked out, and he was nowhere in sight. But then, I smelled something a lot like a forest. I liked it. So I followed the scent, and it only got stronger as I got closer and closer to the kitchen. Surprisingly, it was him. He was searching the 'fridge for breakfast. Wait, how did I know that? I started to become suspicious with myself.

" What was it like when you first started changing into a werewolf?" I asked. He jumped a bit, and turned around. He sighed and said, " At first, the bitemark starts stinging like hell after about thirty minutes or so. But then usually about ten hours later, your eyes start changing color, usually amber or gold, and you start becoming more toned and muscular. Then you start craving meat, then after that, you shade into your wolf form. You can't stop that though, so that's the bad part. Oh, and your teeth start becoming more pointed." I gulped. I was one of him! Could that mean that the dog was infected by the bite? I gulped and asked, " Can dogs carry the venom?" He nodded, and he noticed my eyes. I looked away, but he already knew. He sighed and said, " I think we could use another wolf in the pack, if you're interested."

" Really?" I asked in a excited tone of voice. He nodded, and I gave him a hug. He coughed and said," Having trouble breathing here." I let go. He caught his breath and said, " Please. If you feel the need to hug me, don't do it so tight. Developing and new werewolves are extremely strong. Especially females." I secretly smiled to myself, and opened the 'fridge and grabbed a container of sandwich meat. It was roast beef. So I just ate all of it. I looked outside, and saw that it wasn't so light outside. But, how could I see as if every light is on? Ugh. Another werewolf thing. A new smell filled my nose, and it smelled like humidity. A storm must be forming. I heard a car driving down the road, and about a minute later it drove up the driveway next door. I didn't like the neighbors too much. Their daughter talked way too much. I sighed and said, " How long is the meat craving?"

" An hour or so," he answered. I inhaled, and said, " We should go in the forest, so when I do shade, I won't break anything in here." He nodded. We walked out the back door, and into the forest. I smelled rabbit, deer, pine trees, oak trees, owls, ferrets, water, leaves, and some other scents I couldn't identify. I also smelled some wild flowers. I smiled at all the smells I could. This was so different frombeing human. I could see and smell better. I felt pain in my joints, and suddenly a snarl came from my throat. He recoiled. I started shivering. I sat down, and I fell asleep. But I woke up to a violently painful pain throughout my body. I could feel my body changing, then suddenly, I was a giant white and light gray wolf. He smiled happily and said, " Welcome to my world." I couldn't speak, so I just huffed. He smiled, and then he was suddenly another large wolf. Only he was jet black. I looked into his chocolate brown eyes. He said that they usually turn amber or gold. I just rolled my eyes. His ears suddenly pulled forward. I sensed it too. It smelled like another werewolf. His ears became normal. A small, light brown wolf with some darker brown highlights appeared behind some trees.

Hi! I heard in my head. It sounded like one of my friend's voice. No. Not Carter!

Hey, what are you doing here? I heard in my head. It sounded a lot like Devin. I just shook my head, and thought, What the hell is going on here? I heard his voice laugh and say, The pack can hear eachother's thoughts. It's kinda funny, sometimes.

What a joy. I rolled my eyes. They both laughed, but a growl came from Carter. I sniffed the air.

Other werewolves, Devin thought. We all snarled.

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