Legends of the Caribbean (Tales of Existence 2)

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This is set in the "Pirates of the Caribbean Online" Universe.
A raging battle of the three sides; EITC and Navy, Jolly Roger, and the pirates, tares through the seas... Only to end up with a greater evil that the undead are not a match for!
LaMario, one of the newer pirates in their army, and his group of pirates set sail on the Crimson King to find an artifact that is set on a snow-bound hell somewhere in the northern side of the ocean. The only problem is that they are being watched by a strange force...

P.S... Thank you, Shadowblade, for the picture!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Legends of the Caribbean (Tales of Existence 2)

Submitted: August 01, 2010

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Submitted: August 01, 2010



The high-classed junk called "The Avenger," set sailed from Tortuga just a few days ago. They headed north to find the Triton Idol, which was needed for the pathway of the Sword of Storms. It is said that he who holds the Sword of Storms has the power of the sea, other then the Triton Spear, which controls just the ocean. The sword controls the storms, which controls the sea in a figurative matter.

They got lost in the middle of the path, due to the fact that no one knows where the snow-bound land is. The crew rested for a bit. until they could figure out where they are. Malakai, the Maori pirate from New Zealand, who has tribal tattoos all over him, was staying and manning the cannons to check if there where any ships in sight. Johnny Grimbrother, the teen pirate with an orange vest and a classic pirate hat, who wields a dagger on one hand with a sabre on the other, was talking with Enrique, a partially black pirate with red pants with skull tattoos, and Leon Warmenace, who wore a sleeveless orange vest with orange pants and an orange shirt under it, red goatee and mustache with a bandanna, wielding a restoration voodoo doll.

LaMario, having a red vest, a high winged hat, red pants, a plain linen puffy shirt, having a mustache, and being five feet tall, was looking over the horizon with his telescope along with Elizabeth Wareaston, having just a little bit of black skin, blond hair, a red turtleneck, grey pants, and black boots, wielding a butterfly knife, a blowgun, and a morning star, was leaning on the edge.

Brer Liger, with his black skin, black coat, black pants, black boots, silver rings, and silver piercings all over his face with a skull tattoo on it, was at the helm.

Enrique, Johnny, and Leon where making jokes and drinking rum,. except Johnny, who was drinking tea, claiming it was rum. Just by the smell, they knew it was not rum. There was so much commotion that they could barely hear each other.

"Ha, ha! I never laughed this hard since yesterday!" Joked Enrique, smiling, "I need to check on LaMario. He's been looking there since the last thirty minutes." He pointed to laMario who was next to the edge near the helm. Leon and Johnny nodded "Yes," Then returned to their conversation.

"So what do you see?" said Elizabeth, trying to get LaMario's attention yet again.

"... I'a told you. I think our'a destination is over there..." Said LaMario, not looking back at her, only looking at the grey clouds on the edge of his site.

"No. What do you see other then the snow storm?"

"... I... I'a don't know... I thought I saw a ship... but... Bah!" LaMario shrugged, still not looking back.

"Come on, Mario! I have been trying to get your attention for half an hour! Do something fun, huh?!" Elizabeth yelled. LaMario didn't answer back. She raised her arms somewhat up then walked away. She saw Enrique over there, walking towards her. "He's your problem now... I never seen LaMario like this!"

"It has to be bad, then, Liz...." Enrique said, saddened. Elizabeth then walked away. he thought that LaMario could be having a bad day, even though he didn't find anything happen these past few days. He might be sea sick, He thought.

He walked over to LaMario, patting him on the back. "Hey, Mario! What's going on? He said. LaMario just gave a smile for a second, then looked back through is telescope.

Enrique sighed, "Mario...? What's wrong? I never seen you like this. What's going on?" He said, feeling worried.

"Nothing..." LaMario said, staring into the storm.

"Come on, Mario. I know something's wrong. Please tell me." He puts his hand on LaMario's back. "Please... Tell me, at least..."

LaMario thought for a second, remembering of what is adopters said and what he still remembers as an orphan. He then finally turned around to say something... but thought for a moment.

"... I remember... You know how I was an orphan?" LaMario said, loosing his italian accent for a moment, coughing to get back his voice... then stopped because when he speaks his accent, he gets off topic. So he returned to his normal voice. I remember... The skies were like these... Only... They where storming... A pitch black sky with rain falling, crashing on my head..."

Enrique got interested. He never heard this before. "Go on..."

"I... I saw two people... being murdered by someone who had an anchor on his back..."

Brer Liger heard it. His face going into shock, but then shook his head, thinking he overheard it.

"I saw a pirate ship... burning from some sort of black fire. It had a very disturbing skull with obsidian-edged clubs. All I remember was that. I was told by my adopters that my parents died by bandits... And the ship..." LaMario pointed at the storm clouds far away, "I thought I saw the flag with the skull before it disappeared. That was why I stared all the way there."

"Well... It could have been just bandits fighting other bandits. You know how stupid they are. He, he!" Enrique laughed, getting LaMario to laugh a little.

"Yep! They'a could have been that! They need glasses these day. He he!" said LaMario, getting his accent back. They patted each others back.

"That is... if thy ship was from my apprentice..." Brer Liger said, facing Enrique and LaMario.

"What do you mean, Brer?" said Enrique.

"I had an apprentice... Ye was a great warrior..."

"What apprentice?"

"He--" He was interuptted by the ship shaking. Everyone was thrown off balance because of it. One guy was thrown off the ship because of it.

"What was that?!" Said LaMario. They went to the edge, not knowing the danger of it...

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