Xenophobia: Lantent Nature Prologue

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The progue tells the troubles of the past that have made the future what it is in this fantasy world of the story. Made up races with their nations are out to make their stand against each but the new generation doesn't hold onto the tradition of their ancestors, but the ways of their forefathers flows strong in their vains.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Xenophobia: Lantent Nature Prolgue

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



In a continent separated by eight nations and eight races, xenophobia grows strong, like never before. In the beginning there were wars between humans and humanoids that established the ranks of each nation, which have never changed since. The humans possessed two nations and combined them making the humans the most powerful race. Naming their lands Port Coater and Kodallia, the humans of Port Coater have the coast and established a trade system with the creatures across the seas. Humans of Kodallia created a country for all races to live together under the laws and ways of the human culture.

Second in the rank is a nation that dwells in a wall inside a deep canyon found on the outskirt of Kodallia. These bird humanoids called Apoetas (ah-poh-tahs), are the only ones who can reach the kingdom of Raisun (rye-sun).

Also benefiting from the wars, Slule is the third nation. Appearing to be human these people are known as shape shifters or Slulians.

Poera stayed in the war long enough to gain a positive rank in the line up. This fourth nation is the home of humans that have the ability to summon monstrous creature called sages to aid them in battle.

The land of Witter, home of the Vdai, favors the humans and follow in all of their judgments. Although they are being used the Vdai trail behind the humans as if wearing blindfolds, denying all truths. This female nation practices the art of dark alchemy.

The sixth nation, Ersvle, is the most beautiful. This is the land of the Nymphs who are plant humanoids. Their habitat includes peaceful and tamed woodlands.

In the nation of Witter is a mountain where the males of Witter live. Inside Mt. Jong the Vcar live separated from their female counterparts. They live with neutral ways and keep away from all the other nations.

South of Kodallia is the last nation, Motaren, who all dread. This swampland territory is the home of the Yugorns, creatures much more beast than human. These ‘half human, half beast’ people live off of their instincts.


During the early wars the humans marched their armies out as tradition, but they mainly used a secret weapon no one knew about. When the humans first came to the continent, they discover a special race with unheard of powers. So when the establishment of rank came, the humans bargained with the special race to win them the wars. The humans called them the Ultimate Life Forms, which could transform their bodies into flames and were indestructible. The Jong region and Ersvle immediately surrendered. The other five fought to the very end. During the war, each Ultimate Life Form would only last an hour then soon died by disintegrating for their power was even far too great for themselves to handle. Motaren and Raisun took this as an advantage to attack.

 The humans of Port Coater began to fear the Yugorns after the many years of watching the ferocious warriors brutally slaughter their enemies. The humans demanded the other countries to cut their ties with them. Kodallia refused due to the fact that the leader shared a close bond. When the Kodallian leader died his granddaughter immediately terminated the trades. Since Kodallia was the only source for food, clothes, and other resources left, the Yugorns’s world crumbled.

The Yugorn leader’s son, Sarovi (Sah-row-vee), took over at age seventeen when his father died and began a campaign to win over some of the other nations support. He grew bitter and mean as he watched his people slowly starve to death and salvage to keep warm during the cold nights in Motaren. It was then that Sarovi’s mind bent toward war. The young Yugorn leader began to train a special group of warriors that would assassinate all the powerful leaders, forcing their inexperienced offspring to rule. In turn, these countries were made defenseless. Sarovi’s plan for attack became successful. After assassinating a leader they would pillage the towns for food and warm clothing. In the daytime the Yugorns would hide in underground tunnels they made and waited for the night to come again so they could continue their deadly mission.

They named the series of bloody battles the Phantom War because the attacks were like those of phantoms; only in the dead of night with a cloudy moon would the silent killings occur. The victims were left in pieces; only their heads would be missing. Everyone knew it was the Yugorns or thought they knew but didn’t have any proof. It wasn’t spoken outside of a select ring of leaders who’ve been watching their country be destroyed. It wasn’t easy to keep it from becoming public knowledge due to the fact that the Yugorns killed everyone in their path, leaving only a handful of witnesses.

Poera presented a peace offering to Motaren but stressed that they wished to stay neutral throughout what was to come. The Yugorns accepted this after demanding the promise that Poera’s people would not be swayed to side with the humans. Poera was the only country spared.

Sarovi was a whirlwind of death and destruction as he led his small troop across the land. But suddenly he stopped and was never heard of again. Kodallia was the last to feel his wrath. Some say that the Yugorns fear the country Kodallia, since it is the heart of all nations and if he were to strike, Sarovi would begin again the wars that started with the beginning of time. Since then, there have been rumors that Sarovi has been building an army, an army so powerful that they could crush the power of the humans and that Yugorns await the day to wreak their vengeance upon those who destroyed them. But that is only a rumor and like all rumors, the facts fade in time.

Now is a time of peace where children are brought up with blue skies overhead and green fields beneath their feet, all thanks to the Humans who have given order in the midst of chaos and vanquished the evil Yugorns. Now the crops are growing fully, livestock of farms are healthy and the leaders’s coffers are bountiful all thanks to Port Coater and their close allies. But now can’t last forever for it is now that the land has recovered from its old wounds that the new generation will reopen and finish what their ancestors have started.

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