Jeremy the Germ

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Kidnapping or Harvesting?

Chapter 4 (v.1) - What Really Happened to Jeremy at the Park: Part Two

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



Jeremy the Germ, Planetary Crime Fighter

by Ben A. Vanguarde

Chapter Four - What Really Happened to Jeremy at the Park: Part Two

Thrall directed the two hovering crafts to float out of the meadow of the town park and along the two lane paved, country road. Thrall answered telepathically, Magic Carpet is a good name for these crafts. You are really smart and well read. I want you to show me where the first house is.

The craft moved at fifteen miles per hour, much faster than Jeremy had ever ridden a bicycle. He screamed in exhilaration as his pulse raced.

Be quiet, Jeremy, said Trall telepathically, as he looked in all directions for danger. Remember, these people are sleeping and we do not want to wake them.

Jeremy gave directions and they docked their crafts along the side of the Wanda Winkler’s house. Don’t ever say a word inside. Just think it, admonished Trall. He pointed a cigar sized wand around the front door and then to the front door lock. The lock clicked open and Trall opened the front door and walked in with Jeremy following. The floating explorer with its dull white light followed the two through the house, as if it were a floating puppy.

The sensor inside the helmet directed Trall to two sleeping females in one bedroom. Trall quietly opened the door and walked in. Which one, Jeremy?

Wanda is the one on the right.

A housecat jumped up to the foot of Wanda’s bed. Jeremy almost screamed as he took a step back. The cat meowed. Jeremy reached down and stroked the pet’s head.

Trall aimed the shoulder gun at Wanda and fired a stun blast. Her body shook mildly with the blast and she remained in place asleep. Trall produced the controller which had formed the hovering craft and used it to raise Wanda out of her bed. She rose two feet above the bed and Trall pulled off the snagging bed sheet. Then Trall directed her out of the open bedroom door, as if on a floating and invisible gurney. Trall kept a careful eye on Wanda’s sleeping sister but she did not stir.

With the hovering Wanda leading the way, the intruders stealthily departed and met at the side of the house. Trall made an adjustment to the controller and Wanda’s invisible gurney turned into a hovering craft with solid plastic walls. Trall and Jeremy climbed aboard their hovering craft and they departed for Timothy’s house.

Very good, Jeremy, said Trall. Remember to be quiet. Trall waved the cigar controller about the front door and controller lights illuminated dimly. He had detected a burglar alarm. He aimed somewhere in the house and the electronics to the burglar alarm burned up. Trall then opened the front door as before and they walked in. The white, floating explorer again floated behind Jeremy.

Trall scanned the house and walked up the stairs to Timothy’s room. From out of the last bedroom a small creature appeared and immediately began to bark. In the instant that Trall aimed and pulverized the Chihuahua, the barking woke all the occupants.

Trall unlocked the bedroom door but a boy of middle school age walked out of the door from where the dog came from. He looked at Trall and Jeremy and began to scream but a stun beam knocked him backwards and off of his feet. Trall quickly opened the bedroom door to see Timothy standing and hurriedly loading his antique Colt .45 Peacemaker. Trall fired first and Timothy fell back, stunned and unable to move.

A deep male voice yelled from downstairs, “Boys, what’s going on? Timothy? Lance? Speak to me!”

Trall directed the explorer to focus through the floor to the two standing beings below. He looked at Jeremy and said, This is a tricky shot but they never expect it. Jeremy lined up on Timothy’s parents and blasted each with a stun shot. The outlines of their images fell to the floor inside their bedroom. Jeremy’s jaw was opened as he stared at the immobile figures. The people will get up in half an hour but I blasted that yapper. I hate those dogs. Jeremy cracked a hint of a smile. We have to leave.

Trall commanded the controller to float Timothy out of the house before them. Trall picked up the pistol and they left the house. At the side of the house Trall created a similar hovering craft with solid walls for Wanda. Trall noticed Jeremy staring at Timothy and Wanda. These are captivity boxes. They keep your catch comfortable and restrained. They move just like the hovering craft do. It is time to get into your Magic Carpet. They departed and sped just as quickly as they arrived.

Like a child, Jeremy cheered in his mind at the tension relief and exhilaration of the hovering craft so near the ground, moving so fast.

Trall led the hovering craft beside the lawn chairs. Parlow quickly looked at the two captives and then he looked at Jeremy. Good job, Jeremy. The steaks are ready for us. Parlow introduced his daughter and they sat to eat. Trall disintegrated the two hovering craft and stood the captivity boxes on edge so that Timothy and Wanda stood on their feet although sleeping. The captivity boxes gave the occupants inches of room in front and to the sides. Trall dialed the controller so that wind vents appeared on all six sides.

On a screen before Parlow Jeremy could see a picture of his back and the scene. He turned around to see the floating explorer and he turned back to the screen. Parlow then shut down the explorer’s picture and it floated inside the parked craft. Jeremy, please tell us what happened out there.

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