Jeremy the Germ

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Dad, this sounds crazy but...

Chapter 6 (v.1) - Perry Answers a Call

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



Jeremy the Germ, Planetary Crime Fighter

by Ben A. Vanguarde

Chapter Six - Perry Answers a Call

"Dad, this is the Schweitzer call you read about. I was first on the scene to the Pollack residence. Their son had just been abducted so they were hysterical. I pulled Mr. Pollack aside and asked him what happened. He said he and his wife were awoken by the sound of a brief scuffle in the upstairs bedrooms. He called out to his sons without an answer. He had not seen anything but that he and his wife were shot with a ray gun, say in stun mode, from the second floor."

"A ray gun?" Perry's dad stroked his thick gray mustache.

"I wish to god that you were there with me. I just knew you would know what to do." Perry took another swallow of cool beer. "Their son Timothy Pollack was abducted. Their Chihuahua was shot, blown to smithereens. I've never seen anything like it. Their youngest son Lance said he saw a white male observing a little gray Martian, or something, that wielded the weapon. Lance was shot by the intruder and left in an immobile state for four hours, also. At that point I looked around to see if I was being pranked but, no, the women were crying and the men frightened.

"We hoped for a ransom call but when a call came in, the caller ID identified Dr. Schweitzer’s residence. Mr. Pollack picked up the receiver and cocked it away from his ear so I could hear. 'Pollack residence,' he said.

"'Mr. Pollack? This is Jeremy Schweitzer from across the park.'

“'Hello Jeremy,' he said. 'It’s nice to hear from you, son, but we’re a little busy this morning. What can I do for you, Jeremy?”

“'Oh, you’re busy? Doing what?' Jeremy asked. Mr. Pollack’s looked at me not knowing what to say next. I could tell we were thinking the same thing. Wasn't Jeremy a retard, autistic, or something? Jeremy continued, 'If I tell you a secret, Mr. Pollack, would you promise not to tell anyone?'

"'Mr. Pollack stared at the phone as if he were going to murder the caller. 'Yes Jeremy, you may tell me a secret and I promise not to tell anyone.'

“'Cross you heart and hope to die?'

“'Yes, Jeremy, cross my heart and hope to die.' Pollack shook his head in disgust.

“'I was there last night. I was with Trall. He captured Timothy and Wanda. Parlow put them in his space ship. That’s Trall’s dad.'

"Pollack repeatedly blinked his eyes, apparently lost for words, his mouth wide open in disbelief. I mouthed the words, 'Is he home?' Pollack instantly recovered and went on without missing another beat. 'Excuse me, Jeremy. Are you home right now? I would like to hear some more but my portable phone is dying. I’d like to come over and you can tell me the whole story. Would that be all right?'

"'Sure, Mr. Pollack. Could I ask you a favor? Would you stop by the donut shop and get me two chocolate donuts, please.'

“'Yes, Jeremy. I will. Stay right there so I can find you.' They hung up and Pollack looked at me. 'Wanda? Is he referring to Wanda Winkler?' I told him that as part of our investigation I did not tell anyone there that Wanda Winkler was also kidnapped last night.

“'What is this space ship crap?' he asked but went on. 'Officer, if it weren't for you and your gun, I'd go over there now and blow his head off.'

"'You did good, Mr. Pollack. I'm going over there now with some officers and we'll bring Timothy and Wanda home just as soon as we can,' I said. If only it were true."

"I can see why you've become upset," Perry's dad added. "Two closed cases and major felony at that. It should have been easy."

"The FBI walked in as I was walking out. We went over there and arrested Jeremy and searched his guest house and the main house. There was not a single clue in the house. No sign of Timothy or Wanda. Later, Lance Pollack ID'd Jeremy as being with the gray creature. I know, Dad, what you're gonna ask."

"What did you find in the park?"

"The ground was disturbed as he said. Different little boot prints everywhere in a campsite. It was almost like Jeremy said. Of course, it didn't make sense. Once the FBI heard about a space ship, they took over the case. No one was allowed to even look at the site after that."

"You mean you don't believe someone would kidnap two different people from two different locations for two chocolate donuts? Well Perry, I've gotta pee."

Perry's dad returned and sat back down. "So what's really bothering you, Perry?"

"The FBI worked on Jeremy for hours. He cried and all but he stuck to his story until his parents called a lawyer. I watched behind the glass. When the interview was over, the captain pulled me aside and asked, 'I have to brief the mayor. What do you think happened, Salter?'

"What do you really think, Perry?"

"In my heart, I believe Jeremy but in my head, it's impossible. He doesn't know how to drive. We tested him and he failed, unless he was faking that, too. Where could he have disposed of the bodies and for what purpose? I really believe he has the mind of a ten year old. That's what I told the Captain and Sergeant Wagner."

"What did the Captain say?"

"Captain said, 'You're no help, Salter. Get back to your zone.' Did I blow it, Dad? Will that hurt my chance of promotion?"

"Damned if I know, Perry. I hope not. Did Fred Wagner say anything?"

"No dad, he is supportive as much as he can be."

"Good man Fred. I don't think anyone could have answered that any better with the information available. What a spot to be in."

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