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"Good morning class, I hope that you all remembered your homework today... no one accidently fed it to their dog? No, well that’s a good start. If you would all please like to get out your equipment, then we shall begin". I blinked at Mr Hedges. Sitting in my usual seat in the far right hand corner of the room, something seemed different about the old man. Unusual. Everything was always the same with Mr Hedges.. day in day out. So, sitting at my usual seat in the back corner of the room, i really couldnt work out why that wasnt the case today.Then it clicked. Somewhere in the back of my brain, i realised why he looked different. It shocked me. He seemed happy. Excited even. Okay, so he wasn’t beaming and jumping up and down... but he wasnt frowning either. There was a slight smile on his face and an odd twinkle in his eye. Now THAT was a rare occurrence.

"What d’ya know? Maybe the old man got a girlfriend" I thought to myself as he went to the filing cabinet at the front of the room and started rummaging around. Well, i said to myself, good for him. At least one of us was happy. I mean, okay, I wasn’t manically depressed, but I didnt have much to be overly happy about either. My life was just average. Probably more boring than average actually. I lived with my Mum, just the two of us, in a small white house, a few blocks away from the school. My dad had died when i was 12, from lung cancer. It had been just the two of us since. It was a hard time for us both, me and my mum, when dad died. Eventually, we moved house, and that’s how we ended up here, in Kingslow. A pretty boring town if you ask me. With a pretty boring school. But why would you ask me? I’m sure you’d rather hear it from the popular kids points of views. Anyway, school, for me, seemed pointless. A few kids who claimed to be my friends... and a hell of a lot of popular kids to ignore me.

Doodling on my notebook, i waited to find out what made Mr Grumpy so cheerful. After a few minutes of clattering at the front of the room, I had a page full of swirly hearts and butterflies, and our teacher seemed to have produced a pile of what looked like brochures. He addressed the class with a long forgotten smile on his face. "Yesterday, I learned of some very good news." There were a few groans, ad a lot of puzzled expressions. He carried on. "As some of you might of heard, I am soon leaving the school to take up a position at a specialist writing school in the United States." I racked my brains for any prior knowledge of this. Nope. Nothing. Well, there had been a rumour that he was leaving, but most versions included a mental home.

There was a slight buzz of talking around the room. "No, no, children, that is not the exciting bit. Of course, when I am gone, there will have to be a replacement to teach you. We spent a while looking for somebody suitable, and im sure you’ll all be happy to know that we managed to get a hold of a very nice young man from Australia." There was more chattering, a few yawns and quite a few: "Wow. Big deal"’s. "Anyway... i think you might recognize his name, if i mention it. Kingsley Nightshade."

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