ENTER 2525: Lily's Diary

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A story about a seven year old's challenges as she faces the end of the world with the help of a 15 year old and an odd man who claims to be a doctor. Watch as the world around them slowly crumbles away to reveal the one of the most shocking things that could have happened, a being known only as 2525 awakens to reek vengeance on the on the organization that kept him away from what he has been fighting for. An eternal struggle lasting 1000's of years starting at the very point where the first line of humanoid creatures were created.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - ENTER 2525: Lily's Diary Chapter 1: No Remorse

Submitted: April 20, 2013

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Submitted: April 20, 2013




“Enter 2525: Lily’s Diary”


That boy’s smile is forever burned into my mind.

Note: If you are reading this then the doctor has finally achieved his goal.




Chapter 1: No Remorse


It’s been eight years since the accident, a long, hard eight years. I have been doing all the hunting and gathering for years since Doctor Collins has locked himself up in the mansion. Oh, I’ve totally forgotten, I should introduce myself and tell you what has happened up until now. Well my name is Lily Howel and presently it’s Thursday, October 21, 2020. I am 15 years old and live with a man named Doctor Frederick Collins. The events that have happened up until now have been shocking and hard to swallow for us all. Doctor Collins and I have been living in an abandoned mansion for about seven years. I’ve been too afraid to search all the rooms in the vast expanses of the building and you’ll later know why. The mansion itself is a monstrous Victorian style building with what were once beautiful statues and greenery surrounding it. It is located in the middle of what is now a vast wooded area which was once nothing but farmland. But enough about the house I have really just been trying to put off having to remember all the horrid details of the past few years. I will get on with it now.


It was a cold day on December 21, 2012, only a few days before Christmas. It started off as any winter day in Barrie, Ontario would. I woke up, had breakfast, and got ready for school. My parents were eager to get me to school and wished me a good day as I left. My walk to school was no different either, just took the same route I always took, my school wasn’t very far from my house so I got there after five minutes of walking. I went over to my friends; reviewed last night's homework and then the bell rang. Nothing important happened until around 10:30 am, when there was a message over the P.A. system. The message sounded like this “Attention all students and faculty, please be aware that there has been a sighting of a man attacking people in the area so please be cautious when leaving the school.” At the time I didn’t think too much about it but as the number of people being seen attacking other people rose I got more concerned.


By the end of the day the count had risen to over 70 people seen lurking in the area and I heard from a friend that a local high school had to be evacuated  because an epidemic of insane people attacking each other had arose. That evening I got a drive home from my parents because they said it was too dangerous to walk alone. I told them that they were worrying too much but now I regret it, because that was one of the last moments I spent with my parents. My parents never went to sleep that night. They spent all night watching the news, just watching the count of the attacks rise. By morning I heard it had risen to almost 1000 people. The only good thing about this, I thought at the time, was because all schools were cancelled indefinitely until further notice. Since my school didn’t even have snow days I thought this was amazing. It turned out to be no fun though. All my parents did for 2 days was tell me I wasn’t aloud to play outside without their supervision and gather food, tools and any weapons into the kitchen.


About a week had past and all the stores were closed and watching T.V. wasn’t an option because the power had gone out sometime in the night. It was very cold that Sunday morning and didn’t ever get much warmer. Mom and dad were fighting all day in a panic because they heard from a neighbour that the count had gone up to over 2000 but was concentrated closer to the south end of the city. They had also heard that a team of young people were running around and slaughtering all the insane people at seemingly random times of the day. Soon the news of this rag tag group of murderous young people had reached all over the city. Some people were afraid, some people were worried about what would happen if they ever encountered these people, some were curious, and some people even wanted to find them in order to join them. I myself was curious as to why they were doing such things.


It was about a month later and the group’s attack patterns. They seem to only be attacking at night. That day I found out how my parents were still providing food and clothes with everything being shut down. I overheard them talking that day with one of the young people from the mysterious group. He was a tall, slim boy with slender features and was wearing a ripped up, long black jacket with red trim. He had blue eyes and long-ish dark brown hair. He looked to be about 15. He had a warm yet melancholy expression which made me unsure whether he was about to laugh or completely break down. I heard him once refer to himself as the leader of a pack of “unruly jackals.” Apparently he made a deal with my parents that if they found any firearms in the area that they’d give them to him in exchange for food and clothing. He was delivering a gift for my parents’ good work on supplying them with quality firearms. He must have spotted me when they were talking because he said “say hello to your daughter for me, she looks like a nice girl.” The conversation ended in my parents asking the strange boy why he’s doing all this, he replied “I don’t have much of a choice. I’m not aloud to rest until the world is safe yet again.” And then he walked off into the now night haze of the city.


It wasn’t long after that when my parents went out on a firearm search and never came back. About a day after that I got a knock on my door from the same boy who cam the other day. He said, “I am ever so sorry to say but uuhh…(how should I put this) your uh parents aren’t going to come back. I uhh kinda found them on my route today. They weren’t uhhh…. You know. I hate these kinds of conversations….” He went on to ask if I wanted to live with him and the jackals but I was so shocked I could only nod my head yes. So I packed my things and went with him to a cluster of houses located just outside the city. There was an old sign on the way into the cluster. It had obviously been painted over and now read “Welcome to the Jackals. Once you enter you will learn things about the world that you wished you hadn’t.” And below that one another one that read “Always accepting new members.” Soon after we arrived the boy jumped in front of me with a big, warm smile on his face and gave a big introduction. I zoned out after a few minutes but I did learn his name from his introduction. He said his name was Allen and he lost his parents on the first day. Apparently he was in the high school that had to be evacuated and the only reason he survived was because he saw what was going on before everyone else did. Only a few people from his class survived that day and he hadn’t seen them since.

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