Why Can't I be Human in Your Eyes

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: June 12, 2011

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Submitted: June 12, 2011



?Why Can't I be Human in Your Eyes Chapter 4

"Don't come any closer I'm armed," Lassirra warned.
"I see someone finally turned you back," The figure laughed moving closer.
I moved to pull Lassirra back as it was obvious that she stood no chance agents the approaching figure. My sword hit my leg as I moved almost begging to be used.
"No thanks to you," Lassirra barked now squirming in my light grasp.
"Lassirra you're all alone and you challenge me," the figure hissed.
"I'm not scared of you!" Lassirra yelled.
"Latimer must be losing his touch sending an alone pixie out on watch, intrusting the villagers lives in an angry pixies hands," The figure spoke coldly.
"I'm not alone," Lassirra answered.
"What do you have another pixie with you?" The figure teased.
"Sarai?" I questioned.
As the figure stepped into the pale moon light, she stood 5'4"with short about shoulder length raven black hair. Her pale skin seemed to glow in the light of the moon as it danced in the silky black features of her bat like wings that were slowly folding back to her back and the last Alliance member.
"Adurna?" Sarai teased.
"You sound surprised to see me?" I asked trying not to laugh at Lassirra who was muttering on my shoulder about the time Sarai had turned Lassirra into a squirrel.
"Not to see you but to see you with out that cousin of mine," Sarai teased.
"Were just friends," I insisted making both Lassirra and Sarai laughed.
"Maybe if you keep telling your self that you might even believe it," Sarai laughed.
"Someone has to," Lassirra teased.
"Adurna!" Latimer growled from the shadows.
"Yea," I answered comely.
"You and Lassirra are free to return to the village, I'll finish your watch," Latimer growled.
"Why?" I demanded," You can't do it alone!"
"And I can't have you out here not tonight!" Latimer snapped.
"Really AdurnaCDS!" Lassirra yelled out of surprise.

Latimer glared at the small shaking pixie that was perched hidden on my shoulder then to his cousin before letting out a low cold hiss
"Will you leave if I call Luke to take Lassirras place?" Latimer asked bitterly.
"No!"I barked," I just started, I'm not going any where."

"And I just finished it for you now go!" Latimer barked.
"You are aware that if you kick her off this watch then she just get assigned on a later one and the later the watch the more danger can come her way," Sarai hissed.
"Very well you and Luke can take the south side of the forest and Lassirra and I will take the North, Sarai you go back and get some sleep where heading out early tomorrow," Latimer hissed in defeat.
"Why do I have to work with Luke," I complained really not wanting to be alone with him.
"Don't worry sir I'll keep Adurna safe," Luke growled.
"Adurna your with me Lassirra your with Luke, But Adurna keep your distance," Latimer hissed glaring at Luke.
"A Giant has a Vampire whipped," Sarai said in almost disbelieve.
"No!" Latimer growled.
"Adurna just whinnied did she not and got what she wanted," Sarai answered.
"Shut up," Latimer ordered taking my hand and sharply dragging me off in to the North side of the forest.

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