Isabel (Lost princess)

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Alyec

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Submitted: May 12, 2013



They stood there for a while, Evangeline hoping he wouldn't answer. Then the door creaked open and there stood a pale skinned with black hair and deep blue eyes even the ocean couldn't compare. "Can I help you," Alyec asked.

"Hi," said Otylia who was bouncing and twisting around like a kid on a sugar high. Alyec nodded to her then fixed his perfect eyes onto Evangeline who stared back unfazed. "Oh, this is Evangeline she was just dying to meet you when she heard there is someone else who might be from the same country as her," she said embarrassed that she got stuck staring.

Evangeline however kept staring because she realized that she actually did know him, but how? "So what part are you from," Alyec asked somewhat intrigued.

"Evogeine, you?" Evangeline asked.

"Ah so the town of the royals, may they rest in peace, me too," he said with a smirk. Then went to gesture them inside with the slight of his hand.

"So you don't care for the royal family?"

"Not all them I believe the king should have died years ago. The prince got things way to easily, having girls fall all over him just so they could be queen. While the real queen seemed to try too hard to appear all good hearted and caring but like don't think she truly was. The two older princesses were butt ugly and way to stuck up I feel bad for their husbands. And the youngest everyone said how good she was and everything, but you never saw her so how could they say that."

Never saw her, Evangeline took offence to this, what did he mean never saw her she was out and about all the time. of course most of the time she was in the forest were no one could fine her, and there was that one time were she was sick for several months, but other than that she would walk around the town of Evogine and talk to all the different villagers.

"But with me I actually know how good she is because I met Princess Isabel, once a long time ago."

Evangeline's head came out of her own thoughts at this; she did know him, but how? She was just about to ask when Otylia finally came to her senses again and piped in with her own little topic. "So Alyec," she started coming closer to him and started to stroke his arm. "Let's not talk about the past anymore that’s why it's called the past. Lets instead talk about the future, our future to be precise, I brought you a little gift from your country even from the same town that you can talk to but not touch, now what do I get in return.

At this point they were so close together there was no space to get any closer but Otylia tried. Alyec raised one of his eyebrows at this and stepped back causing Otylia to fumble a bit. "Didn't anyone ever teach you that when you give something don't always expect to get something in return."

"No, because my parents died in that stupid fire and no one else on this planet seems to give a crap about me."

"I'm pretty sure anyone here is in that same boat Otylia."

Evangeline just looked back and forth not sure what to say to stop them yelling at each other. "Well I guess if you're going to act like that I'll just take my present back and leave." Otylia took Evangeline's arm with that and left. With Evangeline trying to find something to say she looked up to find Alyec smiling at her, what is going on? "Well I can't believe he would just snap at me like that, he never done that. Did you say something to him that I didn't hear? Or were you making goo goo eyes at my man?

"What? No, wait your man?" Evangeline asked almost laughing.

"Yes my man, I'm just doing what you call hard to get."

"Ya, maybe a little too hard, you were scaring him a bit with how close you were getting."

"There is just one thing I have to say to you which is what I told him, you can talk to him all you want but if it gets anymore then that will have some problems. I try to be a friendly person but if you push onto my property then I have no control over what I will do to you. Plus why go for Alyec when you have a pretty sweet thing going on with Japito," and with that she left leaving Evangeline stunned in her place. 

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