Spirit Awakened

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

Submitted: March 13, 2009

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Submitted: March 13, 2009



Chapter Twelve – Heavyweight Battle
“I really wish Braydon would stop looking at me,” Brennan muttered to Campbell & Zack as they sat in the locker room. Zack was waiting for his match, though he had to sit through the match between Braydon & Graze, which was touted as the match of the round. The others knew all too well what a blood bath it was going to be; they had Braydon sitting across the room, staring at them.
“Don’t you worry about that brute, boys,” said Ranyer as he sat down weakly, “I have a feeling that this year’s tournament is going to be a lot different for him, & especially for you.”
“Oh,” said Campbell sarcastically, “I don’t think anything’s been different. Other than myself & Brennan have managed to knock our opponents unconscious with one punch, while that strange fighter sits there,” he pointed to Jack, “with his eyes closed the entire time, doing absolutely nothing, not to mention that you know him & won’t tell me how, everything’s just as it should be.”
The others sniggered, but Ranyer wasn’t impressed, “expect the unexpected,” in a way he kind of demanded it. Campbell shut his mouth instantly, “there’s a lot you don’t know, but it will all be answered in due time.”
“So, what happened to Blair?” Campbell asked Brennan.
“I don’t know,” he muttered, “he went to hospital or something, I don’t really care.”
Zack rolled his eyes, “geez, you really need to get yourself together. Hale hasn’t just upped & left you here on your own. She’s watching from somewhere, this whole thing is being televised.”
Brennan shrugged his shoulders, “it’s not the same,” he answered.
Campbell patted his shoulder, “just don’t bail out, you did good out there before. Blair didn’t know what he was up against.”
“Thanks,” Brennan muttered.
“Five minutes champion,” said a tournament official. Braydon got out of his seat, & without turning his gaze, left for the square.
“God, I hate that guy,” said Zack.
^ - + - ^
“Ladies & gentlemen! The first round match you have all been waiting for has finally arrived!” Bellowed the announcer as the crowd went nuts. All except the girls, who sat there, refusing to support anyone but their boys, “please welcome, the former champion of three years ago, & the third placed contender last year, Graze!” Graze entered the square with one fist raised, as if he were the champion himself. He was the champion three years ago, but now the other fighters considered him a joke the way he went on; standing their with one fist raised as if he were the commander of the entire crowd.
“And, the one, the champion two-years running. The Iron Tank,” that was Braydon’s nickname, “the man himself, Braydon!” Braydon entered the square holding his championship belt above his head. He was obsessed with that thing; he cuddled it while he slept.
The two fighters stared at each other in the center as the referee went over the rules with them. Though his only advice was, “give this crowd what it wants,” before exiting to the sidelines.
Braydon smirked down at Graze, “get ready for a world of pain.”
Graze rolled his eyes, “I’ll step out of this ring right now if you’d just put that stupid belt down for five fucking seconds,” he teased.
Braydon was about to start the match a little early, but the announcer interrupted with, “would each contestant please move to their end of the square?” Both fighters complied, “ready? And, three, two, one… fight!” Shouted the announcer as the two fighters rushed at each other, locking hands.
“Get ready for a world of pain,” Braydon threatened.
Graze just smiled at him, “get ready to be known as the former champion,” he laughed as he jumped away & landed a kick straight to the champion’s chest.
Unfortunately Braydon’s huge muscle mass made it hard to make a dent on his body, & he shrugged the kick off, following it by grabbing Graze by the arm & pulling him in violently as he landed a heavy blow to his stomach.
The audience went nuts as Graze hit the ground, while the other fighters watching cringed. All, except for Jack & Baron, who didn’t see the big deal.
“That’s it?” Baron muttered to himself.
Graze got back to his feet & giggled, “what’s so funny?” Asked Braydon.
He just shook his head, “it’s just that, you actually think that because you can take a kick like that & throw punches twice as hard, you think you’re going to be the champion forever!” He laughed.
Braydon got angry, “I am the champion, & you’ve got broken ribs,” he pointed at Graze’s arms, which were holding his stomach.
“And you’re a bald, steroid-abuser who’s going to be dead of a heart-attack before this tournament is through!” Laughed Graze very loudly.
That’s all it took for Braydon to rush at him, but Graze was ready, & jumped out of the way, kicking Braydon in the back of the head. The kick, though causing no harm, knocked Braydon forward, as Graze darted back around to face the champion.
“Upset yet?” He asked.
“Shut your damn mouth!” Braydon shouted back as he punched downward.
Graze stepped aside as the punch hit the ground, then pivoted off of Braydon’s large arm, swinging around in the air & kicking him across the face. This kick was a lot harder, as Braydon stumbled a few steps before regaining his footing. Once again, Graze jumped around until he was facing Braydon head on.
“Dodging & kicking is not going to make you the champion,” Braydon sniggered, “you’ve already lost.”
Graze shook his head, all with a grin across his bearded face, “it takes more than a big body to win a match. Let’s see you win when you’re so fat & slow you can’t even hit me!” Graze jumped into the air as Braydon, angered once more, charged at him. Graze pushed both his feet against Braydon’s chest, sending them both spiraling in different directions.
Graze managed to a back flip & landed on his feet, while Braydon hit the ground. The crowd cheered when the champion hit the deck; they knew this was going to be one hell of a fight.
Braydon stood up, not effected by the tumble, “you seriously have no leg power at all,” he snorted.
Graze rolled his eyes, “just enough to jump right over your head,” he said as he leapt forward, clearing Braydon easily, landing behind him, “come & get me,” he said as he ran forward & kicked Braydon in the back.
The kick was so quick & fast that it had little effect, as Braydon swung around, fist raised, punching into air as Graze jumped backwards once more.
^ - + - ^
Baron stared across the square; as Braydon punched, Graze jumped backwards, heading directly for the nearest edge of the square, “good,” he said, “use his fat head against him,” he understood.
As did Jack, “good tactics,” he muttered to himself, “athletics over strength.”
“It’s so damn obvious, why doesn’t Braydon see it?” Brennan exclaimed.
Ranyer smirked, “because,” he replied, “Graze has angered him enough that he doesn’t see it. He’s not fighting with a clear head, he’s just trying to hit him.”
Campbell smiled, “I guess that’s why you always tell us to fight with clear heads.”
Ranyer nodded, “never get angry, you will surely lose.”
^ - + - ^

Graze looked over his shoulder whilst dodging a flurry of Braydon’s punches. From where he was standing he could spy the edge of the square, not long to go, “keep punching you fat lug,” he smirked.

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