Healing Empire

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - dangerous awakening

Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013




Dangerous Awakening

There are two distinct groups of crowds. The first group is classmates I see every day, and they are looking furiously at the center of the circle. The other group is students for Canglan that are rarely seen, and their facial expressions are a lot more diverse. Some are like watching a show, some are snoring, and some are also angry, but none of them wants to get themselves involved.

There’s a big gap between the two groups of people, so I can clearly see what is happening inside.

The first person I see is an arrogant boy. You can easily tell he is very rich by the suit he’s wearing that I couldn’t even name the brand. Behind him are two more boys. Although they also look rich, you can tell they are the follower of the person by the groveling look on their face. In front of the three people is a coward boy, which I managed to recall as a grade 11 student in my school.

Obviously, this is a typical bullying scene.

These thing don’t happen frequently, at least this is the first time I’ve seen it since I came to this school. The school across the street is very famous, but their strict rules are also famous. Those rich peoples’ children are also not as arrogant as most people would imagine. To them, good manner is essential, but scums exist everywhere, the first boy is a typical one.

No matter if the scum will be punished by the school, judging right now, the boy in front of him is going to get hurt.

The crowd was chattering, but no one goes up to them. The unfortunate boy obviously knows this. He just put his head down, waiting for the rich people to leave after they vent on him.

Students in my school don’t want to interfere with them. It’s not about being coward or not. They either are rich or have power, it’s easy for them to get us big trouble.

For people in the other crowd, although some are disgusted by that boy’s behavior, they still don’t want to get into trouble for another student. In the end, that rich boy is still in their class.

I didn’t imagine the first thing I see today is going to be this disgusting.

“Jun,” Shally tugged by shirt, and whispers to me, “let’s go, don’t get yourself in trouble.”

I tightened my fist, but eventually nodded, preparing to leave.

You don’t even need to guess to know what’s going to happen next. Any ridiculous excuse could make the three rich boys beat up and humiliate the poor boy. The arrogant boy will get his twisted pleasure from this process. And the boy from our school – who would help him?

It’s not that I don’t have sympathy, or I don’t have the sense of justice. There is really nothing I can do about this. If I try to stop them, not only would I make no difference, I would also bring my sister trouble. People like them could easily destroy the home me and my sister carefully maintain.

But… It’s really not fair

Before I leave, I turn around again, staring fiercely at the rich boy. He is humiliating the boy in front of him, occasionally turning around, as if he is doing something honourable.

“Scum, ” I mumbled quietly, “I really want to beat him up.”

Nobody knows that at that exact time, the sun had a little solar flare, creating a little change in the information of earth. My thought was magnified numerous times, and received by a no-delay communication system in some distant universe.

Dizziness suddenly attacks, the dead grey metal world I dreamed of every night slid through my mind, and a slightly robotic girl sound appeared in my mind.

“accepting external command…… competence confirmed…… analyzing vague command…… execute……target confirmed, starting long-distance cross-spatial attack system, preparing tentative attack…..start!”

Following the voice in my head, a column translucent, water-like energy current as wide as my arm flow down from the sky, silently vanishes under the feet of the rich boy.

But no one seems to notice that column of energy, everyone’s attention is fixed on the four people in the middle. I shouldn’t be able to notice it either, but somehow, I clearly saw the path of this “current”.

And then, I noticed that a dark red hole appears on the floor where the “current” vanished. Around the hole, melted floor is slowly flowing into the hole made by the sublimation of the floor.

Astonishingly destructive!

My brain immediately froze, don’t know what to do about the supernatural phenomenon that is more than likely caused by me.

What the heck happened? Supernatural event? Ultraman practicing shooting nearby? Or did I suddenly have some sort of superpower?

“Maybe it’s just illusion”, I was trying to convince myself, but what happened next proved to me that what I saw was 100% real.

The rich boy suddenly stepped forward, maybe want to start beating up the poor boy. But he just happens to step on the chunk of floor that is melted.

A few seconds later, a horrible scream suddenly came out from his mouth.

Fabrics are easy to burn, and floor melted by the mysterious is way above the burning point of fabric. The rich boy’s pants start burning quickly. He panicked, patting the flame on his pants. It looks like his pants are just too perfect of a fuel, as he pats, instead of getting smaller, the flame grows bigger. The crowd finally reacted, taking things around them (drinks-theirs, clothes-still theirs, brick- ours…) and run up to help extinguish the flame.

But now I can’t pay any attention to the chaotic condition in front of me, the voice that continued in my brain give me a complete panic.

“Tentative attack finished……re-calculating parameters… calculations completed, converting into attacking mode…… main weapon array charging……secondary weapon array charging……preparation completed, all units free-fire in ten seconds……10,9,8,7……”

No matter what is happening, one thing is certain: something very dangerous was awaken by me. No matter is wild Ultraman from M78 Cluster or Megatron that just happens to pass earth on his way home, in theory, everyone here is going to be killed by that kind of energy current.

Judging by the “tentative attack” that melts a chunk of ground into lava, the free-fire ten seconds later will kill everyone present without any doubt.

“Fuck, is there not a pause on this shit?” I screamed in my mind. But no matter how I tried, that wonderful condition didn’t return, countdown is still going in a steady pace.

“Jun, what happen? Why are you so pale?” Shally found out my abnormal condition, and asked nervously, but I have no time to answer her.

Shit! Shit! What the fuck is that thing! Why doesn’t it listen to me now?


Cold sweat ran down my face


“Shally!” I suddenly shouted, held her hand and starts running away—although I know it’s nearly impossible for us to escape the free-fire.

But no matter what, I can’t see her harmed because of me.

“Jun, what the……” Shally was surprised by me action.


Running my fastest, a little sheet of paper suddenly came in front of me. Before I can read  the numbers on it, I felt a sharp pain on my forehead, and then……there’s no and then.

Shally’s voice comes blurrily into my ears.

“severe system error, abnormal external command, highest competence lost…… long-distance cross-spatial attack system shut down……”

“Shit! Since when are advertisements in front of the school”

This is my last thought before I pass out after I hit that telephone pole.

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