Chapter 1: Whisper by Christopher Collins

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 250



  Run. That was all she could think. Run. Nothing else matters, just run, and she did.  She ran as if her life depended on it, which it did. Behind her, four wolves chase her, prepared to fight for their food. Her name was Miranda Smith, the mother of David Smith. In the corner of her eyes she could see the teeth of a ravenous wolf. There is no way that she could ever outrun them, but maybe she could out maneuver it. Step after step, she could see nothing but more trees in front of her. After turning a corner, she spots a cliff. Within seconds Miranda is at the base, only 10 feet to the bottom. She takes the dive and lands on a bed of rocks below.  Immediately she erupts in screams. A pain is shooting up from her left ankle and seems to send the whole body into shock. Her arms seem useless but with all of her will power, she gets up and limps towards the road not too far away. The wolves had come to a ledge above her but are not attacking, or even showing any threat at all. When she reaches the road, she can’t help but look back. When she does, she sees them lying down 10 feet away, watching her. In complete agony from her ankle, she sits down and nurses it, while crying in pain. The wolves just sit there, as if there is nothing better to do. Finally, Miranda begins to get up again. She takes one last look at the wolves, which have begun barking viciously, while a car hits her with full force.












Chapter one

“Hey Sid. Welcome back to the real world.” said Max, a tall husky guy with hair to his shoulders and a short beard. He was in his early 30’s and didn’t look a day older. “Check this place out. The home of Max’s Deli.’’

“Looks like a piece of crap to me” says Sid while walking up to embrace Max. Sid was an older guy, in his late 50’s. His hairline was reciting by the day but his worst flaw was his temper. He was a good friend, but you had to be careful around him.

Ah, give me a break, the place costs a fortune.” Says max with a smile on his face.

“How do you afford it in this economy?” asks Sid while peering in through the window.

“Um, you I don’t really. I’m a two months behind rent and the place isn’t bringing many customers. Come on in, I’ll get you some coffee.” says Max while opening the door. The inside was nice. The goal of the place was to look like the inside of a subway.  It was original, but the place was too dirty. It looked as if nobody had swept the floors for a year.

“Max, I’ve got an offer that you can’t refuse.” says Sid after sitting down.

“So that’s why you wanted me down here today. You know I’m not going back into that business. I still have nightmares.” says Max staring at the table.  Many years before, the two of them had kidnapped a woman for a profit. They returned her without hurting anybody and got 35K for it. They were hooked and grabbed more people until Max said that’s enough and opened that shop.

“Oh but you must help me with this. A guy named Jones in Maine gave me a job to borrow a kid for a week and give him back when the parents agree to his terms. The prize would be 50,000 dollars split between four people. You, me, my buddy in New York, and whoever you want. That could at least cover that rent for this place.” said Sid with a smile on his face.

“I’m not going to do it Sid. How old is this kid anyway, 6?” yelled Max.

“He is a rich eight year old boy whose mom is suing someone. Honestly Max, you can’t afford not to do it. You will be closed down in a month without this money. This was your dream.” Pleaded Sid

They both sat there for a long time, both thinking about what they should do, until Max said” I’ll do it, but I want an extra 2,000$ and to bring my girlfriend. Got it.”

“Oh trust me buddy you will not be disappointed. Meet me here on Friday.” Said Sid as he got up and walked away.



Chapter two

“Happy birthday David!” yelled David’s mother excitedly. “Get up. You have your party today.”

“Ok mother, I will be down in a few minutes” David yelled back. David was an eight year old boy who was adopted by his current family when he was after his parents died. He was about 4 foot 3 but was smarter than his entire class. His skin was as pale as a ghost and his head as round as a bowl. You could say he had a very innocent face. His biggest flaw was he could never seem to make friends. They said he was weird or crazy, but he could care less got up and put on his nice clothes for the party that day.  A blue vest with a white button up shirt underneath with a tie. He went downstairs to find his Mom had treated him to a pancake breakfast. After eating and cleaning his teeth, he went and sat by the window, watching as child after child poured into the house. He realized he hadn’t even met some attendants but realized they must be his mom’s friends.

While the party was underway, Max drove to the house wearing a Santa costume. He had been sent to pick the kid from the party and bring him to Sid. He was drenched in sweat by the time he reached the house. Before going inside he pulled on his beard, making it so people can’t see his face. He found the room of the party and looked inside. A magician was amazing the little kids with his magic while Max scanned the room for who Sid described as David. Not seeing him in the pile of kids, he looked around further and saw David get up from looking out the window and go outside. After amusing the children, Max went outside to find David covering a dead crow with a cloth.

“What do you want for Christmas David?” asked Max, wondering what the kid was doing.

“What do you want Santa?” asked David without looking up from the crow.

“Ok kids time for cake” exclaimed David’s mom inside the house. All of the kids cheered and ran into the other room, but David wasn’t with them. After looking around she still couldn’t find him. While looking upstairs she peered out the window and saw the covered crow. Knowing David likes to do that, calling it the bird’s burial, she checked outside. It was less than 20 degrees and David was nowhere to be found. Before walking in she noticed a note taped to the door saying,” We have your kid. We will kill him if you don’t agree to our demands.” In shock, she ran inside and yelled “They have my baby” before dialing the police.







Chapter three

“Just be a good boy David, we won’t hurt you if your good.” Said max to the back of his car where David’s mouth, hands, and feet are duct taped.  He didn’t seem to be reacting to anything. He wasn’t scared, but he seemed anticipant. He probably was just in shock thought Max. He pulled over to meet a few of his pals. Sid, Sid’s friend, Vince, and Max’s girlfriend, Roxanne all put on masks and take Max from the car and put him in the trunk of an old Sedan. 

“Anything you need before we torch the thing?” asked Vince.

“Not that I ca- Oh shit close the trunk, a guy is coming.” yelled Max.

“Do you fellas need any help?” asked the guy from the truck. David could barely see the guy through a crack in the car.

“No thanks, this guy just needed some gas, we have plenty.” replied Roxanne.

“Ok then. Before I go, do you guys hear that? It is like the sound of wind but its saying stuff?”

“I don’t hear anything. You better get going. See ya.” Said Sid and the guy left. “Do you think he saw him?”  he asked after the man was far away.

“He couldn’t have, now let’s light this baby up!” He exclaimed while pouring gas into the van. He then took a cigarette out his mouth, and flicked it into the truck. It automatically caught on fire while they drove away in car. David was smart enough to know what they were doing. They were destroying the evidence.














Chapter four

As they drove further and further, it got colder and colder. David could hear the music being played in the car.  None of them seemed to be willing to talk. Out of pure curiosity, David couldn’t help but look out of the crack. For hours it was just trees and snow. Finally, something caught his eye. A sign saying Welcome to Camp Winidi Kouk. One of his friends had gone there two years ago for summer.  David remembered he said he liked it. “Maybe I’ll be staying in luxury.” David said to himself.  About 10 minutes later David noticed that they had pulled to a stop. Almost immediately after, the trunk swung open and David could see Vince standing there. This was the first time he had gotten a look at him. He was nearly identical to Sid, other than he was completely bald.

“Come on kid.” He said while picking David up and putting him on the ground, “I’m going to take off the tape so you can breathe. Don’t scream, nobody can hear you.” he said while peeling off the Tape.

“Behind you Max.” said David once he could talk. Immediately Max jumped around to find A pitch black wolf, snarling at Max, ready to jump. Immediately, Sid pulled out his gun and fired it into the air. The wolf went running back into the forest

“What, it’s just a dog.” Said Sid after putting the gun back into its holster, “Thank god for the 2nd amendment. Isn’t this suppost to be a summer camp?”

“I’m watching this place till’ March.” Replied Vince.” Now, I’m just gonna put this blindfold on you, David, and I’ll take you inside.”  He picked him up and carried him inside. Inside was a cozy place. Everything was made of wood. In the middle of it all was a couch in front of a television. To the left of the door was the kitchen and at the end there were two halls. One leading to the arts and crafts room, and the other to the bedrooms.

Max and Roxanne lead David to his room while Roxanne was trying to soothe David. Right before they reached the door, David said, “I need to use the bathroom.”

“Well you have your own one in your own room buddy.” Replied Max

“Inside where? Where am I?” questioned David while Max was untying his ropes.

“You don’t need to worry about that Dave. Just cooperate and you’ll go home.” Said Max in a comforting tone, “Hell I don’t know. Think of it as a game.”

“Are you going to hurt me?”  Asked David

After a long pause, Max got on his knees and said “No. Of course were not gonna hurt you. How about we get you some ice cream later. Now in you go.” As he nudged David into the room and locked the door behind him.

As they began walking back to the main room, Roxanne ran back and said through the door, “You can take off the blindfold now Dave.” 

Inside the room, David was walking around with his eyes shut. The first thing he noticed was a box of markers and crayons. This exited him, because he did love to draw.

In the main room, Sid was trying to fix the television. “You could have warned that the television couldn’t show a single fucking channel.” Yelled Sid to Vince.

“It’s the snow. Watch this.” Said Vince has he walked over to the television. With a flick of his wrist the screen was showing the news.  They both sat down with a beer and watched the news. About 5 minutes in, Vince yelled out “Holy shit. It’s the guy from the truck. What the hell he do?” They described what he had done. He brutally killed everybody at a gas station with an axe. “Damn, that guy was crazy. Good thing we didn’t have him help us. Right Max.” Said Vince, though Max just sat there confused.

Inside David’s room, he could hear the T.V. Looking around the room; he noticed that the bed had flowers on it. He thought to himself it must have been a girl’s room. Outside of the bedroom Roxanne was cooking dinner when Max came in and began comforting her.

“I won’t let anything happen to him.” Coaxed Max

“I just wish you hadn’t taken this job.” Replied Roxanne in a faint tone.

“You can go give him a bedtime story if you want. Give him some food.” Said max but Roxanne was already at his room with a bowl of soup.

“Hey buddy, it’s almost time for bed. I bet you’re hungry” said Roxanne while walking into the room with a mask over her head.

“Why are you wearing that?” asked David.

“So you don’t see who I am. Try to get some sleep.”She replied

“You could take it off if you want. I won’t peek.” Said David while turning over.

“Ok, but it has to be our secret.” She said while lifting it off her face. “Did you say something?”

“No.” replied David

“I heard a whisper. Never mind, would you like a song to go to sleep.”

“Sure.” he replied as the room began to fill with the sound of her voice.

After she said goodnight and walked back to her room, she heard Sid say, “Don’t get to attached to that boy Rox.” She climbed into the bed with Max.

“Do you think we are bad people Max.” she asked.

“There is no commandment against kidnaping” Max replied.

“It is stealing though.” She said while turning off her light.

“Not stealing,” he replied, “borrowing. Now go to sleep.” He said while turning off his light.






Chapter five

You are a monster. Child killer. Evil. Kill them all. “Wake up Rox. Are you ok? You’re screaming.”

“I’m sorry baby; it was just a bad dream.  Did I scare you? Baby? said Roxanne looking to her left to see Max hanging from a noose with David standing next to him. Immediately she started screaming.

Rox, what’s wrong!? Said max, lying in the bed next to her.

“Oh, um a bad dream.” She replied while standing up. “Can you go check on David baby?”

“Um, ok. One second.” Replied Max while getting up.

 Max walked down the hall and unlocked the door. He opened it with a creaking sound and saw Max lying on the bed, Covered completely in blankets. He noticed a window open with a pile of snow on the floor. He walked over to it and shut it. When he turned around, David was right behind him. “ Shit, you scared me boy!” he yelled out.

“Why was my window open Max?” asked David with a blank expression.

“Um I don’t kno- wait, don’t you dare call me that son” said Max

“I’m sorry, sometimes you hear things you don’t want to.” Replied David

“Go to bed.” Ordered Max while David sat down and watched him leave.




Chapter six

“God Damnit! The little basturd busted my insulin!” yelled Vince.

“He couldn’t have, I locked the door.” Yelled back Max,” How often do you need it?”

“Every morning and right now. Take me to a pharmacy or something.”

  “There is one down the road but I’d be cutting it to close. I need to meet Jones at 3 later today.” Replied Max while looking at the shattered glass

“Damnit I need it now.” Screamed Vince.

“How about You and Max take the car and max can stop by for the phone call on the way back.” Yelled Roxanne

“Maybe this housewife does have a brain.” Replied Vince,”Let’s go now, I need it.”

“Ok,Ok. What the hell.” Replied Max after turning around to see David standing at the end of the room

“I’m sorry about that” said David in an innocent tone.

“I’m gonna fucking kill him” Screamed Vince while running to David. Sid grabbed his shoulder and pulled him to the ground screaming

“We need him alive” the Vince and max both climbed into the car.

Back inside Roxanne and Sid sat down and watched T.V. when Sid looked over at her and asked”You don’t think he saw our face, do you?”

“He probably did. He also probably knows our names.” Replied Roxanne.

“I’m gonna go have a talk with him later. I’m to pissed now. Hand me a beer will you?”

“I’ll take the picture for proof he’s alive now.” said Roxanne while getting up to grab a beer and the camera, “Let me go get him.”  She put on her mask thinking it probably wouldn’t matter anymore and walked inside. Inside was David, standing at the foot of the bed, staring at her.

“I’m sorry I came out. I wanted some food.” said David when she came in. She hadn’t realized it was 11 o’clock and David hadn’t eaten.

“It’s ok David, I understand.” She replied, “Could you go stand against that wall so I can take your picture?”

“Sure.” David said. He lined up against the wall while she took the picture. After taking it, she  looked confused. “What’s wrong?” asked David.

“Oh nothing, just the picture seems blurry. It will do. I’ll bring you some food. Ok, bye.” And before David could reply, she left.

As she walked away, she couldn’t help but feel bad. This kid was so innocent, he never did anything bad. He didn’t deserve this. She went into the kitchen and made David, her and Sid lunch. A bowl of beans and pasta.  She gave it to David and Sid, and then ate by herself in the kitchen, where she began crying.









Chapter seven


“You know how to do it, right?” asked Max while Vince was preparing to inject himself.

“I’ve been doing it for years. Why don’t we stay down here for a while?” asked Vince

“That was the plan. We have an hour until the call with Jones. Let’s get lunch, how about my place? I’ll make us somthin nice.” Replied Max

“Why not. I wonder what they are doin up there. That kid is a real pain in the ass.” said Vince

“Oh probably just sittin around. Let’s go.”

Chapter eight

Sid was walking down the hall when he heard David shout “I’m done with my food, do you want the dishes?”

“Sure, one sec.” replied Sid as he grabbed his mask and walked inside. Looking around, it seemed as if the kid wasn’t there at all. The only thing that had moved was some art stuff. He also noticed one thing. Behind A large picture had some markings underneath it. He took it off the wall to find detailed drawings of all four of them. When he realized the kid knew his face, he took off the mask, knowing it had no use now. “You’re not helping yourself in here kid.” He said.

“Am in trouble?” asked David without even looking at him.

“I don’t know. That all depends on you. Do you think you could forget what we look like, our faces, our voices.”He replied

“Why?” asked David

“Why, uh why. Come here, let me give you a little bedtime story.” Said Sid. He sat down on the bed and David looked at him, he continued,” A couple years back me and my friend did a job on this registry. Everything was goin real smoothly until the teller triggers the alarm. We warned her, don’t do a thing… but she did anyway. Now my partner, he was forced to blow her brains out. He put a bullet right through her head. Bang. Do you understand. Nobody likes a squealer.”

David then picked up his notepad and found a page. He flipped the book around for Sid to see and pointed at the picture. He said, “Isn’t this the necklace she was wearing. The same one that broke when she fell. I put extra detail into the broken ones. Do you like it?”

“How did you know that?” asked Vince while standing up.

“I know lots of things.” said David, in a voice so quite it was barely audible. He stood up and said louder,” I also know that it wasn’t your partner who shot the girl. It was you, but that’s not what you told the police. You told the police it was your partner. You have told the story so many times I think you are starting to believe it yourself.”

Inside Sid’s mind he was replaying the scene. They were about to leave when the doors locked and a siren went off. He automatically turned around and pointed the gun at the girls head. She pleaded for her life, even telling them how to escape, but he didn’t want to hear it.  With one final scream, she fell to the round, with a bullet between her eyes.

“I know something else.” Said David.

“What’s that.” Replied Sid, know breathing very deeply.

“You’re about to have heart attack.”

While backing up towards the door he questioned him asking, “What, are you trying to scare me.” Inside his head he could hear what sounded like 100 people whispering back and forth. “You’re gonna die. There is no hope” they were saying. He put his hands to his ears and stumbled out of the room.

David followed saying “Too bad the cars not here. That was your plan, right. One car means fewer complications.” Now Sid was sweating and barley able to stand. He was holding his chest and seemed to be crying for help, but no words came out. “I’m afraid you’re gonna die here Sidney. In this lonely cabin on the shitty brown rug.

Out of the corner of her eye, Roxanne could see him fall on the brown rug into the living room and try to grab the phone. Running up to him, she grabbed the phone and tore it out of the wall. The cops would come and find David, and that couldn’t happen. She tried giving him CPR and praying but nothing worked. Finally she checked his pulse, and realized there was no hope, because he was already dead.

Later that day, Max and Vince got back to be greeted by Roxanne running to them saying “Baby, its Sid. His heart. I didn’t know what to do.”

They began to run up the stairs to find David at the top staring down at them saying, “I’m really sorry about your friend. Really really sorry.



Chapter nine


“The ground is to frozen to bury him. Well take him with us when we leave.” Said Max while standing over Sid’s dead body.

“How are we going to split it now? I want more.” Asked Vince

“None of us get any more. We will give the money to his wife. No exceptions. The question is what about the kid. I say we drop him off on the highway.” Replied Max

“And have all this be for nothing. We are finishing this job.” Yelled Vince


“Wait, I thought we were voting on this. I say we drop him off. I have a bad feeling about him. He just stood there and watch Sid die like it was nothing. He hasn’t changed his facial expression sense we got here.” Pleaded Roxanne

“Vince is right. We need the money. I can’t let my business go out. I’m gonna go and see if I can find Jones after I talk. Make sure our deal is still good. Ok, Ok. Im actually gonna go right now.” And before anyone could object, he was out the door.

The place to meet was an ice hockey rink. After a minuet of watching the players he looked down and saw a magazine with Davids picture on the front. The caption said “Boy abducted from his own 8th birthday party. Police say they have suspects. Before he could  grab the magazine a phone began ringing behind him. Assuming it was Jones, he answered.

“Where is Sidney?” asked a extremely low voice. It was obvioiuse he changed it to protect his identity.

“He is dead. Had a heart attack” replied Max.

“That’s unfortunate. Is the child still alive?”  asked Jones

“Of course he is.”

“You will call his mother tonight to prove that.”

“Ok tonight. Is the hill by the city ok?”

“Yes, I’ll be listening. 9 o’clock.”

Before he could reply, Jones hung up. He also knew Jones was too smart to show himself then. He will try to find him next time. This was confirmation enough for now.

Chapter ten

“Hey bud, were gonna go for a car ride. Come on.” Said Max to David. They were gonna take him to call his mother.

“Where are we going?” asked David

“That doesn’t matter. We have to do a couple things and then we will take you home.” Replied Max

“But I’m starting to like it here. I’m not sure if I want to go home just yet.” said Max, looking out his window.

“What are you talking about, of course you do. Now come on.” said Max as he led David out the door.

When they almost reached their destination, they saw a couple of teens in the backseat of a car. “Looks like he’s having a good night.” Said Vince while they drove by. David looked over and saw him. Almost immediately, the guy in the car covered his ears. They kept driving and finally reached the spot. Max pulled out the phone and attached a devise on the back to change his voice.

“You’re gonna talk to your mom. Just say hi. Then you can go home. “said Max. David nodded while Max began to dial his mother.

Back at David’s mother’s house, a phone began to ring. Immediately a team of cops began to listen in and track the call.

“I have your boy.” Said Max on the phone he was pacing back and forth on the cold frosted ground.

“I want proof that he is alive.” Responds David’s mother.

“Ok.” Says Max as he puts the phone infront of David. David just stands there, smiling. “Don’t be scared David. Just say hi.” Coaxes Max but David just stands there drawing out the call. 

“Damn right you better be scared.” Yelled Vince, running up to David with a knife in his hand.

“Back off Vince.” Said Max, covering David, “Just say anything David.” But David just sat there, looking at them when suddenly Vince came running and grabbed David.

“Don’t you dare hurt him Vince!” yelled Roxanne. The entire time David hadn’t even made a squeal. Roxanne took David as Max punched him in the nose. Once Vince recovered, he grabbed the phone and threw it, ending the call.

“She said my name!” yelled Vince, “They know who I am. And they probably tracked us too.

“I could go for that ice cream now, Max.” said David.

 Back with his mother the lead detective was trying to explain what happened. “Im sorry you had to hear that. We didn’t hear David, so we can’t know if he is dead or alive.”

Back with David, he was being stuffed in a trunk. While he was being dropped in, he asked “What are you doing Max”

“Something I should have done a long time ago. And stop using my name, it’s a good way for a kid to wind up deadd” replied Max.

“Would I be your first?” said David before the trunk was closed.

On the way back they drove by the same car as before, but the windows were stained with blood and a girls arm was hanging out the side. Max noticed, but didn’t say anything.

Chapter eleven

Your worthless. You will die. You will die!”

“Im gonna go get some tea Max. I can’t sleep.” Said Roxanne while getting up. She was having a dream of her, holding David when he was a baby, when the voices started. Walking down the hall, she saw Davids room, but did not bother going in. Further she walked until she reached the kitchen. Inside was Vince.

“You couldn’t sleep either, huh?” he asked.

“No, I couldn’t. Im just getting tea.” she said while walking to the sink. Several minoutes later she walked into the main room and sat on the floor. With the tea on her side, she whispered,” Please forgive us god.”

The next morning, she woke up on the ground. Confused, she walked back inside and climbed into the bed without disturbing Max.

Outside the room, Max was playing chess by himself. Vince walked in and saw this and asked, “Who let you out?”

“Myslef.” David responded.

“Ok, where is Max?” asked Vince.

“He went to talked to some guy named Jones.” said David while moving his piece.

“Glad somebody knows these things. Roxanne?” asked

David looked up from the board and looked Vince in the eyes. “Why?” he asked

Angry now, Vince pulled up a chair infront of David and said, “You know, after that little stunt you pulled last night, you should be dead next to Sid.

Now David was giggleing. “You couldn’t kill me.” David spat at Vince,” You don’t have it in you. Wanna play a game, it’s a bit lonely playing with one.?”

Taken aback, Vince agrees and sat down.

After many turns, David was winning.

“How can a 8 year old beat a 46 year old at chess?” asked Vince while shaking his head.

From the back of the room, Roxxane yelled, “good morning guys.” and walked away.


“Why isn’t she going out with you. The way she acts around you. I think she likes you.” Said Max onnce Roxanne was out of earshot.

Giving David a puzzled look, Vince replied, “What the hell would you know?”

“Last night I heard her through the walls. She was praying, asking god for forgiveness for a secret. A secret even she’s been keeping from Max.”

“What secret?” asked Vince, leaning in towards David.

“She had a baby.” Said Max,” three years ago, while Max was gone.”

Submitted: April 04, 2012

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