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A Story about a Boy Sora who turns out to be a helper for the group of Fighter knows as Kuro(Black) Knights.The only way to save them is to fight with them and make them use their power to the extent.He looks for a team of fighters with same powers and then fight them to save them.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Akiraba

Submitted: January 01, 2013

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Submitted: January 01, 2013



*School Bell Rings*

Teacher: Okay this is it for today. Be sure to study for the test.

*Students Whispering & Talking*

Yuuki : Yo! Sora lets go home. I am really hungry today.

Sora : Yeah lets go. I also feel like going home early today.

On their way home. A cold breeze is blowing while the leaves of the trees are making a cold sound in the atmosphere

Yuuki : Well See you tomorrow.

Sora: Yeah. Later *Waves Hands*

Opens the door. After Placing the bag in the room he goes to the kitchen to make some Dinner.

Sora : Its been 3 years huh? Well I really hope to see them.

*After 3 Hours*

Sora: At last I am finished with my homework will practice for the test tomorrow and Hit the bed today.

He turns the lights off and lays down at the bed.

“I am Sora Takashi. My father was a foreigner while my mother was Japanese. But they died in an accident three years ago. Well we used to live at our old house at that time which was far off from the City.”

Unknown Man Voice: “Please save us. You are the only one we can count on.”

*Wakes up with high breath* “What was that voice? Who was it in my dream?”

Goes to drink the glass of water and clears the sweats with the towel. Goes back to sleep again.

*Next Morning* “Yosh! I should bring some fast food today since its Weekend”

Goes out and locks the door. On the way to School he meets his friend Yuuki on the way. “How are you today? You seem like you had a nightmare”, Says Yuuki. “Well not a Nightmare but I just feel a little sleepy”.

They both reach the school and goes to their classroom. *After School* “Today was boring right Sora.” “Well yeah I think I slept during the lesson as well” “Wow! That’s something rare.”

“Hey Yuuki wanna go to some fast food place I just want to eat fast food today” “Well as long as its your treat I will always come with you.”

While eating on BurgerStop “By the way have you heard the news about those Kuro Knights” Sora,”Kuro Knights?” Yuuki, ”Yeah I heard they are some fearsome guys with demonic powers and they are looking for a certain person in Japan. Well they wont do anything to us at least” Sora, “Yeah I hope so.”

“Hey You two!” Calls a man to these two young boys. The man looked like a 23 years old but he got a really bad vibe with it.

“Yes, Is something wrong?” Unknown man, ”Its you right the one who listened to my call. I am the leader of the Kuro Knights. Hiro Rester”

Those two had a shocking face and their throats dried up and they started trembling. 

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