Outbreak: Chapter One

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The American government has created something that could rais the dead... but not fully. When a squad of marines were moving the only shippment of said bio-chemical weapon at JFK Airport to Nellis Airforce Base, a crazy lunatic drives onto the airport runway, guns blazing, he hits the box thats carrying the weapon... and the Outbreak begins.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Outbreak: Chapter One

Submitted: July 08, 2011

Reads: 219

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Submitted: July 08, 2011



The first thing that popped into Chris's head was: annoying piece of crap. This is what Privet Chris James thought of his squads new squad leader, 2nd Lieutenant Jason Gray. For one thing, he looked the part. Jason's face made you think that he ate whole lemons for every breakfast right before he drank a mixture of toothpaste and orange juice. Plus, him being the shortest person in the room as he is only five foot five, when Jason held his rifle, it was nearly half as tall as him.

But anyway, back to the thing at hand. The only reason Chris was even in the same room as this a-hole was because Jason was Chris's new squad leader. At the moment, Jason was explaining to the men that they were transferring a package to Nellis Air Force Base once they left  JFK Airport. Chris is still wondering why the United States Government wanted us to go through JFK airport was beyond him, but as a Marine, you do as you are told.

"You were already briefed on this mission, but I will tell you what we are doing once again," said Jason," We are moving cargo to Nellis Air Force Base, then we will radio Camp Pendleton in Cali for further orders." Once he said this, Jason looked at all of his men one by one, like he knew them, like he knew what he has been through. But the truth, Chris thought to himself, was that the only reason he ever met this horrible man anyway was because the last squad leader they had died while providing the rest of the squad covering fire as we moved Afghanistan civilians to the next safe zone. He died a hero's death. Every soldier always hopes that if the die in battle, that is was a hero's death.

" Privet! Are you listening to me or not!" Jason yelled at Chris, much to Chris's surprise.

" Yes sir." Chris replied

" You better." He motioned for the squad to follow, and they did. But, as Chris left the cheap-looking Presidential Lounge, he had a weird feeling that he would be the last to see the place in one piece. But it was only a feeling.

Once Chris got outside with the rest of the men, he was surprised that they were all standing still, looking at the end of the runway. He was about to ask why when he himself looked down the runway. A security guard was trying to talk to a man who just drove his pick-up truck in the middle of the runway, a pistol in each hand.

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Thank you for reading my first chapter of my book, and please leave your opinion of it in the comment section below. My next chapter will be out soon!


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