Eternally Begotten

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Sapphire Alexis Raine is not your normal eighteen-year-old girl, being half Goddess, half Vampire as well as cursed is not easy. She's died more times than she can count and is the most powerful being to have ever walked the earth. But there are things out to kill her, to harness her power and rule the entire world. To stop him she will need the help of all the magical being's in the world including her friends and soulmate Sebastian the Vampire King. But when she needs him most will Sebastian betray her and help her enemy kill the women he claims to love. After thousands of years of life will it all come to a sudden end at the hand of the one she cares about most. Will the Orbs of Tarheel be enough to save her and destroy her enemy or will it lead Sapphire straight to her last breathe.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Eternally Begotten

Submitted: October 08, 2010

Reads: 280

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Submitted: October 08, 2010



Prologue – Eternally Begotten
The very first time I was born before northern Alaska, before vampires and goddesses and Sebastian. I was normal well if you count being half human, half goddess as normal. But on my sixteenth birthday I inherited my sight, a gift from the Gods. Most people would say my visions were a curse but not I. I saw everything. I knew what was coming for me and I wasn’t scared even though every fibre in my body was telling me I should be. I had seen my death over and over again, but there was nothing I could do to stop it, it was my fate. But I wasn’t going to sit by and pretend.
My best friend helped me create a magical device so powerful that it could destroy the entire world. The only person who can control it is me. I knew that one day I would die and forget all of this and if that happened then the device could fall into the wrong hands so I split up the three pieces and hid them leaving clues that only I could decipher. I just hoped that I remembered this day and find my way before it’s too late.
On my eighteenth birthday I met Sebastian, to say it was love at first sight would have been foolish, we fought like crazy never agreeing on anything. But every time we accidently bumped hands or brushed legs fireworks would coarse through our bodies and soon enough we became infatuated with each other. Not even being able to bear being apart. When he told me what he was, everything made more sense. He always seemed livelier at night and hardly ever ate around me. Everything was perfect; we were so content and happy with our lives, never dreaming of asking for more. Then that wicked witch came along and cursed me for making Sebastian love me instead of her. I was forced to be reincarnated every thousand years and Sebastian was forced to watch me die. Every time I was reincarnated I lost all my memory of Sebastian and my past lives.
In an attempt to break the curse Sebastian changes me into a vampire so I would be an immortal but the plan backfired and I became half vampire, half goddess. True to her word 982 years later I died only to be reborn and forced to start over. I started out as I had in the beginning half human, half goddess. But before my eighteenth birthday I had to be turned into a vampire or I would disappear forever. Which was something Sebastian wasn’t going to let happen. I was the light of his life according to him but I thought it was more the other way around.
Because of my curse I have become the most powerful creature to have ever walked this earth. Malice the demon was determined to have all my power and rule the world. This is my story, my legacy, my journey and its time for me to tell it.
“These violet delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder
Which as they kiss consume”
William Shakespeare

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