Lanterns in Darkness

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Ember Shaddock was a normal girl, with a normal best friend and normal family. Or so she thought. On her first day of Junior year, she meets the intriguing new boy, Beck Silas. She soon realizes, everything is not as it seems. Will she pick the right side, in the fight for light and dark?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lanterns in Darkness

Submitted: April 28, 2014

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Submitted: April 28, 2014



Chapter One : New Faces

\"Ember! I swear I'm going to kill you if you make us late!\" I can't help but smile at my best friend even with my nerves as I reply through the door,\" Just a second, Marie. I'm almost done.\"

\"You said that an hour ago,\" she whines,\"It's the first day of school. We've none these people our whole lives. Why are you so nervous today?\" \"I'm n-,\" I begin to say as I hear footsteps in the hall then my father,\"Yes ,you are Em. There is no reason to be. It will be a good day. Now come out or you two will be late.\" Taking one last look at myself in the mirror, I make sure I look decent. My brown hair pulled back into a long ponytail, and my blue gray eyes popping out due to the color of my shirt. Due to the fact I am 5'7 ft tall, I wear tenny shoes unlike all the other girls who need help with their height. Like Marie. As I open my bedroom door, I see she is in fact wearing heeled boots. Her shoulder length black hair is curled , framing her pretty face.She has a skin color, people would kill for. Even with her heels , she only goes to my shoulder.

\"Not to rush you, E, but are you ready? I don't want to be late. We have to be there early to get our schedule.\" I nod looking at my dad as he says,\"Have a good day, Em.\"

When we arrive at Trinity High school of the Tigers in Marie's moms mercedes, she parks in the basketball lady captian reserved parking place. Once we are out of the shiny grey car, I hear my name called,\" Hey Ember!\" Marie rolls her eyes, \" Looks like your puppy has caught your scent.\"

\"Be nice, M,\" I whisper as Dare Salen nears us from my left. \"Hey, Marie, Taylor is looking for you. He's by his car back over there,\" he says his blue eyes shining. They are to die for.

Marie says,\"Well I will see you later Ember.\" As she walks off, she and Dare exchange a look I can't place.

They have never liked each other, which is weird because they are both extremely likeable people. Smiling at me he asks, \"How was your summer?\"

\"It was real cool, me and Sandy went and seen a concert in Houston. How was yours,\" I ask as I see Marie and her boyfriend Taylor enter the school.

He begins to tell me, and rudely I only pretend to listen. My nerves are in full force again.

I was about to interupt and tell him we need to get inside, when someone bumped into him. He was taken by suprise, so the force of the bump propelled him into me knocking me to the ground.

\"What the he-\", I cut off looking up at the gut that stood stoney faced next to Dare.

He had hair so dark, black didn't describe it. He eyes were a beautiful golden brown with gray flecs. He was medium buildand had to be 6'3.

I almost passed out when he offered me his hand and pulled me back to my feet.

In books you always hear that it feels like electricity coursing through you when that special one touches you, but that didn't begin to describe what I felt in that second.

It was like sitting in front of a fire on a cold winter night, only the warmth of the fire was inside. It was like taking a long hot bath after a stressful day. At the same time, it was out of control.

Being in the middle of a forrest fire, but somehow knowing it wouldn't burn you. Sky diving into the warm ocean water, free but held. That could begin to desribe it.

I mentally scolded myself for thinking 'special someone'. I didn't even know his name. \"Hello, I'm Beck. This is my sister Clea and our brother Heath.\" \"Uh. H-Hi , I'm Ember,\" I provide stumbling over my words. Man, what were they? Super models?

Then I remember he still has my hand and I pull it away as he say,\" Ember? That's different.\"

\"You don't hear Beck everyday , either..,\" I retort awkwardly.

\"Okay,well if you two are done here the bell just rung,\" the guy says behing him with deep voice. I pick my bag up from the ground and smile and Dare,\"I'll see you all around.\"

\"Ugh! Why me,\" I pout looking at my schedule,\" Who gives trig as a morning class?\"

Marie throws her head back laughing as I glare at her,\"Maybe you should have chose athletics. Nothing better than a morning workout.\"

\"At least you and I cab face trig together,\" my friend Sandy says coming up next to us.

I look at my tiny friend. She is the shortest of my friends, and petite. She is of hispanic decent. We are very close in a lot of ways. We love the same music,movies and books. We are both good at the same subjects.

I beam at her,\"Oh great! That makes it bareable!\"

Marie smiles,\"Okay,I can't be late. Coach Loave will kill me. I will see you both later.\"

When Sandy and I make it to Mrs.Rains class it is full. Only two seats remain.

One by Beck , and one by Jace, Sandy's boyfriend. Of course, Sandy goes quickly to the seat by Jace. I try to look bored as I take the seat next to Beck. Trying not to show excitment at seeing him.

\"So we meet again.\"

I look at Beck,\"Oh hey, I didn't see you there.\" Idiot!

He laughs,\"You didn't see me sitting next to you?\"

Sandy leans over and whispers,\"Smooth, real smooth.\"

I shush her and ask,\"Umm so what bring you here?\" He laughs at me again,\" To town? Or to class?\"

I blush. I'm such an idiot,\" To town? You just moved here right? I've lived here my whole life.\"

\"My dad moved us here during the summer. He's a pediatrician and wanted to open a double business with my mom who's a nurse in a small town.\"

\"Oh, right. I've seen their building. Over by the Alco's store,right?\"


\"My mom got a job there with them. She's a nurse,\"I say proudly.

The teacher ends our conversation by taking attendance,\"Andrews, Brock.\"

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