Tip toe

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What is the use of trying when you knew that it will all come to a tragic end? A purpose fire brought Adale's life into a tragic end. As when the world she knew came crashing down, there is one thing the kept her going- Joshua. Yet as time pasts, Adale 's ghostly nature - jealousy, hatred, resentment, and pre justice was revealed bit by bit and worse, getting the better of her. Not to mention her alive ex boyfriend still seeking her. Knowing fully well that her love and fury will fully ruin Joshua, making him into something like her, Adale found herself unable to pull away. Yet, she decided to keep trying. Even when she knew that she will never win.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Tip toe

Submitted: January 03, 2011

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Submitted: January 03, 2011



It wasn’t the heat but the piling sensation of suffocating pain that woke her up from her ridiculous dream . Her eyes snapped opened, than immediately closed with tight fear as she drew back from the dancing orange flames. “ This is not real,” she told herself as she backed up against the wall, “ I am simply dreaming.” She tried opening her mouth into a careless laugh, yet immediately doubled over as the smoke and hot ashes went into her, forming a suffocating lump in her throat. That, was when Adale first realized what grave situation she is in. Her mind went blank as the noises faded away, and the pumping of her own heart echoed in her ears. “ Henry!” she opened her mouth into a silent scream, wishing he was there holding her, compelling her with those dark dreamy eyes and whispering to her with those lips she had imagined kissing thousands of time. “ He’d be there,” shaking violently, she tried convincing herself faithfully. “ He’d be here because he loves me.” The thought comforted her, and the sudden relief caused her tensed muscles to finally gave away .she fell face first onto the wooden pavement, and her arms felt as if they were on fire. Despite the pain she smiled, the image of Henry simply lifted her heart, and she found herself unable to think negatively. Henry, his eyes shadowed with concern carrying her swiftly in his powerful arms. Henry, her only true love will come in to rescue her despite all odds. Lying on the floor and watching the flames swallowing up the room in gulps, Adale smiled. \" He's almost here now,\" she whispered to herself. \" He's...\" The flames roared with laughter and danced across the wooden pavement, outside, the tips of icy cold raindrop began to fall. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter one is a bit short, more of a prologue. The story size will increase in the next chapter. Please comment!!!

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