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Natalie is part of the Talorax each having their own Ability, not able to connect with the human world will each of the students turn against the ones keeping them captive? or will they continue on with their everyday lives?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - TALORAX

Submitted: November 26, 2012

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I was 7 when I learned who I really was.

I’m a Talorax. Every person in this school is a type of Talorax we each have our own ability. Me I have the ability to control the human mind so that they can see what I want them to see Talorax can be gifted with an extra gift I am a druid, I change from any type of animal I am rewarded. you have to be able to tune into that animal in order to become.

My name is Natalie, I’m 17 and I attend the school of the Talorax. The many people here have many different abilities like myself. We are far from any type of human, only the powers of the talorax can enter the gates of *Mis’tonia* one of the worlds of the Talorax. We are secured and protected from any Ali or any human being.

“Natalie, would you like to answer the question?”

I shook my head waking myself up from my thoughts, even though we had our own individual powers and weren’t human, we still looked like humans and we still had to go to damn school everyday.

I nodded my head “In order to heal yourself before the enemy kills you, you must do your mana spell it works within 5 seconds you should be ok”

The teacher nodded his head “Very good Nata” He frowned thinking he’d catch me not knowing the answer I snickered and looked over at Atom he was grinning, a sly smile playing on his lips.

He closed his eyes and drew a breathe,

^ think you’re that awesome huh? ^

I laughed as I continued to focus on our thoughts,

^ I am^

Our eyes opened meeting each other’s, Atom was a great friend he was a druid and was able to share thoughts as long as he had you connected you were able to respond as well.

Star is my best friend. She was there when I found out who I was, she found out later on that her eyes where dangerous, as corny as it seemed when she wanted to her eyes would glow a painful white as it lasers into your skin causing burns to radiate through you.

There are many people here. Each have amazing abilities. The class ended everyone fled running back to their dorms, thankful that another day has escaped their lives.

I walked into Star and I’s dorm. She sat down on the rug reading a small book she had found in the woods.

“Hi star” I smiled patting her on the back. She looked up from her book and gave me a half grin, “we should venture out of this place someday” she groaned, her eyes glowed white as she aimed at the book, it turned into ashes in a matter of seconds.

My eyes widened “be careful where you point that thing” I laughed, she sighed and laid on the floor her legs sprawling in all types of directions.

“I’m getting bored Nat” her hands flew to her for head wiping a small beet of sweat.

“We all are but you know what would happen Star” I let out a breath and bit my lips “We’d die the guards would get us”

She sat up immediately “if we get everyone to turn against them we could kill them an-“ I cut her by placing a single finger on her lips, her blue curls fell above her eyes.

She slapped my hand away standing up to leave the dorm. The door closed behind me as I heard her footsteps disappear as they became farther and farther away.

We were trapped. In this stupid globe for who knows how long. I have heard that many have snuck out but have come back to be killed. We all want to leave but being seen by humans is a terrible risk that many of us do not want to face.

I began to clean up the Ashes that where left from the book. I began to wonder myself what if we all did try to turn against them. Would it work? I shook my head clearing those thoughts from my mind, I needed air I flicked a piece of my golden hair out of my eyes as I closed them and began to summon my animal.

Red feathers, black duck feet, Red feathers Black duck feet, crisp black eyes, crisp black eyes

I whispered those words as I became my bird; I looked under me watching as my clack legs squirmed underneath not used to being in animal form.

I perched myself on the window looking at the grey sky... I’m sorry the walls we were trapped in where grey as soon as you flew up to it as far as you possibly could go you hit the glass with a hard *thud* and come back onto the miserable ground.

My wings spread out as I leaped off the window wanting and begging for freedom.

A/N: well this will be my new novel after Hushed screams! Yes short prologue but a Prologue pt 2 will be coming lol I don’t know if that exist but where taking it my way: p !!


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