Guardians of the Elements

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Zane. Your typical average teenager. He has bad grades, unreliable, irrisponsible, and hates doing his parents job with no appreciation. But Zane actually isn't your typical average teenager. He has a power that he doesn't know he has. A very special power that will one day help him save the world.

Bad summery I know, but I usually plan out my summaries before posting them up here. I didn't....anywhooo this story is pretty good, I haven't done this kind of story in a few story in a few years because it's really challanging. So I'm sorry if the story goes by fast, I'm really trying here. Also, the art cover for the story my friend made it for me. Yes Elements is spelled wrong. She's a blonde, give her some slack. (no offense to all you blondes out there! Love em!)This is rated R for safe precations, I don't know if there will be a lot of sexual content in this story. Or a lot of Romance. We'll just see where this goes.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Stormy Day

Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013



“Zane get up!” I heard my Mom pound on my door.

“I’m up! I’m up!” I said rolling out of bed.

“I swear Zane, everyday is a hassle to get you up. You’re going to be late again!”

“I’m not Mom” I said pulling on my pants and brushing my hair at the same time. I slipped and hit my head against my dresser. “Ow! Shit” I put my pants on noting not to try to multitask when I’m in a rush. I finished getting dressed then I ran down the stairs and started gathering up my stuff.

“We’re going to be late again Zane” my brother Dylan said.

“No we’re not” I said searching for my keys.

“I have a test today, I can’t be late” my other brother Travis said.

“Don’t worry, we’ll make it” I said, “where the living hell are my keys?!”

“You are eighteen years old Zane” Mom said handing me my keys, “you need to be more responsible with your things.”

“I am, I’m just in rush every morning I forget where I put them.”

“Then get up earlier.”

“I have an idea, why don’t you drive the kids in to school then?”

“You know why” Mom gave me a fake smile.

I made a face at her then turned to my siblings. “C’mon guys, let’s head out!”

It’s tough being the oldest of five other kids. I have to drive everybody everywhere because my parents are always working. My Dad leaves at five in the morning, and my Mom usually leaves as soon as I leave so she can’t drive everybody to school. And neither of them doesn’t come back until late. So I’m forced to do all the freakin errands. It’s bad enough since I’m also working. I keep telling Dylan to get a license since he’s the second oldest. But his response is: “No, I like having a chauffer.” Well fuck you!

I have four brothers and one sister. Dylan is the oldest of the other four, then its Alec, Travis, Dallas, then last is Madison. All of us are two years apart. We all have dirty blonde and gray eyes. All of us look alike, and we all take after from our Mother’s side. And she’s a really beautiful woman. We go to a school called St. Bailey’s Academy. It’s a K-12 private school. I hate it because we have to wear uniforms.

Even though I’m the oldest it doesn’t mean I’m the most responsible. I get in trouble a lot, I have average grades, I’m not the sharpest tool in the toolbox or however the saying goes (perfect example!). I make way too many wrong choices than the average human being, and I’m gay. That’s my biggest flaw. I came out to my family when I was fifteen. They said they were all cool about it, but it seems like they’re still getting used to it even though I came out three years ago. Whenever I brought a boyfriend home I feel like they all seem disgusted about it. Especially when I told my parents I was sexually active. They gave me “The Talk” when I was twelve, but I guess they didn’t expect me having sex with guys instead of girls. Oh well.

I arrived to school with five minutes to spare until the late bell rung.

“Run you guys” I said when I parked the car, we all scrambled out of the car and we scattered in different directions. I reached my first period class just as the bell rang.

“Nice to see you on time Zane” my teacher said, “for once.”

“Well I couldn’t miss a second of this class” I said taking my seat, “I just love learning about the Eco system ya know.”

“This is Economics, we don’t learn about the environment, we learn about the economy.”

“Oh, well that too.”

He sighed rubbing his temples. “It’s too early to listen to your idiocy Zane.”

I frowned but stayed silent and looked out the window. Even though Mr. Ramirez likes to humiliate me in front of the class he’s actually a pretty cool teacher. He actually helps me with my homework when I have the time to stay after class and we get along pretty well. And his class isn’t all that bad either. Second period is my free period where I can catch up on my homework. Well I just blast my iPod and catch a few Z’s. Then third is Page to Stage. It’s like an English class except all you learn about is Shakespeare. Believe it or not but I’m a huge Shakespeare and I love reading. When people who don’t know that well come up to me when I’m reading they say: “You can read?!” I may be stupid but I’m not that special people!

Finally at lunch I got in line and piled on the food and I went to my table. Dylan was already sitting there with his girlfriend Elsie, and my friend Mac.

Mac and I have been friends since elementary school. We went out in our Freshman year but broke it off a month later. It was weird going out with my best friend. We only went out because we thought we were the only two gays in the school. We got over the awkwardness as soon as the both of us started going out with different guys.

“Hey Mac” I said sitting beside him, “where’s your BF?”

“He’s getting his lunch” Mac said biting into his apple. “So, are you and Zeik still going at it?”

Before I could answer Zeik sat beside me wrapping an arm around my waist.

“Hey baby” he said then kissed me.

“I’ll take that as a yes” Mac smiled taking another bite.

Let me get this straight so you won’t be confused. Zeik and I aren’t dating, no romantic relationship at all between us. Zeik is one of my recent ex’s. We broke up about two weeks ago. But being his horny self he thought up a psychotic idea. He wanted to be fuck buddies, or friends with benefits. I found no harm in that so I agreed. He’s extremely good in bed anyways.

“Yeah you’re right” I smiled back.

“Why don’t you just start dating again?” Dylan’s girlfriend asked.

“Elsie” I said, “try dating this guy! He always makes a big deal out of everything and then turns it into an argument.”

“The only good thing about the whole relationship was the sex” said Zeik.

“What he said” I agreed.

“Back” Mac’s boyfriend Kent said sitting down, “here, I got this for you” he gave Mac a cream filled cookie.

“Whoa I haven’t seen these since grade school!”

“My little sister found me and gave it to me, I don’t really like them so here.”

“Thanks Kent.”

“Hey Zane do you think you can take me and Elsie into town on your way to work today?” Dylan asked.

“Sure whatever” I yawned, “Mac!” I yelled grabbing the front of his shirt and started shaking him, “I’m so tired! Why am I so tired?!”

“I don’t know” he said grabbing my wrists to make me stop, “you tell me.”

“It’s because I’ve driving those brats everywhere without any appreciation out of it! I’m so sick of it! Get your goddamned license Dylan! I’m tired of driving you all over the country!”

“I don’t really want to, it’s too much work. Plus I can’t make out with Elsie if I’m driving.”

“Walk the hell home today! I am done!”

“Oh c’mon Zane!”


A strong gust of wind blew past us and Elsie shrieked as she held down her skirt.

“Seems old man winter is getting angry” Kent said stuffing his hands in his coat pocket.

“Yeah, winter is the season of love, not war” Elsie nodded.

“Whatever” I mumbled getting up and stretching, “I’m going to the library to get some sleep.”

My eyes opened slowly as I woke up from my four hour slumber. It was cloudy outside, and it was cold. I rubbed my eyes yawning wanting to get a few more hours of sleep but I had to get going.

“You awake?” Zeik said from beside me.

I looked over at him. “Yeah.”

He wrapped an arm around my waist and kissed my bare shoulder. “That’s good.”

“Hey, I have to go” I said sitting up.

“Can’t you stay a little longer?”

“I’ve been over at your house for two days Zeik.”

He kissed my neck as he caressed my cheek. “So?”

“I’m going to get in trouble.”

His ran his hand down my torso he then stroked the inside of my thigh. “You should be used to that.” He slid down my body under the covers and started blowing me.

I sighed and fell back onto the bed. He was going to be doing this all day. It’s not that his blow jobs aren’t awesome, but I’m just a very hard person to please. I know this might sound weird but I’m a masochist, I love being over dominated, I love being mistreated, and I love getting hit, slapped, tossed around, and abused. Pain excites me beyond ecstasy. I never moaned during sex, it’s just never pleasurable. I mean it’s pleasurable, but not on my level of pleasure. I give all my boyfriends A for effort, but they could never satisfy me.

Zeik arose from underneath the sheets probably giving up on blowing me and positioned himself at my entrance.

“Are we seriously going to go the way right now?” I asked getting comfortable.

“Yep” Zeik said inserting himself inside me.

I sighed staring up at the ceiling as soon as he started moving. I just really wanted to go home and sleep in my own bed. Not in Zeik’s with him molesting me while I’m trying to sleep. About two minutes into the sex I really started getting bored so I decided to help him by jacking myself off.

Don’t get me wrong, Zeik gives me amazing sex, he’s really good, but when you try to fuck me when I’m not in the mood you’re not going to get a lot of cooperation. But being Zeik’s horny self he doesn’t care if I cooperate or not, as long he gets an ass to fuck.

At the end I got to have another few hours of sleep, then I slipped out from under Zeik’s arm, dressed and drove home. It was almost six when I got home and my parents were not happy.

“Where the hell were you the past three days?!” Mom yelled,

“I was over at Zeik’s” I said placing my keys on the counter.

“You’re being irresponsible Zane! Maddy missed two appointments, Travis missed his soccer game, and Alec had a dentist appointment yesterday that he didn’t go to because you were off doing whatever with Zeik! You know your Father and I are working all the time so we can’t always take the kids everywhere.”

“You need to think before act Zane” Dad chimed in, “we’re counting on you to take care of the kids when we’re not here.”

“Well don’t” I said.

“What was that?”

“I said don’t count on me!” I yelled, “I know you guys are working all the time but so am I! I have a job, I have school, I have homework, and top of that I have to do all the driving, all the shopping everything! I’m tired and I want to take a break! I’m not invincible and reliable like you guys think I am. So don’t count on me to get things done the way you want me too! Why don’t you guys do your fucking part and actually act like parents instead of putting all your responsibility on me!”

My parents looked at me stunned, including my siblings.

“You are grounded” Mom said calmly, “you are not to leave this house except for school and work for a week!”

“Fine by me” I said stomping up the stairs, “now you have to drive everybody around!” I slammed my bedroom door shut angrily and sat down on my bed fuming. A flash of lightening suddenly lit up my whole room followed by a roll of thunder. I looked out my window to see it pouring rain. Well it was cloudy earlier today, but there wasn’t any forecast about having a lightening storm. Whatever. I laid down on my bed and frowned up at the ceiling cursing my parents. Another flash of lightening and my little sister Madison came running into my room crying. She jumped on top me and hid her face in my chest.

“I’m scared” she sobbed.

“its okay” I said hugging her, a few more flashes and Dallas and Travis came running in.

“I’m not scared” Travis said sitting on my bed, “but everybody else was running in here so I followed.”

“Sure dude” I said sitting up.

“I hate lightening” Dallas mumbled, “it’s so loud.”

“Why’s everybody in here?” Dylan asked as he and Alec came into the room.

“Why are you two in here?” I asked.

The both of them looked at each other.

“We weren’t scared if that’s what you think” Dylan said.

“Uh-huh, sure.”

“Can we stay in here with you?” Dallas asked.

“Why not?” I shrugged, “hey, let’s make this like camp out or something.”

“A camp out?”

“Yeah! Get blankets, pillows, sheets and chairs so we can make a tent.”

“Campout! Campout! Campout!” Madison exclaimed as she skipped out of my room to go on her scavenger hunt. The others followed suit and I smiled to myself. Times like these is when I’m glad that I’m the eldest. Able to help my siblings over come their fears.

“I got the pillows!” Alec said coming into the room.

“We have blankets!” Dallas and Madison both dragged in huge quilts.

“Will this be enough chairs?” Dylan asked carrying them into my room.

“We’ll see” I said standing up.

“I brought Madison’s lantern” said Travis, “the one that makes the cricket noises and what not.”

“Good idea” I said nodded.

“This is going to be fun!” Dallas said bouncing on his toes.

Dylan and I put the blankets over the chairs then spread them out under the tent. Finally we put the pillows in place, turned out the lights and climbed into the tent.

“You should’ve brought your book filled with scary stories Alec” said Travis.

“Yeah but Madison will be up all night if I did.”

“True, true.”

“No I won’t!” Madison argued.

“Yeah you would” Dallas said, “you’re a baby.”

“Am not!”

“Dallas I wouldn’t be talking” I smirked, “who was it again who peed his pants screaming just cause you thought there was a wild boar outside the tent last year.”

“Hey! That was Dylan’s fault for telling me all those horror stories about wild boar attacks! Then he decided to do his stupid pig impression outside the tent.”

Dylan laughed. “Best night ever!”

“I want to do scary stories!” Madison said.

“Fine” I shrugged, “but don’t keep everybody up okay?”

Madison nodded.

“I’ll go first then” Alec said, “I’ll tell one of my favorites.”

All of us huddled together and listened to his story.

“One night this girl’s Dad left her alone in the house for the night. So after he left the girl locked all the doors and the windows. She went down to the basement but the basement window wouldn’t shut so she left it open and locked the door instead. She took her dog upstairs and got into bed, and her dog took his usual place underneath the bed. The girl was scared being alone in the house, so she lowered her hand and the dog gave it a reassuring lick. The girl felt better and she went to sleep. She was then woken up by a dripping noise in her bathroom, but she was too scared to get up, so again she lowered her hand and the dog licked her. The girl thought it was nothing and went back to sleep. Again she woke up to the dripping noise, it was a bit louder this time. She was really scared this time but she was too scared to get up to check. So she lowered her hand and the dog gave it a lick and the girl went back to sleep. When the girl woke up for the third time the dripping was much louder than before. So she slowly got up and walked to her bathroom. She opened the door and saw her dog hanging above the bathtub, its blood dripping from its snout into the tub. She turned and looked at the mirror that had writing written in her dog’s blood. It said: Your dog is not the only one that can fit under your bed.”

“That’s scary” Travis said.

“I’m not going to be sleeping in my bed for some time” I sighed.

“What was under her bed?” Madison asked scared.

“Who knows?” Alec said giving her a creepy smile, “maybe it was the Boogie Man!”

Madison hugged me burying her face in my shirt.

“Don’t scare her anymore than she already is” I said smacking the back of my brother’s head.

He smirked. “Anybody else want to top my story?”

“I’m good” said Dylan, “not going to be getting any sleep tonight anyways.”

“Then should I tell another one?” Alec asked teasingly.

“No!” Dallas yelled, “no more!”

“You scared Dally?” Alec laughed poking him.

“Stop it!” He slapped Alec’s hand away.

“Hey” Dylan said suddenly, “the rain stopped.”

“You’re right” I nodded, “guess Alec scared it away with his story.”

“I’m just awesome that way.”

Travis snorted. “Yeah, right.”

“Shut up!”

We talked for a few more hours, then one by one all of us fell asleep.

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