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Humans are always serching for the next great weapon. Their newest work in progress, children infused with the anatomy of a demon. The researchers know two things for sure, one these things are deadly, and two if the children lost control entire towns could be destroyed. What would happen if one of these creatures were to become fed up and break free from their captivity?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Rogue

Submitted: February 04, 2013

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Submitted: February 04, 2013



I am not human.

The moon shines its silver rays from the center of a far off valley into a hole dug deep within the earth. The gap was barely two people in diameter, arms spread-eagled.

I may not remember…

It ran so deep the moon’s strong beam cast only the faintest of glimmers onto its rocky bottom, illuminating a lone figure.

Yet I am certain….

The form was curled, its arms strapped tightly together with thick strips of leather, legs bent and bound in a similar fashion. Long greasy hair obscured its face.

I was once a human….

Her chest was barely covered by an old stained shirt, its bottom reached just above the navel. Tattered faded leggings covered her thighs.They was so riddled with rips and tears one could scarcely call it a piece of clothing.

Taken at a young age by my own kind….

Long cracked nails protruded out of her scarred fingers and toes. Her body seemed to convulse.

And was changed into…

A breath, easily mistaken for a gentle breeze, escaped from her cracked lips and unveiled closed eyes.

An abomination.

Her lids opened to show their blood shot whites. The girl’s irises were a pale silver, the pigmint so light as to be almost non-exsistant. Her pupils were so dilated from the darkness one could onlyviewthe unnatural coloras a thin outline. She breathed gently torso almost void of any movement. With the familiarity of a prisoner to its cell she knew the emptiness surrounding her would soon be gone. Footsteps were able to be heard tapping dully on the rocky floor outside her small enclosure. Her body stiffened as it remembered the many beatings and tortures it had endured. The feet had stopped. This is my opportunity she thought. Inside her mind a plan of escape had been branded as it was her only handhold onto sanity. Loud clunks could be heard from the thick steel door’s tumblers as it was unlocked. The occupant closed her eyes and forced her stiff body to go limp. A gust of air stirred up dust on the hard packed floor and brought with it a cloaked figure in thick-soled boots.

Impatiently the girl waited until she felt a slight shudder of earth just an inch away from her head. In one swift movement she flipped over, slicingher bindings on the knife she knew the man would be holding outstretched, and slammed her bare feet into his chest. Not ready for the sudden resistance the black clad figure collapsed onto the floor. Theexperimentgone roguesat on his torso knife safely out of reach and snaked her hand out around his throat. The man began to squirm wildly but immediately froze when their gazes locked. Any glint of life in the depth of her eyes was gone, as if she were dead. A hungry black abyss transfixed him rendering the scientist immobile. He felt his life energy being painfully sucked away. The girl closed her eyes and sighed as her body began to fill out. She gorged on his soul taking every last drop of energy for her starving body. Hunger temporarily at bay she looked down and found only garments full of dust. I actually did it.

Shaking herself out of her stupor the girl slunk over towards the steel plated door to make sure no one had noticed the small commotion. Convinced that no one was there she maneuvered, still crouched, back over to where her torturer had once lain. After separating the clothing she stripped out of her rags. Quickly she slipped on his black woolen shirt. She pulled on his pants cinching the top snuggly withhisleather belt, adjusted to fit her malnourished body. Picking up the knife she cut off the excess fabric of the leggings and slipped the small weapon it into its holder at her waist. She pulled on his bloodstained gloves and shoved her feet into oversized boots. After donning the thick cloak she wrapped up her old clothing, andstrapped it securely under her shirt with the two extra pieces of fabric. Flipping up her hood she quietly cracked the door open. Finding the corridor satisfactorily clear she crept out closing the door gently behind her.

Her first obstacle was an intersection where the hallway branched off into four different passageways. She sniffed trusting her heightened senses and was not disappointed. Fresh air wafted through the far right and she hustled on. Doors of fellow abominations passed her vision as she quickly and silently stumbled further towards the exit, towards freedom. The escaping experiment realized she could hardly remember the last time she’d been able to walk this much. Her hand moved to muffle a giggle. It felt good to be free. With a sudden jolt she stopped. Another pair of feet sounded growing in volume directly ahead. The girl glanced around for a place to hide. Finding none she straightened her back and bent her head down to look at the floor. She cautiously continued on deciding to try and blend in. A large barrel chested male was clomping his way down the hall. Everything was fine until she had to pass him.

The man had gone too close to the girl as they passed.The largehood fell back revealing her dirty, scarred face. After a moment of surprise he quicklywhipped around and grabbed onto her hair bellowing down the hall, “One’s gotten loose!”

She struggled to twist herself free but his grip held strong. The girls hand fumbled around her waist until she found the knife’s hilt. Before he could react she simply sliced through her hair cutting as close totheskull as she could. Asherhair came free she sprinted down the corridor. She flew down the passage at a pace only a horse would have been able to match. In an instant she was outside feeling the cool night air wrap around her. Afraid of being caught the youngster escaped into the forest. Deciding that the trees were her best asset the girl scaled a large oak and began hopping from tree to tree, as if she were some kind of humanoid squirrel on steroids. Adrenaline pounded through her veins as she left the experimental facility far behind her. Only when her breath came in ragged gasps did she stop. Clutching an overhanging branch she panted staring at the forest floor littered with dead leaves and twigs.

Once she could breathe a sense of giddy awe fell over her. The rough texture of the wood felt foreign after years of nothing but iron chains and stone. It sparked a memory from deep withinher. I remember playing in the forest all the time climbing trees and rolling in the grass, before I became this. A smile crept across her face and she gleefully leapt down onto the packed earth. She romped around throwing dead leaves in the air laughing like a young child. She continued this for a while before finally calming down. She examined her surroundings wearily expecting any second to find a Retriever coming to drag her back into that cramped cell. Shuddering at the thought she continued forward. After a few more minutes of walking the girl came across a wooden structure. She struggled with her mind to remember the word for it, oh that’s right a cabin. She hid inside of a bush when she remembered, people live in those. Cautiousness and curiosity fought inside of her stomach. Curiosity finally won out and she crept across the flowered lawn–for lack of a better word– and peeked into a window. A sudden faintness came over her and as her vision became black she collapsed amid the fragrant out of place orchids.

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