Chapter 1: The Vampire: Brand New End

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter one


Tonight, my head hurts.

I never got a childhood. I don't remember what it's like to laugh.

I can't think of anything from my past without feeling dead inside, a twsiting pain inside myself that floods my mind of memories I would rather not remember.

My mother did nothing to help me. My older sister was like my guardian angel. It gives me a headache when I try not to remember. Pretending she never was so I can pretend she never died.

My younger sister was taken away. I called the police and everything, did everything Jade's note told me to do, and they took Neviah away, but I got to stay. Great.

I suffered for days, thinking I was selfish for feeling sorry for myself when it was Jade that died, and Neviah that would have to stress over finding a good set of foster parents. I wish I could at least be there with her, but we aren't allowed to see each other again.

Every friend I've ever had before and since then has walked away from me. Childhood--fuck the word--friends have turned away from me like some desease. Any friend I do get, by some miracle, runs away after a few days. They don't know me, they don't know me. I try to comfort myself telling myself that, but it never really works. I just trick myself into thinking it does.

I miss my mother, though she was clueless, useless, in denial that anything was happening with her brother. My uncle. My little demon, the thing that I haven't been able to get out of my head for years.

My father is far away, stuck in some dangerous, horrible place in the middle east. I miss you, dad. I wish you had been there. I wish there was some way you could know. I hope you don't get hurt.

Sometimes, I wonder what will happen when he does come home to find that nobody's home; no brother-in-law, no wife, no daughters. I wonder what will happen when he hears the truth; John was an asshole, Jade is dead.

I've got to many problems. I don't feel like going to court anymore. Maybe I should just quit.

Tonight, I can't stop myself from seeing it, letting the memory of the last, horrible night with him sink into my thoughts. It ended years ago, but the case is still open, the case is still going, he's still not in jail, and I still don't feel like me anymore. Did I ever? The last night alone in my own room. Being a seven-year-old, your own room means a lot. It means you're growing up. To me, it just meant being in a dark room with him.

I dreded going to bed every night. I had a digital clock in my room. Seconds would roll by like boulders, each one crushing me in place, making it impossible for me to move, to run. Nine o'clock. Ten o'clock... evelen o'clock p.m. My door opens, and I can hear footsteps that sound too familiar for me to be at ease.

I can't move, but I want to.

I don't want to see, to feel, to hear.

I climbs onto my bed. This terrible, run away run away. But I can't feel my legs. You can't feel your legs, Kel. They're crushed.

I can feel him breathing.


I loud bang breaks my trance like glass, shattering into a million little shards that disappear into mist before they can touch the floor. One gust of wind, and they're gone.

I look up to see my cruddy dormroom window blew open again. I would have to talk to Adam tomorrow, see if he can help me fix it so it won't fly open at night during one of the worst winters that Green Wood College has ever experienced.

I like this distraction.

As I shut the window, I look down and see that the dean left me a not on my desk. As I pick it up, I imagine how funny it would be if she opened the window and delivered it without me seeing her, in the form of a crow, with a long orange beak like her nose, long orange claws like her nails, and little pointed glasses like hers.

The note has just one sentence of little pieces of imformation:

Tomorrow, aprox. 2:30 p.m; new student. Roommate of: Kelly Lesthin. Name: Nissa Asphodel. Age: nineteen. From Dean, Myrial Davidson.

A new roommate. I wonder how long this one will last before she decides she can't stand me, either.




Submitted: April 16, 2012

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