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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter Two - Way To Live

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Submitted: March 20, 2013



Chapter Two – Way To Live


Amy nervously entered the office allowing her eyes to roam the room.  The walls were a cream colour decorated with black and white flags and pictures of Collingwood, an Australian football league team.  One wall was just bookshelves filled with what Amy believed were school files. A desk that rounded into roughly two long straight sides sat in the room, one side was plain with nothing but a basket of pens on it the other had a large computer, the other blank places had more Collingwood supporter objects.  In the chair sat an old woman.

Her facial features were sharp most prominent was her nose, sharp thin and hooked at the tip, like a birds beak only uglier. Her whole face was quite thin actually with a sharp chin and beady brown black eyes.  Her hair was tied back in a bun and a little brown hat with a lily was plonked on her head, it did however match her garb.  She wore a dark brown shirt under a lighter brown sheep wool petticoat and long skirt. Black and white socks with the magpie symbol stuck out from her brown homey peds shoes.  Rounded glasses sat boldly halfway down her beak gone wrong making her beady eyes seem even more cruel, her facial expression matched, a sour glare as she stared at the screen of her computer where Amy saw some sports game playing. She took it this old woman’s team was losing.

The old woman seemed to hear Amy as she walked in the door and that interruption and her losing team the woman was less than kindly.

“Can I help you” she squeaked, yes squeaked in a high pitch that made even sweet Amy wish she could shut this woman up but alas for her she had to endure the harping voice a while yet.

“Yes miss I’m…”  Amy begun again her tone showed her unsure self and her newness to the world.

“Oh” she stated rather loudly and crankily

“The new girl. Amy Black I believe” Anna half snapped half asked her monstrous nose twitching like a rats would as she spoke over all a dismal site of a human, and not a good role model either.  Something about this woman was stern, dishonest, and cruel.  Dishonest was a wide stretch, upon further thought.  This woman was honest alright, so honest that she neglected the kinder details and finesse.  She enjoyed causing students distress.

Amy was mortified she was breaking the news to this woman who clearly thought highly of Gregg.  She was also mortified she found herself unmoved by Gregg’s injuries.  She thought he deserved them.  She was even happy that he was hurt.  She knew that made her bad but she couldn’t help it.

“He needs to go to hospital he attacked another student and lost the fight” Amy’s shy whisper was not enough to temper the woman’s explosion of squeaks and harps even yaps.

“WHAT”!  Amy winced at the volume of that yell.  The pitch was bad enough, but the volume.  It was a miracle the windows hadn’t shattered with the deadly combination.

“Oh that Pryce is going to have so much paperwork he’ll have to hire his grandchildren.  I will not stand for this violence in such a high rate school” she finished then thought to introduce herself.

“My name is Anna Sunday, you will not call me anything but miss or miss Sunday” the voice made Amy cringe her head lowering and her shoulders turning to Anna as if she would be beaten.  Retreating was a normal thing for Amy, retreating made things hurt less.  She couldn’t be punished for resisting or fleeing if she hid in the corner, protecting herself in silence and hoping she would be missed.  Wishing she would become invisible.

“Y…ye…ye….Yes” Amy stuttered willing her eyes to stay open and her feet not to run, her past was now attacking her thoughts yet she was needed here not in her nightmares. Anna’s face took a look of evil pleasure as her mood swung to cruel delight as she realised how shy Amy was.

“Speak Up” Anna yelled as she mimicked anger but sung inside, Amy heard the song and again had to use all her will not to scream and beg not to be harmed, not the water again, she didn’t want to know how long she could hold on.  She felt her lungs fill, the desperate need to breath and the blinding fear.  She could remember the rough hand that pulled her free, and the lashing across her back which helped her cough the water free only to yelp and beg for rest. For a bed and some food.  For relief.  For her life.

“Yes” Amy whispered a bit louder.

“Yes what” Anna’s voice raised half an octave as she walked from behind her desk.  She was short, barely taller than her desk in truth, amusing to anyone not in Amy’s position.

“Ye… yes Miss” Amy stuttered again shifting her left foot back.

“Miss, yes miss” Anna said in a teasing voice that for one second sounded almost kind that made Amy relax a bit.

“Yes miss?  What?  Miss What!”  She then shouted preying on Amy’s startled reaction; she was truly a rodent of a woman. True to her character Amy gasped silently then spoke.

“Yes Miss Sunday” She finally found her words deciding then not to be so scared of a rodent.

Anna smiled meanly showing what few teeth she had left.  A life of fights over her team and booze had made her teeth yellow and others simply fallen out, Amy was sure she had also had teeth pulled from her knuckles.

“You’re obviously a Collingwood supporter” Amy muttered as Anna looked eagerly to her screen almost willing the goal be scored.  The announcer cried something about the ball hitting the post and Anna growled, an amusing and annoying sound.

“Oh come on”!  Anna then moved to grab a key as she hobbled towards Amy, short impending doom.

“Let’s get you to your room” Amy decided not to think about what Anna’s thoughts had just revealed.

Anna led Amy through the school again yet dusk had settled and the yards were bathed in a white glow.  Anna was quick to point out many buildings yet Amy was sleepy and the words passed through her ears as sand through a sift the next line caught her tied ear though.

“And that is the dance Gym, there are school drama and dance class in there” Anna said knowing her words were sandy Amy straightened up as she heard dance, maybe her dreams were not dead and they burned inside her at that moment.

“Dance!  Really?  Where do I sign up” She said jumping up and down on the spot then her face cringed as the pain in her feet brought her to earth. How could she dance ballet with broken and weak feet?  Anna’s sharp laughter also brought Amy down.

“Don’t even bother girl you can’t afford the classes let alone the private coaches the other girls also get” Anna’s tone was kindly but stern, almost motherly.  For a moment they related.  Anna’s thoughts flickered to her own broken dream and how she smashed Amy’s.  Amy’s heart sunk like a stone in a river.

“Is there no way to get in”?  She was quite close to silent tears.

“No give up on it”!  Was Anna’s now irritated reply.

Amy sighed again following a stray tear fell then another sound caught her ear, an animal growling behind her, half ready to turn she suddenly let out a startled scream as she fell, she also felt the still air rush, as if someone had rushed past her and bumped her.

She quickly got to her feet and looked over her shoulder; nothing was abnormal in the stillness of the night.  She followed Anna up a flight of stairs noticing her scared face and hurried gait.  Amy took note of how Anna looked nervously over her shoulder then looked at the door she was stopped at.  It was hard to see but she did notice a strange square covered with glass, Anna enlightened her.

“We stick a picture of you in there so there is no mistake on who’s room you enter” a rather suggestive ending to that sentence in Amy’s thoughts.  Anna roughly handed Amy a key and hobbled away muttering to herself about the creeping shadows.  Why had they struck now?

Amy sighed and unlocked her door.  The room inside looked like it had blue walls and grey or white carpet.  She saw a double bed, side tables, and a wardrobe as she stumbled blindly in; she saw her small bag next to the door as she closed it.  She walked past her wardrobe to the bed and without hesitation flopped down on the bed, it was a bit hard but she was soon asleep which for Amy was both a time of horror and joy, as usual her dream started with horror.


She saw herself; she was standing in a beautiful grove with a stream running though, sunlight danced through the leaves casting a romantic orange glow as sunset drew. Across the stream her hero stood opposite her, he seemed shadowy again, yet she knew he was smiling at her. Amy took a deep breath and strode into the water, her hero mirrored her. She stood waist deep naked in the cold clear water as she shivered, goose bumps appearing all along her. She shuddered as her hero removed his jeans and dove in after her, standing before her so tall and strong. Amy felt herself slip then the tender warmth of her hero’s arms around her as he caught her, her deep grey eyes closed for what seemed like hours as he gently pressed his lips to hers, she felt his breath. Cold yet heavy as he broke the kiss, Amy shivered.  Her hand lingered on his flesh, it was stone cold.  The water had not caused this, it was just him.  Amy felt warm within his grasp but she knew that his skin was colder than the grave she would one day occupied.  Her salvation was a reminder of life, which weighed heavily on her.  She forced the thought aside and gave another smile.  In her dreams she could be anything.

She could be free.


She was in her hero’s arms as she heard the sound, a beep beep beep that was starting to get on her nerves then she was no longer in her hero’s arms she was lying in full clothes on a hard bed a blanket wrapped around her and an alarm clock rudely buzzing into her romantic dream, still new life she hit the clock silent and rolled over.

She yelped as she fell off the bed dragging the covers along with her. Again she now pulled herself up her arms resting on the bed, her blankets around her head. As they fell off her hair was frizzy and unkempt.

“Bellatrix le strange” she thought then shook her head hoping that would remove the blankets; she soon found wiggling her shoulder was more effective.

Curiously she peered out of her window onto the stone path and out to where she had been knocked over, curiously she saw nothing where a creature could hide.  So how had she heard it, and why had Anna Sunday been so afraid?  Why indeed?



Hunter rose and smiled savagely.  The light bounced across his face as a slight breeze barley whispered the leaves outside aside. The blood dribbled down his chin as he stared at Pryce who was busy watching Hunter, his eyes flickering colour between a deep blood red and their amazing intense blue.  He shook his head.  Hunter had removed his glasses, placing them in his pocket as he fed. That had been what frightened the girl when she  saw his eyes.  They were beautiful, but clearly not human.

“What?”  Hunter asked releasing the girl from his arms; she fell to the ground her beautiful blonde hair fell over her face and neck.  She was still breathing lightly, Pryce scowled.  The lines in his forehead appeared as his lowered his brow, yet there was no threat there just a deep sadness.

“She’s not a criminal Hunter, not what we hunt” Pryce’s voice dropped.  The lines in his face-hardened into controlled, sad rage.  Hunter saw his change but said nothing, waiting for his brother to finish his sentence.  This position was too familiar, eyes locked and emotions conflicting over a dying girl.  Hunter pushed his own guilt aside.  He never killed an innocent. A hooker counted as a criminal by law, he did nothing wrong.  His own jaw hardened as Pryce whispered softly, the words however seemed to echo around the room.

“Not what we kill”

Hunter looked around the room, the moss covered green tiles along the walls blending with the moss onto slightly green tinged dirty white tiles with many a blood stain, the deep brownish red bloodstains almost black with age. In the walls were bar windows, strangely all designed to capture the sunlight yet never project it to the middle of the room, it covered the walls, barely.

Pryce stood at the coffee maker and poured himself the cup, a plastic bag left lying beside his brew.  The smell of coffee filled the room swiftly, a scent that Hunter inhaled deeply as Pryce stared out the window, light capturing his chest and causing a soft glow.  The bright light in a dark room against his snow-white skin always made him glow, like the snow would in the Arctic.  Pryce hated the common rumours that vampires shone and glittered like diamonds.  That they had fated partners for life and hunted bloodlines.  That they were all sexy beasts who girls couldn’t tear their eyes from.  All lies. 

No, Vampires burned in the sun; their skin sparked with tiny fires or caught the sun and reflected it away for those whom knew how, giving them the appearance of glowing.  Vampires could be ugly as well as beautiful, but beauty was in the eye of the beholder.  Vampires hunted all, while few protected their own bloodlines.  So many misconceptions were around, which drove Pryce up the metaphoric wall.

Hunter now glared.  The blood bag had kept his eye, and the white label on it was almost catching Pryce red handed.

“You’re stealing blood bags now?” he demanded his answer loudly.  His voice carried into Pryce’s sensitive, pointed ears, he flicked them slightly but resisted covering them.  He knew how to disguise his pain.  Another misconception about Vampires.  They all had pointed ears.  That was a huge mistake.  Pryce did, but that had nothing to do with his vampire side.  It was from his own people before he had turned pale.

“Please tell me I’m mistaken brother.  Though, you are seeming weaker so I doubt you can deny it” Hunter was pissed.  His voice was rough with an edge.  He felt like screaming all the swear words he knew, then going and turning every creator of those wonderful words so they could create new words to cuss with in this situation.

“If you already know the answer why ask the question?”  Pryce asked in a controlled tone.  Secretly he enjoyed Hunter’s discomfort; it was a subtle payback for Hunter’s more aggressive ways of Hunting.  Pryce was no thief, but he didn’t want to kill every time he wanted a quick fix of blood.  He knew of Vampires who had human spouses or romantic partners to feed off, a sign of affection despite the obvious using.  Hunter gagged.

“That is disgusting, I would sooner eat rats” Hunter wished he could contain the words as Pryce glared at him, his eyes losing all their blue.  The red eyes suited Pryce, making him almost unbearably handsome and fearsome.  Hunter gulped, knowing he had crossed the line and pushed Pryce too far.  Bad things happened when the red eyes came out to play.  Bad things that made history thousands of years later.  Things older than Hunter himself.

“Brother do not mistake my choices for my strength, it is my morals not to eat humans if I can avoid it” Pryce paused, leaving the rest of the sentence unsaid.  A moment passed between the two vampires as they stared into each other’s eyes. One looking at them may have mistaken them for lovers, had they not known these two were indeed brothers and Hunter had not possessed a reputation as a womanizer.  Hunter’s eyes widened the moment understanding fluttered through them.

“You registered?” he said with a hint of distain.

“FREEZE” The cries from outside came; Pryce tilted his head, a gesture of acknowledgement and annoyance at the same time.  There was also a knowing smile on the corner of his mouth.  A smile he never let grow.

“Obviously” he mumbled as he looked to the door. Hunter nodded and vanished.  Pryce took a stride towards the middle of the room pausing when he heard his foot tap down in liquid. A human wouldn’t hear it, but he was no human. He felt his boot slip slightly as he lowered his gaze to the ground.  He looked down at the blonde young woman weakly crying.  He hated himself for his deeds as he put his toe to her ribs, pushed and rolled her over.

She was beautiful.  A thin face with wide brown eyes, her nose pierced lower than expected and holes through her ear. She was rather thin in black spray on jeans and a white vest with a brown fur collar.  She looked pleadingly at Pryce her thin lips whispering pleas for her life over and over again as she gasped, her blonde hair was now stained from the neck down with blood. Pryce shook his head then placed his boot on her throat and sighed.

“Nickel Eye watch over you as you cross over, young sister” he whispered his eyes turning blue as he drove his boot down. There was a sickening crack and then a moment of silence. The girl never again ushered another sound. The door was kicked down, splintering as a black boot came through.  Typical police work.

“Let me see your hands.  Do it!  Do It Now” the men screamed their guns levelled at Pryce, torches shining on his black shirted back.  Pryce left his hands by his side, pulled his boot away from the girl’s body with more sickening sounds and turned his head so the men could see the left side of his face, he smiled showing them his fangs with a small hiss.

“Holy Fuck it’s a vampire, light him up. Fire! Shoot shoot shoot! Kill it” the men’s cries made Pryce laugh as the guns fired. An intense amount of dust appeared. When it was cleared, the far wall was shot to pieces.  Tiles and pieces of wood dangled and crashed to the ground, causing a smaller veil of smoke at ankle height.  Nothing else showed signs of abuse, except one window out onto the roof.

“God damn it.  Call it in, we lost him” one man ordered walking in and pulling his cell phone free.  He dialled the numbers, using his left hand to do so while he tightened his tie with his right.  Black gloves  covered him, which he didn’t mind at all.  He didn’t fidget as he raised the ringing phone to his ear and waited.  He used a burner, completely untraceable since it was stolen.

The other side picked up.  He took a deep breath before he muttered.

“Agent here. Sir… He got away,” the man groaned down the phone.  His knuckles tightened as he heard the raspy reply over the phone.

“Find him. We have waited too long to lose him now” The line then went dead.  The Agent groaned and threw his phone off the roof with a loud, enraged grunt.  He took a few breaths to calm himself, the cool air burned his throat, but it offered relief.  Relief won out over pain.

“Where are you hiding, vampire lord?”


Amy drew on her memory of the night prior surprisingly easily for a human it was the free period in the Gym she didn’t have to go too.  After a moment of consideration she elected to go and see what the hype was about, she was awake after all. She quickly retraced her steps from the night prior noticing with some discomfort where she had fallen, the grass now showed mud around where her heels had landed. She soon found herself in the dance gym which was filled with students.  The walls were simple wood as was the floor.  To her left she saw a second part, the change rooms she guessed however this is not what held her attention.  The students were gathered in some circle obviously watching who was dancing then Amy saw him too, she saw Pryce dancing in the circle. 

His clothes were simple, a very expensive pair of gym boots maybe they were skate shoes, black track pants and a tight black singlet top revealing his muscular vein ridded arms as he flexed yet he moved with deadly grace. Pryce grinned cockily; this wasn’t him Amy’s thoughts screamed. He then launched into the air a slither of his abs showing half way through a twist, he seemed to lay flat in the air and somehow he landed in a handstand, more of his abs showed as the shirt fell slightly.

Pryce played this lifting one hand and pulling the shirt back up then doing a classic thumbs up as he now somehow jumped on one hand in perfect timing with the upbeat music. He then started to bend his legs in and out with the rhythm, after a few jumps the music slurred down.  Pryce lent his legs out curving himself then as the music had a spring he straightened.  The crowd cheered. Then the music resumed its beat and Pryce, knowing his timing, pushed himself into the air and tucked his head down to his chest.  He quickly came down landing on his shoulders but instead of the horrid crash Amy expected his body began spinning like a bottle cap, balanced on its edge.  Pryce’s shoulders held his weight and allowed him to become a spinning blur. After a few times around he arched his arms over and pushed himself airborne again, this time managing to flip and land on his feet.  He crossed his arms with an attitude that suggested he was done as the music struck its final note.  He began walking out of the circle as the crowd cheered, high fiving Duke on his way out.  Amy was too astonished to cheer, she knew the way he moved from somewhere… but where?

Suddenly a bunch of girls walked up to her, they seemed to be quite popular to Amy somehow she winced inside no one seemed to get her, she always stood out when she had been allowed to leave the house, her own home was her prison.

“So you want to be a dancer” the first one asked her tone was bitter sweet Amy knew she was in trouble.

“Yeah it’s my” she started nervously but another girl cut her off rudely

“Oh like WE care” she moaned causing one of the pack to laugh the popular bitchy laugh that is completely fake then ask

“Yeah seriously where did you get those shoes, the op shop” the whole pack cracked up again, cackling like geese and witches combined in a blender. Amy did not laugh because this was true; the shoes were from an op shop.

“Um” she started as her eyes found Pryce yet the first bittersweet girl cut her off

“Shut Up we didn’t ask you, bitch”.

Amy tightened her jaw as she saw Pryce roll his eyes; it seemed he knew the packs game.  She felt as if her veins were on fire as she caught the deep blue eyes.  Her skin flushed hot and her eyes felt like fire could spout from them at a moment’s notice.  She felt angry. Fearless and angry. No, angry didn’t cover it.  She was livid, furious.  Amy’s reply was not exactly her usual self.

“Listen I’m not a wealthy brat how many lessons have you had to look like bald dancing chickens!” She then gasped at her own words and voice she never knew she possessed.  Her shyness came creeping back at a rapid pace, her shoulders turned away from the girls.  The second girl to speak was very snappy with her reply.

“Oh yeah hoe ya think you can do better than Gretel” she pointed to the girl in the middle of the circle who was spinning her leg up perfectly straight, Amy swallowed catching on to what was going to happen.  She had fallen into a trap she was bound to spring from the beginning.  It was the game she had not been able to see.

“Oh no you didn’t hoe, I bet ya can’t even get ya leg up”! The op shop girl had spoken.  Then the first one, the leader

“Without a dickhead lending a helping hand”

“I bet you’re a real slut”

“Who can’t even bend from the hip” the girls laughed meanly as Amy blushed knowing they meant what they had said. Amy’s unsure eyes roamed to Pryce’s shadow then to Pryce, he stood up his arms flexing as he pushed himself from the bench he was on.

“Omg omg it’s him” the second girl gasped.  Well no, she drooled.  Amy pictured a chain on her to keep her hands off Pryce; the rest of the pack was joining in the drool fest, the chains turned into a tank.  It was pathetic how they panted, moaned and drooled for him like a bunch of dogs.  They watched Hunter with him and the little murmurs increased.  Amy felt her stomach flip at the scene yet she herself was not about to run away, not when Pryce and Hunter were coming her way.

 “Oh he has the cutest little hairdo” The first girl spoke again through a giggle.

“So dreamy… and so rich” the third added.  All the girls moaned loudly at that causing Amy’s stomach to flip once more. She gagged as she felt the bile rushing up her throat.  Thankfully, she did not throw up but she was aiming for the leaders expensive shoes should she chuck.  What better way to ruin someone’s clothes than spewing breakfast all over them?

“Um do you guys care at all about him or is it his money that you love” she asked blandly. How could people be so shallow?  It was obvious Pryce had suffered once, he didn’t deserve anyone who would want him for his money when he himself seemed gentle and caring.Not to strangers, that much was clear but not even he could hide the affection he felt for Hunter and Duke.  His closest friends.

“Gimme the money baby” the third girl moaned again a grittiness to her voice.

“Oh and the muscle oh yummy yummy yummy” the second girl said as if she was in a cookie store.

“I bet he’s a monster in bed” the pack giggled, clearly liking the comment.  If Pryce heard it he made no gesture of it. he kept the broody look as Hunter chuckled, eyes as always hidden behind a different set of glasses.  The day outside was a little cloudy, and inside glasses were not needed.  Amy made note of this, wondering about Hunter for the first time in detail.

“Too bad he doesn’t talk” the girls seemed sad. For one split second.

“Wait WHY are we talking to her, she’s a fucked up hoe saying that” blaming all the comments on Amy.

“Um. Sorry?” Amy half questioned half apologised as Pryce and Hunter were suddenly there.

“Hey ladies, lay off the new kid” Hunter said flexing his body as he posed casually. Even in the pale jeans and grey hoodie his movements were obvious.  The girls seemed to drool more as he smiled, and even Amy had to admit his smile was incredible. Pryce nudged him, eyes narrowed ever so slightly in warning as Hunter looked to him.  Instantly the older male schooled his features into a serious face, gesturing his head as if he winked at the girls when Pryce gazed at Amy.

Her eyes locked with his and she knew she lost her breath.The storm brewing within was inexplicably stunning.  He was tortured, and yet he begged for the softness of a friend.  Amy felt pulled towards him yet at the same time she knew he wouldn’t appreciate public gestures, even if they didn’t connect.  Instead she held his gaze and levelled her chin in a silent challenge.  She saw the corner of his mouth twitch as if he wanted to smile but he ever did, instead he flicked his eyes back to the pack and openly glared.

“She’s a bitch babe” the girls chimed their complaints.  Pryce tensed his jaw, grinding his teeth before he spoke.

“Shut up” he said in a slow, deadly tone with such a low volume that Amy wasn’t sure she had heard him right.  He was sticking up for her. She couldn’t believe it.  The gesture made her feel like jelly, as if she would burst from happiness that anyone would defend her.  Somehow coming from this man however it meant more.  She could tell he did not care easily, he didn’t allow himself too.

“Oh excuse me you did not just...”  The girl, Gretel had come over to complain now, unfortunately was cut off.

“Shut up before I pull that wagging tongue out. I have no interest in hearing your crude comments towards Amy, nor to what was it... Oh yes that I’m a monster in bed?  I care not for this communication so I would ask you to indulge me in keeping your filthy traps shut” Pryce’s sudden outburst drew attention.  The gaze he bore could have started a fire if he was reading the newspaper.  Amy however felt a fire within her, he had seen her despite she was invisible.Pryce only twitched his eyes towards her, catching her gaze for a moment before he stormed off.

“He is crazy, ladies” Hunter offered a quick explanation before he bolted off after the fast fading back of Pryce.

“He is one crazy, hot guy Amy thought to herself.  She then checked herself with a small mumble.

“Oh shit.  I need help”.


Pryce walked away from the gym, his intense stormy eyes held a deep pain in them yet his pace was even. His movements were snake like and smooth, too smooth.  He walked like a predator on the prowl for flesh.  He was out for blood. Hunter managed to catch up to Pryce swiftly, yet he kept himself silent.  Like Pryce his gait was that of a predator on the hunt, yet Hunter couldn’t hold the smooth, viper like movements.  His movements flowed but his shoulders held straight, his upper half more a dancer than a snake.

“Hunter” Pryce acknowledged the other man in his whispering voice.  Hunter walked only slightly behind Pryce.  He couldn’t have changed that if he tried, it just came naturally.

“What was that, Brother?”  Hunter demanded with a raised brow which was obvious from behind his glasses.

“Elaborate on the question, Hunter.  I’m hungry” Pryce’s reply was hushed as his eyes roamed the crowds.  He let his gaze rest on a top heavy girl for a moment.  She looked nice enough, but eyes were upon her.  She was not invisible.  He couldn’t take her. He shook his head and continued, hearing a thousand heartbeats like a drum in his ear.  He couldn’t see colour like a mortal anymore, everything came fast and detailed.  He felt his mouth watering as he sniffed the air, tongue tasting through the crack between his lips. 

Hunter laughed softly.  His brother could be hard headed sometimes. He was also quite difficult, demanding answers be drawn out in the hopes that the questions would be dropped.  In hundreds of years, he hadn’t learned that Hunter would say and do nearly anything, no matter how vulgar or inappropriate to get what he wanted.  No one could match his skills of persuasion and death.  No one could dance the dance like he could.

“The girl, Amy.  Why are you helping her?”  He then jumped as his toe hit a stone, almost stumbling head first rather inelegantly.  He regained his balance and shook his head, pushing his shades up the bridge of his nose to continue hiding his eyes.

“Why the interest?”  Hunter concluded, hoping Pryce would answer this time.  His brother was usually secretive, but this was going above and beyond. He never kept secrets from him… unless he didn’t trust him.  He had to admit it hurt that Pryce didn’t trust him. He had broken that trust nearly sixty years ago for a quick feed on some hooker he no longer remembered.  It hadn’t been worth it, he concluded with a sad twitch of his brow.  He held it lowered as he scouted the crowd himself, settled on the fact he and Pryce would be sharing one between them for the safety.  Hunter hated sharing but he would get over it to survive.  He had no other options after all.

“Her scent “ Pryce’s answer was simple yet incomplete. His eyes were almost void of any emotion as they swept over a passing man in track pants and a basketball cap without a shirt.  Noticing his importance Pryce tore his eyes from the slender neck to the path ahead.

“She does smell yummy but are we forgetting the looks”?  Hunter too was now scouting the crowd hungrily.

“Never mention that again brother or it will be your head” Pryce said his voice was toxic as he looked towards the outskirts and saw a lone student dressed poorly

“Him” he said pointing out the boy to Hunter who nodded sadly then they walked, their walk was more like a terminator than human and their eyes hungry.

 “This is not the way to live” Pryce whispered sadly looking at Hunter.  The look of conscious agony within the storms of blue scared Hunter to his cold, unbeating heart.  He nodded, unable and unwilling to trust his voice. He had seen the look of torment on his brother’s face before but this look was one of true, pure guilt.  It stung him.  He had no idea what to say, how to make this better.  It was cruel reality, which he would never say the weight of.  Pryce had created him, but Pryce took it harder than Hunter ever had.  Hunter said nothing more than a few well-spoken words.

“I know”

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