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I swept from tree to tree. The wind gushed its silenced whispers and threw them at me as I ran swiftly through the forests tree tips.
The wind always made me feel free. But I am not, can not and never will be.
I am a caged Mocking bird.
At least it is a sin to kill a Mocking bird.

Please give me advice if you can and don't be to heartless please.
I'm fourteen and asspiring to become an author so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Oh and tell me whether I should continue the story if I should. Its only one idea of a few.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - CAGE

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



I always thought that had King Necro's heartless son, Hail, found love there would be much peace throughout the lands.

Turns out I was wrong. It was in autumn when he fell in love... With me.

What did I expect of him, a bunch of flowers?
Maybe even a box of chocolates?

That night I was standing by his bed. I could have screamed but there was a stone egg in my throat. He felt his way up my waist and ordered me to undress before him. My heart crushed my ribcage with its ferocious beats. The flattening, horrid sensation of fear tingled throughout my body, I wanted to run out the door, into the comforting arms of my father. I wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere underground and prepare myself for my duisgusting fate.

But I want never gets I suppose, come to think of it... I need doesnt really get either.

But I so badly wanted to be able to just say no and be able to walk out but I was a mere slave, I still am, I had no right to refuse him. But the way he roughly touched me, forced me and pushed me down like I belonged to him I kept thinking...
I don't want this!
I don't want this!
I don't want this!
And then there was that evil widespread smirk of his, and then there was this beautiful blue and white flower vase, and then there was a blur, and then there was a crash, and then there was blood, lots if it. Whodid it? I wondered, then I realised, it was me.

But that was the past, now is the future. As different as they are, they are nearly always the same.

And the caged Mocking bird remains a caged Mocking bird.

At least it is a sin to kill a Mocking bird.

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