A journal of a boy(GIRL?)

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A boy wakes up from being in a comma for 3 months, Jasper, and to everyones surprize doesnt rember them and only hasd memories of being a girl names allison?!!? And how she/he adpats to their new life. --written from boy/girl proseptive in a kind of journal form--

Chapter 2 (v.1) - A journal of a boy(GIRL?)

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011



Doctor Smith said writing about what happen will help me so here I go.

My name is Allison I don't care if they keep saying its jasper! I am not this guy, I don't know what happened but it seems like a sick joke. If only it was. Let me tell you what happened, well what I can tell you. I rember when I was still me, the real me not this guy named jasper. At about 4 am me and my mom never got along and I would be gone for weeks at a time because I couldn't stand her, after a big fight about my grades I was on my way out the door when my little brother, Alex stooped me. I cant get his face out of my head his blue eyes all red from crying his curly black hair scattered in every direction he was wearing my t-shirt that hung to his knees and his blue star p.j. pants with jelly on the right leg. he grabbed my arm and begged for me not to go saying he had a bad dream that I left and never came home again, I picked his small body up and carried him to bed and flipped his Spiderman blanket over him and hugged him tightly before kissing his head and walking away with out looking back I promised him ill be back no matter what. I rember his muffled cries from under her blanket. The next thing I know is as I was walking through the street of Abby and Clint a car drove past the stop sign turning off its light and I froze in it path I couldn't move and it felt like everything was moving so slow and out of the corrner or my eyeI saw Alex standingon the side walk wearing is favorite cranberry hoodie, his eyes full of shock and his mouthwide open as if trying to scream.I could see them slowly react to me and try stoping but my body shudderedas the car made impact and pain screeched through every part of my body I rolled my head to the side and watched my little brother give a silent scream and thenit went dark. When I woke up I heard a low beeping sound and a small child crying at first I thought was it was Alex and reached my hand and grasped the crying Childs hand and the child called to me in a low high pitched voice

"Jasper?... Mom! Hes awake! Mommy!"

My eyes flipped open and I started at the little girl curled next to me with long black hair tied into pig tails and light green eyes sating ina plastic blue chair and ask her

"Who are you?" I was shocked at my own voice but ignored it.

She looked at me with shock as a middle aged women with short black hair and blue eyes ran in and grabbed me in her arms and cried.

"Oh my baby! your awake thank god!"

I looked around my mouth wide open and the little girl touched the ladies arm

"M-mommy.. he said he does know mee.."

She closed her grip and stared at me with hopeful eyes.

"B-But you rember me right? You mother?!"

I shook my head and she slide to the ground covering her face.
"No! Dear god please no! My baby cant! Please, Please!"

The little girl looked scared and lost and she reminded me of Alex. A man in all white came in, A doctor? I looked around at the machines, I was in a hospital.

"Who are you people and.." I stopped and touched my throat,

I looked down and screamed making everyone look at me,

"What the hell is going on?! Who are you people and why am I a BOY!!" I screamed

"Please calm down Mr. Might" The doctor said coming next to me

"Who? And I am a GIRL! not a Boy!"

Later I found out this body belongs to a boy named Jasper Might, and he has a little sister named Bella and a mom, He is some un-popular boy at some Right wood High school, some all boys private school where kids live in dorms. He has his own single room and no friends?!Age 16 in 11th grade outcast who reads books, Also his dad was really rich and jasper, I , Am suppose to become his successor?!

I don't know what else to say so Until next time.


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