Coming home. family death

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a story of a family being dragged into a war of a diffrent wold, one day while geting read for school Nicki and her family are visted by a stange man wearing a mask. and they all pass out. When they awake Nicki is shocked to find herself alone in a starnge world. The starnge man tell her that she needs to help save his world and he bows raisng a cat shaped mask and saying he will Protect her?!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Coming home. Through Distance.

Submitted: January 27, 2012

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Submitted: January 27, 2012



Rain scratched across my face hitting my already numb body, a warming sensation of crimson started pouring from my forehead slipping down my face. Squinting through binding rain could see others scattered all around me motionless as red river flowed from them covering broken street in a sea of red. What was I doing here again? My head spun as I tried to remember such a simple thing. Suddenly an image faces blurred swept over me, and then the shapes began to become human. A woman around thirty appeared with midnight curls that cascaded down her back and piercing green eyes was smiling at me with a row of prefect teeth. I knew her, from before......

"NICKI! Hurry up or your going to be late!" an anrgy voice shouted up at me.

I pulled my knees closer to my body refusing to open my heavy eyes and leave the warmth and protection or my bed. Suddenly cold air hit my body as my deep blue blanket fluttered to the cold floor.

"Get up! Ugh! Hurry!!!!! Come on!" said a voice

I slide my eyes open and glared at the voice, my brother he held my book in his long thin fingures and flipped it into the correner swinging his dark brown hair from hislight blue eyes filled with disgust.

"How can you even read that crap?! You should wake up and face reality already Nicki!"

He said wiping off his uniform's black pants and stomping out the door.

----------------------------------------------------------------------SORRY REALLY REALLY REALLY SHORT.------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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