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December 13

I’m four months pregnant now and Corey is becoming very protective of me and our daughter Lexy. Corey turn 18 a couple months ago and I am still 16. I really miss the old days but I become excited to know I’m having another one of his kids. But it seems lately Corey and the rest of the Pantherz and Cripz are becoming more and more shadier. Sometimes when I come back home from the store with one of the Panther girls I can smell drugs. It worries me greatly. I’m scared to know what they’ve been doing. Of course I use to be in the Wolves but I was in such a low rank that I never had to deal with the bigger stuff that happen. But now that I know that Corey is one of the top Lieutenants it makes me worry even more. I’m scared he will get hurt. And I can’t do much since I’m pregnant. I just play with Lexy who is now two years old. I just try to keep out of the Gangs way. Because I learn early on that some of the Cripz girls and Pantherz girls do not like me and would just love to hurt me in anyway. But because of how high rank Corey is, they will not touch me. It would mean dire consequences

for them. Once a Cripz girl slapped me and most of the guys saw and told Corey. The next day that girl had bruises and cuts everywhere and she even apologized! I was amazed. It still upsets me that I can’t fight myself. So I spend most of my days cleaning or just doing some stupid home-school work. Now I’m just trying to get my G.E.D so if this life doesn’t do much for me I can at least go to college. For the past couple days there’s been strangers in the house, they come and go at all different times during the night. It’s always the same. Corey will help me get Lexy to bed then he’d just hold me for awhile and kiss me. He tells me he loves me then he tries to make me go to sleep so he can do his business with the gang. I know he’s selling drugs and everything, because he’s making so much money, I already have most of the stuff I need for when our baby arrives, but I don’t want him or her to be brought up around the gang life. I don’t want my children to be brought up like this. The only good thing around here is that we are protected and the house has become a humongous mansion! I made sure that I’d had the room across from mine so that I can put Lexy and the baby in there. It’s honestly big enough to hold fifty people in there and there’s still space. I should probably stop writing. I’m getting hungry and I can hear Corey coming up the stairs. I’ll make sure to change first so I don’t look stupid in front of who ever he’s talking too. I write back tonight if I have time.

Love forever,

Bre sighed as she closed her journal and got up from her desk. She could feel Lexy eyes on her as she went to her close and picked out a comfortable outfit and changed into it. Afterward she smiled at Lexy and bent down as far as she could with her pregnant stomach and picked her up. Lexy giggled as she wrapped her arms around her mother’s neck and buried her face into Bre’s shoulder. Slowly Bre made her way out the hall and down to the living room were a lot of the Cripz and Pantherz leader and Lieutenants sat.

A bunch of money sat on the coffee table and the guys were murmuring. She could easily see Corey, his skin was darker and his hairs needed a cut. It was becoming shaggy again, but it looked sexy on him. After a minute of just standing there he looked up and their eyes met. Bre’s breath caught as she looked into his blue/gray eyes. She always got lost because of those eyes.

He said something to the guys sitting down and then got up walking toward her. Corey slowly wrapped his arms around both Lexy and Bre, making sure he doesn’t press too hard on her baby bump. He gave her a slow kiss the pulled back as he kissed both his girls on the top of their heads. Corey then looked into her chocolate brown eyes and smiled. They both could feel the stares from both gangs but they ignored them.

“Is something wrong?” He asked quietly.

“No, I didn’t think you had too many people down here with you. I just wanted to spend a little time with you. I haven’t got to spend any time with you at all in weeks. I just really miss it Corey, So does Lexy.” Bre muttered quietly as she put her face in his chest.

“I know. And I’m sorry, I’ve just been really busy and there’s stuff I just have to do now that I can’t do later. I miss spending time with you and Lexy. I promise though we will do something together tonight.” He replied back.

“No funny business?” She asked.

He nodded and agreed. “Yes baby, no funny business. After we are done here I’ll come up to our room. Ok?”

Bre just nodded then smile as she gave him a quick kiss and went into the kitchen to fix her and Lexy something to for breakfast. She put Lexy in her high chair and gave her her Sippy-cup filled with juice. Lexy smiled and started drinking from it greedily while Bre look for her prenatal vitamins and took them with a glass of Sunny-D.

She had to admit that sometimes she was still a little kid, even if she was pregnant. She was just trying to act like a little kid so she could still have her own fun. It seemed that everyone was so obsessed with controlling her and her small family. Ever since she hacked into the Bloodz and Wolfz networking system people would either ignore her or ask her to hack something else. But now she wasn’t too sure. And now she wasn’t sure what Gang she was in. Originally she was a Wolf because of the fact she got beat in to protect herself and Lexy. And now she slept with Corey who was a Panther and now she just didn’t know if she was one or both. And Bre really did not want to ask.

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oooh update me!

Sat, May 1st, 2010 11:09pm


Lol. I'm working on the next chapter now. It should be up soon enough

Sat, May 1st, 2010 7:10pm


To all my readers I suggest you read the first novel so you will understand more and wont get lost. Thanks.

Sun, May 2nd, 2010 3:00am


wow u r continuing the story good so far update soon

Sun, May 2nd, 2010 3:05am


Thank you :D Next chapter will be up soon. And if you wouldn't mind, help me get as many views and comments as possible!

Sat, May 1st, 2010 8:15pm

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