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A random idea, about me and my hometown best friend travelling to Manchester for the weekend.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - A Weekend In Manchester

Submitted: October 29, 2013

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Submitted: October 29, 2013



“Kirst, would ya calm down? I’ve past me test, an’t ah?” Brogan exasperated, as she drove down the road, with Kirsty in the passenger seat beside her.
“Yeah, but you’ve just said that you’ve never driven on a motorway before.”
Brogan scoffed,
“I’ll be fine.” She assured her best friend, glancing over at her, before looking back at the road. “Now, as soon as we get on the motorway, I’ll need ya to put your satnav on. Okay?” Brogan asked.
Kirsty nodded,
“Yeah, that’s fine.” She glanced at Brogan, before looking out of the windshield. “I’m excited to get to Manchester now.”
Brogan smiled,
“Me too.”
“What’re we gonna do when we get there?”
Brogan shrugged slightly,
“Who cares? We have the whole weekend to decide!” She grinned, turning on the radio, and the two girls started to dance along to the music.

“Since we’re using my phone for the satnav, can I use your phone to go online for a second?” Kirsty asked.
Brogan nodded, and she pointed to the phone holder,
“Yeah, course. Jus’ take it out of there.” Brogan told Kirsty, as she focused on the road, now that she had hit the motorway.
Kirsty took Brogan’s phone off the holder, and then she unlocked it. Turning on Brogan’s Internet, Kirsty then switched onto her safari, and typed in FaceBook, and then she signed in.


Kirsty: Me and Brogan Louise Nugent are on our
way to Manchester for the weekend! Going to be so
much fun!! :)


After she wrote her status, Kirsty then minimised safari, and she clicked on Brogan’s Twitter app. Pressing to write a new tweet, Kirsty silenced Brogan’s phone, snapping a picture of Brogan driving, without her knowing, and then she wrote a tweet with it.


@blnx3: Brogan on her first road trip! We’re off
to Manchester! :) – Kirsty. [Attachment of the picture
of Brogan driving]


When the tweet posted, Kirsty then minimised twitter, and she turned off Brogan’s Internet, putting Brogan’s phone back into the holder.
“Thanks.” Kirsty said.
Brogan smiled,
“No problem.”


When the two girls arrived in Manchester, Brogan parked up in a car park opposite a pub. Climbing out of the car and locking the car, she and Kirsty made their way over to the pub, walking inside. Brogan unlocked her phone, and she turned the Internet on, and she wrote a new tweet:

@blnx3: We’ve arrived in good ol’ Manchester! Just inside Crown & Kettle!
Bringing back memories. :}

Turning off her internet, Brogan then sat down opposite Kirsty,
“You can have a drink, if you want. I’m not risking it.” Brogan smiled.
Kirsty nodded,
“I might jus’ have a vodka and coke.”
Brogan nodded, smiling, and she looked down at the menu,
“Now, for food…” She laughed.
After the two girls decided what they were eating, and ordered, they made their way back to their table, and they took a sip of their drinks.
“So what do you want to do this weekend?” Kirsty asked.
Brogan shrugged a little,
“Dunno.” She admitted, with a smile. “We have the whole weekend to ourselves. We can do whatever we want.” She smiled bigger at Kirsty.
Kirsty laughed and she nodded,
“I know! I can’t believe that you’ve finally passed your test!”
Brogan grinned,
“I know! Yay me!” The two laughed, and then Brogan sighed happily. “Cannot believe that the last time we were here, it was for the Spike Island DVD Launch party.”
Kirsty’s eyes widened slightly as she thought back, and she nodded,
“Oh my god, I know! That was such a fun night!”
Brogan grinned again,
“Oh my god, yeah it was!”


After their food arrived, Brogan and Kirsty started to eat, and then Brogan took a sip of her drink,
“Where d’ya wanna go after this?” She asked.
“Um… We could just look around the city centre?” Kirsty suggested.
Brogan nodded,
“Yeah, sounds fun! Let’s see how much we end up spending.” She teased.
Kirsty laughed, and she glanced over at the door as it opened, and her mouth dropped open slightly. Kirsty saw Adam Long walk in, and then she watched him glance around the pub. Brogan had her gaze on her food as she ate, oblivious to Kirsty staring. Kirsty noticed that Adam glanced at Brogan, he smiled to himself, and he made his way over.
“Brogan.” Kirsty mumbled.
Her eyes lifted up to Kirsty, and she raised her eyebrows at her. Kirsty opened her mouth to speak, when Adam interrupted her.
Brogan’s head lifted up, and her mouth dropped slightly, when she saw who it was that was standing there. Dropping her fork onto her plate, Brogan licked her lips,
Adam smiled at Brogan, and then he took a seat beside Kirsty,
“I hope this doesn’t sound too stalkerish, but I saw your tweet about being in here, and I was close by, so I thought I’d come in and say hello. Hope that’s okay?”
Brogan and Kirsty looked at each other, and then Brogan looked back at Adam, and she nodded,
“Y-Yeah.” She stuttered, and then she cleared her throat. “Yeah, it’s uh, it’s fine.”
Adam grinned at her,
“Great! And I thought I’d show you both around good ol’ Manchester, too.” He glanced at Kirsty. “That okay with you?” He asked politely.
Kirsty nodded and smiled,
“Yeah! Yeah, it’s fine.”
As Adam looked back at Brogan, Kirsty gave her a look, which Brogan just smiled at her; knowing Adam was watching her.
“So, what do you want to see first?” Adam asked, raising his eyebrows at Brogan.
Smiling and shrugging, Brogan then let out a laugh,
“Um… I dunno!” She laughed. “What’s good around here?”
Adam rested his elbows on the table, and he watched Brogan,
“That depends. What did you come to Manchester for?”
Brogan’s eyes flickered to Kirsty, hinting for her to talk.
“Uh, we just decided to come to Manchester for the weekend, because Brogan’s just passed her test.” Kirsty let out a small laugh.
“Ah.” Adam said, looking back at Brogan. “Congratulations.”
Brogan smiled, feeling her cheeks blush slightly,
“Thanks.” She said shyly.
Adam smiled at her, and then he glanced at Kirsty and Brogan’s plates,
“Have you girls finished?”
Brogan nodded, tucking her hair behind her ears, and then she looked at Kirsty; which Adam followed her gaze, and then she nodded,
“Yeah.” She smiled.
He clapped his hands together once,
“Right. C’mon then.” He announced.
Brogan smiled, and she shrugged on her leather jacket, glancing over at the bar,
“Think you’re gonna be a bit busy first.” She told him, nodding over at the small group of girls that were staring at him.
Adam raised his eyebrows at Brogan, and then he looked over his shoulder at the girls, and he smiled politely at them. Looking back at Kirsty and then Brogan,
“‘Scuse me a sec, girls.” He told them, standing up, and he made his way over to the bar, ordering a drink to go, and instantly, the small group of girls started talking to him, and asking him for pictures.
“Oh my god.” Kirsty said, leaning over so Brogan could hear.
Breaking her gaze from the back of Adam’s head, Brogan looked at Kirsty, and she grinned,
“I cannot believe this!”
As Brogan and Kirsty started talking quietly to one another, Adam glanced back over at Brogan every once in a while, as he talked to the group of girls.
“Are you here with those girls?” One of them asked.
Adam smiled politely at them and he nodded,
“Yeah I am.”
One girl nudged her friend, and they mumbled to each other, as Adam took a picture with the third girl. One of the two girls sneakily snapped a picture of Brogan and Kirsty, and then after everyone got a picture, the girls said goodbye to Adam. Waving and smiling at them, Adam them turned to the barman, and he paid for his drink.
“Jus’ thought ah’d let ya know, one o’ those girls took a picture o’ ya friends.” The man said quietly, glancing at the table where Brogan and Kirsty were sitting. By this point, the girls had stopped talking. Brogan had sat back in her seat, her arms crossed over her chest, and she was watching Adam and the barman talk.
Adam glanced over at their table, and then he looked back at the barman, and he nodded,
“Cheers, mate.”
He nodded once,
“No problem.”
Grabbing his drink, Adam walked over to the girls’ table and he smiled,
“Shall we?”
Nodding, Brogan and Kirsty stood up, and followed Adam out of the pub. When the three reached outside, Brogan folded her arms over her chest,
“Bloody hell it’s windy.” She let out a small laugh.
Adam laughed along and he nodded,
“Yeah it is.” He glanced left and right, and then down to Brogan. “Ya fancy walking?”
Brogan and Kirsty looked at each other, shrugged slightly, and then looked at Adam,
“Sure, why not?” Brogan replied.
Smiling, the three started walking down the street.


After a few hours of walking around Manchester, Adam, Brogan and Kirsty decided to call it a day. Stuffing his hands into his jeans pockets, Adam led the two girls to their hotel. Brogan had her arm linked in Kirsty’s, as the girls walked along side Adam, and then another two girls rushed over to them.
“Oh my god, I knew it was you!”
Adam glanced at Brogan, and then he smiled politely at the girls,
“Please can we ‘ave a picture wi’ ya?”
“D’ya want me to take the picture for ya?” Brogan offered politely, unlinking her arm with Kirsty.
The girls looked at Brogan, and one of the girls smiled,
“Yes, please.”
Brogan smiled back, and they handed her their phones. Glancing at Kirsty, and then at Adam, and the two girls stood at either side of him, Brogan stood in front of the trio, and Kirsty stood behind Brogan; keeping out of the shot. Brogan slid the camera on, on the first phone, and she held the phone up in front of them.
“Smile.” Brogan said; her eyes fixed on Adam through the phone. As the three of them smiled, Adam’s gaze flickered from the camera, to Brogan, watching her, as she took the picture. Brogan smiled and nodded at the girls, and then she turned on the camera on other phone, and then she took another picture.
“Thanks so much!” One of the girls said to Brogan, as she handed them back their phones.
Brogan smiled,
“No problem.”
Adam smiled at Brogan, and then the girls waved at Adam, before the walked away, squealing to one another. Brogan looked up at Adam, and the two shared a smile. Kirsty noticed the small interaction, and then she got an idea,
“Um. Brogan and I were thinking about going out tonight, if you were interested?”
Adam broke his gaze from Brogan, and he looked at Kirsty,
“Oh yeah?” The two girls nodded in reply, and Brogan watched Adam, suddenly feeling nervous. “Yeah, sounds good to me. If ya want, ah can bring one o’ me mates along? So then, y’know?” He shrugged slightly.
Brogan looked at Kirsty, and then back at Adam, and she nodded,
“Yeah! Yeah, sounds good.” She smiled.
Adam smiled back at her,
“We’ll come an’ pick ya up, yeah?” Brogan nodded. “Wha’ time?”
“Um…” Brogan looked at Kirsty.
She shrugged slightly,
“8?” She suggested.
Adam smiled and nodded,
“Okay. C’mon, ah’ll take ya to your hotel.” He offered.
Brogan scrunched her face up slightly at him,
“Y’sure? It’s only like two minutes away from ‘ere.”
Adam smiled and he playfully rolled his eyes at her,
“C’mon, you.”
Letting out a laugh, Brogan and Kirsty then walked with Adam to their hotel. When they reached the Premiere Inn, Brogan and Kirsty hugged Adam and said their goodbyes, and then they went inside. Once Adam was out of view, Brogan turned to Kirsty, grabbed her arms, and she let out a quiet squeal,
“Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!”
Kirsty smiled and laughed at Brogan’s reaction.
“I cannot believe that we’ve just spent the whole day with Adam Long! And your clever, little mind has just asked him to go out with us tonight!”
Kirsty let out another laugh,
“I just thought that if we went out drinking, then maybe…” She grinned.
Brogan rolled her eyes playfully, smiling, and she blushed slightly,
“Oh, whatever!”
“Trust me, you two have been flirting and giving each other little looks and smiles all day. You both really like each other, and you both look good together.”
Brogan grinned at Kirsty’s words, and then she covered her cheeks with her face,
“Let’s get upstairs!”


Once the girls made their way to their rooms, -their rooms being next door to each other’s-, Brogan sat down on her bed, grinning from ear to ear, and she got out her phone, turning on her Internet, and she wrote a new tweet: 


@blnx3: Oh my god, just had the BEST day
ever with @MissKirstyBOOxx. :D


Noticing that she had a new direct message, Brogan clicked on the icon, and she saw that she had a new message from Adam. Her heart skipped a beat, seeing that it was only sent two minutes ago. Clicking on the message, she then read it.


Direct message from adamslongapple: Hi, Brogan. Just thought I’d tell you that the
group of girls from the
bar have posted a picture of you and Kirsty. Sorry
about that x

Direct message from blnx3: Oh my god, are you
serious?! Oh, wow. Thanks for letting me know. xo

Direct message from adamslongapple: Yeah. Look
on @katiebrooks_x and you’ll see x


Clicking on the twitter username, Brogan looked through the twitter pictures, and she noticed a picture of she and Kirsty. Her eyes widened and she favourited the tweet, and then she replied to Adam.


New direct message from blnx3: Thanks for
letting me know, ahahah. xo

@blnx3: Um… awkward moment when a girl
takes a picture of you, and posts it on twitter…
@jeebieobereebie: @blnx3 oh my god,
@blnx3: @jeebieobereebie yep… Long story…
Um… I’ll text you…


Brogan: After I had lunch with Kirsty, guess
who walked in…
Phoebe: I have a feeling you’re gonna say…
Brogan: Yes I am… Because it’s true…
Phoebe: Oh my god!!!!!!!!
Brogan: I know!!!! AAAAAND me and Kirsty
are going to meet up with him and a friend of
his tonight at 8!!! Oh my god, I am so excited!!!
Brogan: Hehehehehe. And Adam DMed me saying
that he saw the picture, and wanted to let me know!!
OH. And Kirsty said that it looks like he likes me!! :3
Phoebe: So… I’ll be seeing pictures of you and
Adam tonight…? And you’ll be telling me that you
two kissed…?
Brogan: Oh my god, eeee! Hehehehehe. :3




At 8o’clock, Brogan and Kirsty made their way down to the lobby, and Brogan looked around, seeing if she could spot Adam. Seeing the doors open, Adam looked over at the girls, and he smiled. The two boys made their way over to them, and Adam grinned,
Brogan grinned at Adam,
“Hi! Y’alright?” She beamed.
“Yeah, ah’m good.” He nodded, and then he pointed at his friend. “This is Tom.”
Tom nodded once,
Brogan nodded and smiled,
“Hiya. This is Kirsty.”
“Hi.” Kirsty smiled and she waved at him.
“Shall we get off?” Adam asked, looking at Brogan, and raising his eyebrows at her.
Brogan smiled and nodded, and Adam held out his arm, which Brogan blushed deeply, and she linked arms with Adam, Kirsty doing the same with Tom. The four walked out of the hotel and down the road.
“You look really nice tonight.” Adam mumbled in Brogan’s ear.
Brogan blushed deeply again, and she smiled sheepishly at him,
Adam smiled at her,
“You’re welcome.”
When the four of them arrived at the club, Brogan and Kirsty showed the bouncers their i.d’s, and then they went inside.
“What d’ya want to drink?” Adam asked, asked they walked over to the bar.
“Don’t be silly, we can get ‘em.” Brogan replied, opening her bag.
Adam placed his hand over hers, and he tutted,
“Stop it, I insist.”
Brogan glanced at their hands, before she looked up at him, and she smiled,
After ordering Brogan a cocktail, Kirsty a vodka and coke, and then the two boys a drink, the four of them made their way over to a booth. Brogan and Adam sat beside each other on one side, and Kirsty and Tom on the opposite side. Adam turned to Brogan, and he smiled,
“We should take pictures an’ that tonight.”
Brogan smiled back, and she raised her eyebrows at him,
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah.” Adam nodded. “Surprised ya an’t asked for one yet.” He teased.
Brogan gasped, hitting Adam’s arm gently,
“You cheeky bastard.”
Adam grinned, and then he laughed, shaking his head,
“Jus’ sayin’.”
She took a sip of her cocktail, and she smiled,
“Mmm. Ah like this. Wha’ is it? Ah think ah’ve ‘ad it before.”
“Sex on the beach.” Adam replied, before he took a sip of his beer, giving Brogan a sideways glance, a smile creeping on his face.
Brogan rolled her eyes playfully, her cheeks blushing deeply, as she smiled back at him,
“Brogan!” Kirsty called over.
Looking over at her best friend, Brogan smiled at her,
“We need to dance!”
“Already?!” Brogan asked. “Thought ya ‘ad to be drunk enough?!”
Kirsty smiled and shrugged,
“I’m in the dancing mood!”
Glancing at Adam, Tom, and then looking back at Kirsty, Brogan grinned,
“Alright, let’s go!”
Standing up, Brogan grabbed Kirsty’s hand, and they rushed to the dance floor. Kirsty pulled Brogan closer to her,
“Adam likes you!” She called in her ear.
Brogan pulled back and smiled,
“Ya think so?” She asked.
Kirsty nodded enthusiastically,
“Think Tom likes you!” Brogan replied, with a smile on her face.
Kirsty smiled back and she shrugged slightly. Brogan glanced over at the table, seeing Adam and Tom was watching them. Adam smiled at her, and Brogan smiled back, before she turned back to Kirsty, and the two started dancing together.



After five minutes of dancing together, Brogan felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning around, she grinned,
“Hi!” She beamed at Adam.
Adam was smiling at her,
“Mind if ah join?” He asked.
Brogan grinned bigger,
Tom came from behind Adam, and he took Brogan’s place, dancing with Kirsty. Adam glanced at them, before he joined in, dancing with Brogan.
“I’m a really shit dancer!” Brogan called over the music.
Adam laughed,
“Nah, you’re alright!”
Brogan smiled at him, and then she glanced at their table.
“Y’wanna sit down?” Adam asked.
Brogan looked back at him,
“D’ya mind?”
He let out a laugh,
“No. Definitely not!”
The two walked back to the booth and sat down, and instantly, Brogan picked up her cocktail and had a sip. Adam laid his arm lazily across the top of the booth, behind Brogan, as he picked up his beer, taking a sip.
“So wha’ made ya decide to come out wi’ me an’ Kirst then?” Brogan asked, setting her drink back down.
Adam shrugged slightly, putting his glass down,
“Ah like spendin’ time wi’ ya.” He admitted.
Brogan smiled at him,
“You’re sweet.”
“I’m honest.” Adam smiled back.
Brogan got out her phone from her bag, and she held it up in front of Adam,
“C’mon then. Let’s get snapping.” She giggled.
Chuckling, Adam nodding, shifting closer to Brogan, who slid on her camera, and then she held her phone out in front of them both. Smiling into the camera, Brogan took the picture, the flash going off. Brogan then turned her phone around and looked at the picture, grinning instantly,
“Awe, I love it!” She admitted.
Adam smiled at her, and he nodded,
“Me too.”
Brogan looked up at Adam, and then Adam slid out his phone,
“Ah want some on mine too, y’know.”
She giggled, and shook her head, as Adam slid on his camera, turning his phone round, and the two smiled into the camera, and then Adam took the picture. Turning his phone back round and previewing it, the two grinned in satisfaction, and then Adam snapped another picture of Brogan. The picture was at a sideways angle, so you couldn’t properly see her face. Brogan gasped, looking up, and she glared playfully at him,
“Well that’s just rude.” She commented.
Adam grinned innocently, and he unlocked his phone, switching onto the Instagram app, and he added an effect to the picture, before adding a caption to the picture:


adamslongapple: Chillin’ with this one. :)


Brogan watched Adam write the comment, and she grinned to herself, and then Adam clicked, “post”.




After a few hours had gone by, the four of them had become pretty tipsy.
“Kirst, ah think we should go ta bed.” Brogan called over to Kirsty.
Kirsty nodded in reply, and then she started gathering her coat and bag together.
Adam pouted at her,
“Ya leavin’ me?”
Brogan smiled apologetically at him,
“Sorry! If ah stay any longer, ah’ll end up blackin’ out, an’ shit.” Brogan shrugged slightly.
Adam wrapped his arm around Brogan’s waist, pulling her into a sideways hug,
“Staaaay! Me an’ Tom’ll look after you an’ Kirsty.”
Brogan and Kirsty looked at each other for a few seconds, and then Kirsty looked at Adam,
“I dunno…”
“‘Nother dance.” He said to Brogan, his eyebrows rose.
“Yeah, come on, girls. We’re ‘aving a good time. Let’s not ruin it wi’ the two of ya leavin’ so early.”
“Early?” Brogan laughed. “It’s half one in the mornin’!”
“Exactly! Early!” Adam piped in, and then he looked at Kirsty. “Take off ya coat, ya ain’t goin’ yet.”
Brogan sighed over-dramatically, and then she slouched back in her seat,
“Ya can always see us again tomorrow…” She trailed off. “Technically later on.”
Adam smiled lazily at her,
“We’ll see ya now an’ tomorrow.” He told her.
Brogan rolled her eyes playfully, and then she grabbed her bag and stood up,
“C’mon, Kirst. Bar.”
The two girls walked over to the bar, and ordered the four of them drinks, and Brogan also ordered four Sambuka shots. Tucking her hair behind her ears, Brogan turned to Kirsty,
“We. Are. Fucked.” She announced.
Kirsty nodded,
“But, oh my god! I am havin’ such a fun time!”
Brogan grinned,
“Yeah, me too.”
“How come we’re taking so many pictures?”
Brogan shrugged slightly, grinning bigger,
“No idea, but ah love ‘em.”
Brogan paid for the drinks, and then Kirsty picked up the tray that the bartender put the drinks on, and they walked back to the booth; sitting down.
“Shots an’ all, eh?” Adam asked, raising his eyebrows at Brogan.
She grinned at Adam, and nodded,
“Yep. The night is young, right?”
Everyone picked up a shot, and they all held them in a small circle, in the middle of the table,
“The night is young.” Tom toasted.
“The night is young.” Kirsty, Brogan and Adam repeated, before downing the shot back.




Brogan woke up the next day, and her head was pounding. Groaning to herself, Brogan rolled onto her back, and she sighed deeply, rubbing her eyes with her hands. Leaning up on her elbows, Brogan looked around the room, and then she reached out for her bag, which was thrown on the floor beside her bed. She opened it up, pulling out her phone, and then she sat up, running a hand through her hair, and she saw that she had a new message. Furrowing her eyebrows together, she realised she didn’t recognise the number. Opening the message, Brogan’s heart skipped a beat.


Adam: Good morning, sunshine! Guess
who… Haha, it’s Adam. I asked you to
gimme your number last night, so I could check
that you was okay… Hope you’re not too hungover,
and I’m very giddy to see what you can remember. ;)
Anyway, text me back ASAP, yeah? x
Brogan: Meh… Morning, aha. Just woke up,
and literally cannot remember anything after those
damn Sambuka shots… Those bastards are
deadly to me… What can YOU remember from
last night? Because that wink face is making me
very uneasy… Hahaha. xo
Adam: And she’s risen from the dead… :P and
hey, don’t be so worried, Brogan! Nothing bad happened,
I promise! I was looking after you. I am a good
guy, y’know? ;) there should be some pictures on
your phone… I think? Pretty sure we took pictures
last night, after the shots… So have fun looking through
those, lol. If you’re not feeling too rough, me and Tom
are definitely up for meeting up with you and
Kirsty again today? Have you heard from Kirsty
yet? x
Brogan: Haha, you’re so funny… Not. :} I will
look through the pictures in a second… I need to ring
Kirsty and see if she’s awake… You did make sure she
got home, too, right? xo
Adam: I didn’t, no… But Tom did… ;) x
Adam: Ps. You didn’t answer about meeting up…
Is that a no? :( x
Brogan: I am very curious, once again, by the
wink face, Mr. Long. And like I said, I need to ring
a certain friend first… So bear with me! xo


Brogan minimised her text messages, and she called Kirsty. After the fifth ring, she answered,
“Hello?” Kirsty croaked.
“Please tell me you’re in your hotel room.”
There was a small pause.
“Yeah, I am. I can’t remember getting here, though.” Kirsty replied.
Brogan sighed slightly with relief, and then she sat up properly again,
“Tom got you there, like Adam got me to mine. Adam’s texting me, asking me if we’re wanting to meet up again today. What d’ya say?”
“Yeah, yeah. Sounds fun. I like them.”
Brogan smiled,
“Yeah, me too.”
“I think you and Adam kissed.” Kirsty blurted out.
Brogan gasped,
“What?!” She squeaked.
“Yeah… I’m getting small flashbacks. I’m sure I took a picture… I’ll have a look, and if there is one, I’ll message you it.”
“Oh my god, okay! Get looking! I’ll text Adam now, and tell him we’re meeting up with him!”
“Okay, bye.”


Brogan: Okay, Kirsty IS awake… And the answer
to your request; is yes. :} xo
Adam: Awesome! Can’t wait. :) looked through your
pictures yet? x
Brogan: Someone’s a bit eager for me to look through
my pictures… :P I’ll have a look now. Happy? xo
Adam: Extremely. :) x


Brogan minimised her text messages again, and she clicked on her photos. She clicked on a few, and started looking through the pictures. Brogan gasped to herself, her heart racing, seeing that there were pictures of Brogan with her arms wrapped around Adam’s neck, the two of them looking at each other and smiling. There were several pictures of the two laughing and joking, and then there were pictures that Brogan and Adam had taken themselves; pictures of them smiling, laughing, pulling faces, etc. Brogan smiled to herself, and then saw a new text message appear on her screen.


Kirsty: OH MY GOD!! [attachment picture of Brogan
and Adam kissing, that Kirsty took]


Brogan opened the picture, and she gasped, her eyes widening. Brogan stared at the picture for a few seconds, before she replied to Kirsty.


Brogan: Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god!!!
Kirsty: I think you two are together now. ;) Xx
Brogan: Haha, we’ll see today… ;) xo


Brogan: FEEBS LOOK!! [attachment picture of
Brogan and Adam kissing, that Kirsty took]
Brogan: YEP!! ASDFGHJKL. Although… I don’t
quite remember it…
Phoebe: WHAT?! WHY?!
Brogan: Sambuka shots… And everything is
kinda blank after that… And now I know why Adam
was very persistent in texts just a few minutes ago, of
me looking at my pictures…
Brogan: Um… Not sure… Ha. I’ll keep you
updated… Me and Kirsty are meeting up with Adam
and Tom again today…
Phoebe: OH MY GOD.


Brogan: Okay… Seen the pictures… Haha. xo
Adam: What did ya think? x
Brogan: I liked them. :} xo
Adam: I liked them too… :) x
Brogan: :} so what time are we meeting up then? xo
Adam: Shall we say… 12:30? x
Brogan: See you there. xo
Adam: :) x



@blnx3: Had an AMAZING night last night…
Too many Sambuka shots, but… what’re you gonna
do about it? Hahaha.
@poppyrobertss: @blnx3 there are pictures of you
and @adamslongapple online… You’ve been hanging out
with Adam this weekend?!
@blnx3: @poppyrobertss @adamslongapple uh…
kinda? :}
@adamslongapple: @blnx3 @poppyrobertss was a
very funny night… :) x
@blnx3: @adamslongapple @poppyrobertss oh my god,
you need to be quiet! I’m gonna bloody kill you when
I see you! :} xo
@adamslongapple: @blnx3 @poppyrobertss what? Why?! :( x
@blnx3: @adamslongapple @poppyrobertss because
if you and Tom weren’t making us stay out… I
wouldn’t have blacked out!!! xo
@adamslongapple: @blnx3 who needs to remember?
You have pictures of what happened… ;) at least, I hope. x
@blnx3: @adamslongapple if you’re referring to what
Kirsty took on her phone… I saw… xo
@adamslongapple: @blnx3 oh good, good. At least
it isn’t just me that remembers it then. ;) x
@poppyrobertss: @adamslongapple @blnx3 oh my
god what happened? You two are killing me, lols.
@adamslongapple: @poppyrobertss @blnx3 that’s
a secret. :P
@blnx3: Gotta say that this has been the BEST weekend
of my life… Really has been. :} xoxoxo
@adamslongapple: @blnx3 glad to be an assistance. :) x
@blnx3: @adamslongapple if you’re wanting me and
Kirsty to meet up with you soon, you need to stop distracting
me. Gosh. xo
@adamslongapple: @blnx3 okay, okay, I’m sorry. See
you soon. :) x
@blnx3: @adamslongapple see you soon. :} xo
@adamslongapple: Smiling cause of last night. :)

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