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Part two. xoxoxo

Chapter 3 (v.1) - A Weekend In Manchester part 2.

Submitted: October 30, 2013

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Submitted: October 30, 2013



When it got to 12:30, Brogan and Kirsty were in the hotel lobby, waiting for Adam and Tom. Neither of them could believe what had happened last night, and Brogan was a nervous weren’t. She would be seeing Adam again today. The thought made her so happy, she was holding back squeals. The hotel doors opened, and as if feeling his presence, Brogan looked up and smiled at Adam, as he walked over to the two.
“And how are we all feeling today?” Adam asked, an amused smile on his face.
Brogan rolled her eyes playfully, smiling at him,
“Shut up.”
“I am so hungover.” Kirsty laughed.
“I’m not surprised.” Tom replied.
Adam smiled at everyone,
“Shall we go?”
Everyone nodded, and made their way over to the exit, walking outside. Brogan shuddered at the sudden coldness, hugging her coat tighter around her body.
“Please tell me ya ate somethin’ this mornin’.” Adam murmured in Brogan’s ear.
She sighed slightly,
“Me and Kirsty forced something down us.” She replied honestly.
Adam smiled,
“Good. It’s bad not to eat something when you’re hungover.”
“So where are we going?” Kirsty asked, looking at Tom, and then at Adam.
“Uh... Well...” Tom smiled and looked at Adam, making the two girls look at him, too.
“We’re kinda being cheeky.” Adam said, smiling sheepishly. “We wanted to go to the football game...”
Brogan smiled and nodded,
Adam furrowed his eyebrows together,
“Seriously? We had a backup plan an’ everything.”
Brogan rolled her eyes,
“Okay, one: I’m a rugby fan. So I can deal with football, too. And two: I live in a sports house.”
"Who’s playing?” Kirsty asked.
“Man U verses Liverpool.” Adam replied, and he looked at Brogan. “Who d’ya support?”
She shrugged slightly,
Adam raised his eyebrows at her, a smile creeping onto his face.
“My brother is a big-time Liverpool fan, and my dad is a big-time Chelsea fan, so it’s pretty divided in my house. But, I could name some of the Liverpool players... I think... So I support them.” Brogan smiled sheepishly, feeling like she was babbling
Adam grinned,
“Good girl.”
“You a footy fan, Kirst?” Tom asked.
“Uh... I don’t mind it.” She let out a laugh. “I don’t support a team or anything.”
“Kick-off in’t till 3, so we have time to chill an’ that first.” Adam wrapped his arm around Brogan’s shoulders. “So, c’mon.” Brogan smiled, keeping her arms wrapped around her stomach, to warm herself up, as the four started walking down the street again.


“I feel so sick.” Brogan commented, as the gang walked into a small café.
“No, you’re hungry.” Adam replied, sitting down, and Brogan sat down beside him, taking off her coat.
Brogan groaned to herself, and then she sighed deeply, tucking her hair behind her ears. Adam watched, and he chuckled to himself, before he handed everyone a menu, and then he looked at his own.
“What, they don’t even have a hangover’s special?” Brogan quipped sarcastically.
Adam chuckled, and he glanced at her menu,
“Yeah they do.” He pointed at the full English breakfast on Brogan’s menu, and then he grinned at her.
“Actually thought you was going to show me a header that said, “hangover's special” then.” Brogan admitted.
Adam laughed and shook his head, and then looked down at his menu.
“I really cannot remember anything after those shots.” Kirsty said, looking at Tom, then Adam, and then Brogan.
Brogan looked up at her and nodded,
“Me too, oh my god.”
Adam cleared his throat slightly, making the two girls look at him. Scratching the side of his nose, Adam looked at Kirsty,
“We only stayed out for about an hour after the shots.”
“Did we?”
Tom nodded,
“Yeah, cause after those cocktails and shit that you two ‘ad, you could barely stand.”
Adam nudged Brogan as Kirsty and Tom started speaking to each other, and she looked at him. He got out his phone, and he unlocked it, clicking on the “photos” icon. He clicked on the picture that Kirsty had sent Brogan this morning, and he showed it to her,
“My favourite picture.”
Brogan blushed deeply, and she smiled shyly at him,
“Mine too.” She replied quietly.
Adam smiled,
“A shame y’ don’t remember it.”
Brogan shrugged apologetically,
He smiled again,
“Don’t be daft.”
Adam clicked on his twitter, and he showed Brogan one of the tweets he’d recently received.

@kellytrescott: @adamslongapple oh my god! Who was that girl that I saw you with last night?!
@adamslongapple: @kellytrescott that would be a friend. :)
@kellytrescott: @adamslongapple from what I saw, she’s more than a friend... ;)
@adamslongapple: @kellytrescott oh god, haha.


Brogan gasped reading the conversation, and then she covered her cheeks when her hands,
“Oh my god!” She said, with an embarrassed smile on her face.
Adam grinned,
“Ya getting famous.” He joked.
Brogan rolled her eyes playfully, shoving him playfully, and then she smiled at him. Adam laughed at her reply, and then a waitress came over, asking for their orders. After ordering, Brogan got her phone out, and she held it out in front of Adam
“C’mon.” She giggled.
Rolling his eyes playfully, Adam then smiled into Brogan’s camera, as did Brogan, and she took a picture. Clicking into Instagram, Brogan added an effect, and then wrote a caption:


blnx3: Oh. Hello, @adamslongapple.
adamslongapple: @blnx3 hi to you, too. :)
blnx3: @adamslongapple why are you commenting when you’re
sitting right next to me?! Hahahaha. :}
adamslongapple: @blnx3 because it made you smile. :) x
blnx3: @adamslongapple pfffft. :} xo


“What’re you two grinning at?” Tom asked with a smirk on his face.
Brogan blushed slightly, locking her phone,
“Yeah, nothin’, ya nosey bastard.” Adam smiled at him, and then their food came.


“We ready for a bit o’ footy then?” Adam asked, raising his eyebrows at the girls.
Kirsty smiled and nodded,
“Yeah.” She let out a laugh.
“Bring it on.” Brogan smiled.
The four walked down the street and towards the stadium.
Brogan got out her phone, and she answered her call,
“Hello?” She answered.
“Hi, darl, it’s me.”
“Hiya, mum. Y’alright?”
“Yeah, I’m good. How’re you?”
“I’m good, too.”
“What’ve you been up to?”
“Uh… me and Kirsty are just on the way to a football game.”
“A football game? Why’re you off to a football game?”
“Uh, just because.” Brogan replied, looking up at Adam, who was watching her. “Look, I gotta go, so I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”
“Nooooo!” Adam pouted, wrapping his arms around Brogan, hugging her tightly.
Brogan laughed and squealed,
“Get off me!”
“Who’s that?” Brogan’s mum asked.
“Adam! And he won’t–get–off–me!”
“Adam? As in from Spike Island?”
“Yeah! Look, I gotta go. Love you, bye!” Brogan hung up the call, and then she hit him playfully, laughing. “Get off me!”
Adam laughed, and he wrapped his arm around her waist, as they continued to walk down the street,
“Wish ya weren’t goin’ tomorrow.”
Brogan smiled up at him,
“Me too. It’s gonna suck.”
Adam nodded, “A lot.” There was a few seconds of silence. “You’re into media, right?”
Brogan nodded,
“Yeah, why?”
“Why don’t ya get a job here?”
“Oh yeah. Because it’s that easy.” Brogan quipped sarcastically.
Adam shrugged slightly,
“Ah’ll ‘elp ya. C’mon!” He persuaded.
Brogan smiled,
“I’ll look online an’ stuff.”
Winking at Brogan, Adam then handed she and Kirsty a ticket for the match, as they got in the queue to get into the ground
“Oh my god.” Brogan heard someone say close by. Glancing to her left, Brogan noticed that a girl was staring at Adam. Knowing that he still had his arm wrapped around her, Brogan’s eyes averted to the ground, feeling self-conscious, as the girl and her friend looked over.
“What’s wrong?” Kirsty asked quietly, standing beside Brogan.
“Those girls over there. I’m scared there’ll be more pictures of you an’ me on the Internet from random girls.” Brogan admitted
Adam heard this, but chose to ignore it. after a few seconds, Brogan furrowed her eyebrows together, and she blinked a couple of times, looking up at Kirsty; who instantly looked back at her.
“Actually, who cares? Who cares that random girls are taking our pictures and suspecting stuff happenin’? I mean, we aren’t doin’ anything wrong.” Brogan said to Kirsty quietly.
Kirsty nodded and smiled,
“Exactly.” She shrugged slightly. “Jus’ because Adam’s a celebrity, doesn’t mean it’s like, wrong.”
Brogan nodded enthusiastically, agreeing with Kirsty.
Adam pulled Brogan into his chest, kissing the side of her head softly,
“Ya ready for the match, B?” He asked.
Looking up at him, Brogan smiled, and she nodded,
“Aye, ah s’pose.”
Adam laughed,
“So enthusiastic.” He replied sarcastically.
Brogan laughed at Adam’s comment, and then she nudged his side, and the four of them handed the stewards their tickets, and then walked into the ground.


Sitting down in their seats, Brogan glanced around, and then she looked at Adam,
“The seats are good.” She commented.
Adam nodded,
“Good, I’m glad.”
“Want a drink?” Tom asked the two of them.
Looking at Tom, Brogan scratched her cheek,
“Um… coke, please.” She smiled.
Tom smiled back at her, and he nodded, glancing at Adam.
“Ah’ll ‘ave a coke, too, please mate.”
Tom raised his eyebrows at him,
“No beer?”
Adam shook his head,
“Nah, mate. not feelin’ up t’ drinkin’.”
“Ya can ‘ave a drink if ya want.” Brogan told him. “I don’t mind.”
He smiled at her,
“Nah, seriously. Ah’m alright.”
Tom nodded, and he looked at Kirsty,
“Uh, I’ll have a coke too, please. But, I’ll come an’ help you.”
Tom and Kirsty stood up, and they walked off, and Brogan and Adam watched them.
“Think they like each other.” Adam commented.
Brogan smiled to herself, and then she looked at Adam,
“Good.” Adam gave her a confused look. “She broke up wi’ her boyfriend of a year, not too long ago. She was really heartbroken, an’ it’s nice seein’ ‘er interested in someone else again.”
Adam smiled, “Well, ah’m glad that she’s interested in me best mate then.”
Brogan laughed, and she shook her head.
“Yeah, ah know ‘ow she feels. Ah broke up wi’ me girlfriend not that long ago.”
She nodded in return,
“Think this summer wa’ jus’ the end of all the long-term relationships.” She let out a laugh.
“Oh yeah?” Adam asked, his eyebrows rose.
Brogan nodded,
“Yeah. I broke up wi’ my boyfriend of two years this summer.” She shrugged slightly. The gesture showing, “what can you do?
“Ah’m sorry to ‘ear.”
Brogan shook her head,
“Oh, don’t be.” She let out a laugh. “He kissed another girl back in May. An’ I wa’ the mug that stayed wi’ him anyway. An’ we were arguin’ an’ that all the time. So ah jus’… ended it.”
Adam wrapped his arm around her shoulders, and he brought her in closer to him, making Brogan smile to herself.
“Bu’ it’s the past now.” Brogan breathed out, shivering slightly.
“Y’ cold?” He murmured.
Brogan shook her head,
“No, jus’ a bit o’ wind went down the back of me shirt.” She laughed, making Adam laugh as well.
“Ah’ve liked gettin’ to know ya this weekend.” Adam admitted.
Brogan nodded, and she smiled to herself,
“So ‘ave I. It’s been nice.”
“Very nice.” Adam nodded, making Brogan giggle slightly.
Brogan got out her phone, as did Adam,
“Let’s get a really good picture for our last day.” Adam said.
Brogan smiled and nodded,
“Okay.” Adam slid on his camera, switching it to the front camera, and he held his phone out in front of them both. Brogan tilted her head slightly towards Adam’s, and she smiled into the camera, as Adam moved closer to Brogan, smiling into the camera, too, and he took the picture. Previewing the picture, the two instantly smiled at the picture,
“Ah’ll send ya it via iMessage, later on.” Adam told her.
Brogan nodded,
“Better do.”
Unlocking her phone and turning on her internet, Brogan clicked onto Tumblr, and she looked through her blogs, seeing that My Mad Fat Diary blog had six new messages. Her eyes widened in shock, before she clicked the messages button.


Anonymous asked: Is it true that you’ve been spotted
with Adam Long this weekend?
rae-nelson: Um… Possibly?!?!?!
Anonymous asked: Seen the pictures of you and Adam together…
oh my god, you kept that one a secret, lol!
rae-nelson: Yeah… Seen them myself… It’s totally and completely
crazy! But, y’know, it wasn’t, like, planned or anything.
Anonymous asked: Are you and Adam dating?
rae-nelson: What?! Hahahaha.
rae-nelson: THANKS! HAHAHAHA.
Anonymous asked: How come you’re spending time with
Adam? Didn’t realise you two were like… that close.
rae-nelson: We weren’t that close… Um, well… I tweeted about
being at a pub with my friend Kirsty, and then Adam strolled in…
He said that he wanted to come and say hi, because he was
close by… (isn’t he sweet?) And then we just ended spending the
day together… Me, Adam and Kirsty, my best friend. Then somehow…
We ended up going out for drinks with him and his friend… And now…
Well, now I’m at a footy match, lmfao.
Anonymous asked: Oh my god, I’ve been following your
Instagram updates all weekend… You and Adam look really
cute together!!
rae-nelson: Awe, heh. Don’t really know what to say
to that… :3 xoxoxo

After she replied to all the messages, Brogan turned off her Internet, and then she locked her phone, putting it away.
Kirsty and Tom returned with the drinks, and they handed them out. Thanking them, Brogan then took a sip of her coke, as the game began.


After the match, the four of them made their way down the street, away from the stadium.
“How about we go back to the hotel?” Brogan suggested. “It’s nice and cosy in there, unlike out ‘ere.”
Adam nodded,
“Alright, sounds good.”
The four of them walked back to the Premiere Inn, and then they walked up to Brogan’s hotel room. Once they were inside, Brogan sat on the chair in the living room area, and Adam, Kirsty and Tom took a seat on the sofa.
“See?” Brogan smiled. “Nice an’ cosy.”
“Can you order takeaways to your hotel?” Kirsty asked. “I fancy one.”
Brogan nodded,
“Ooh, yeah, so do I!”
After a few minutes of debating, the gang decided on pizza. Adam ordered the pizza, and then he looked through his Twitter, writing a tweet:


adamslongapple: Good match + good company =
a good day! :)



Phoebe: So… What’s been happening today?!
Brogan: Me and Kirsty went to the football match
with Adam and Tom.
Phoebe: I love how you’re so causal about
all this!
Brogan: Heh… Oops? :P
Phoebe: So are you going to tell me if you and Adam
are dating, or what?!
Brogan: Uh… I’m not too sure?!
Phoebe: What?!
Brogan: Mhm… Adam was like, begging me to stay
here because I leave tomorrow… And then he was telling me
to get a job in Manchester…
Phoebe: OH MY GOD.
Brogan: I KNOW. I gotta go… I’m still with Adam, Kirsty and
Tom. We’re in my hotel room, lol. Speak soon…ish! xoxoxo


After they ate, Brogan stood up, and she closed her curtains,
“Sorry, ah jus’ hate it when it’s dark, and you can see outside.” She smiled.
“We should’ve gone out!” Kirsty said.
Brogan furrowed her eyebrows together,
“Are you fucking crazy?! We had enough last night!” Brogan exasperated.
“Yeah, but we leave tomorrow! So it would’ve been nice to like… left on a high.”
Brogan rolled her eyes playfully and she smiled,
“Oh well.”
“What can we do?” Kirsty asked, glancing around at everyone.
“We’re in a hotel room.” Tom said, and then he smirked at Adam.
Brogan gasped, throwing a pillow at Tom,
The four of them laughed, and then Brogan glanced at Adam, catching his eye, and the two smiled at one another. Brogan knew that she was leaving tomorrow, and she didn’t know if she’d see him again; (as dramatic as that sounded). Was this just a weekend of fun for Adam? Or did he actually like her? Brogan didn’t know. She’d just have to wait and see.

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