Blood Identity

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Murders in the small town of Foothill Ranch, a kid thinks his uncle is the killer, but finds out something even more horrific.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Blood Identity

Submitted: March 30, 2009

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Submitted: March 30, 2009



In the darkness of an alley way a dark figure could be seen with a large black coat and a black fedora with a skull on the side. His end of his shoes were silver making them shine. His eyes, behind dark aviator glasses were scanning the alley before crouching and opening his brief case and scramble through his belongings. He took out a magnum 9mm. He took out the cylinder and replaced the empty holes with 6 silver bullets.

"You die today," he muttered.

He closed the the brief case and kicked it further into the darkness. Then, he walked towards the streets and took a left. He walked until he met a building. He walked in wincing at the loud music then tilting his hat towards some pretty girls. He clutched his magnum that was in his coat pocket. He scanned the dance floor. Teenagers freak dancing and break dancing. Some teenagers were gathered up in a corner dealing drugs. Another corner had some teenagers playing spin the bottle. The man walked to the bar and took a seat.

"What you paying for?" the bartender asked.

"What beer yah got?" the man asked still sacnning the dance floor.

"We don't sell beer here its prohibited."

So they don't sell any god damn beer, but they deal drugs. How wonderful.

"I'll take a coke then."

The bartender turned away then turned back with a glass of coke with 3 ice cubes. The man took it and sipped it, then taking out 5 dollars and putting it in a glass.

"So what's a grown man like you doing here?" The bartender asked.

"Just chilling."

"Middle age crisis huh?"

The man was about to go berserk but a scream stopped him. At first he thought a girl fell, but when he looked he saw a dark person crouched over a pretty looking girl. The man has seen this many times, but not like this. The girl was covered in blood. The persons mouth in a smile, with blood dripping out of his mouth. The man took out his magnum and shot twice at the insane person. The demon took one of the bullets but dogded the other bullet. Then, the person faded in with the darkness and went away.

"5 Murder cases has been filed and the town rises up in horror," the T.V set said. Then, the T.V. showed the pictures of the dead ones.

Nick Clemtien sat at the couch staring into the T.V. in horror. One of the deaths was his father.

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