School For the weird

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Drenith Masson a ordinary school kid with an annoying sister, a Headmaster for a Mother and Bioligy teacher for a father.
Live thru his life see what it's to be a creature of the night, that not only goes to a school for people like him, but they have classes?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - School For the weird

Submitted: August 16, 2012

Reads: 292

Comments: 3

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Submitted: August 16, 2012




New Start

My name is Drenith Masson. A 16 year old, about to start at a new high school in a new place. It couldn’t get any worse than it is right now. My parents have accepted the jobs as Head of the school and senior biology teacher, which means I am going to start the school in the worst possible way…as a… I can’t even say it…NERD or even worse TEACHERS PET!

The only good thing is, that it’s a new year and every kid in my grade will be new. So hopefully I will just fade into the background - where everybody can be themselves, without fear of being the center of bad jokes or pranks.

The worst thing about this school is that it only has 3 grades, the 10th, 11th and 12th grades.



My first day… Everything went according to plan. I met a few people, introduced myself and got a buddy to hang around with. My buddies name is Christopher Gilbert. He came from New York and was just as nervous about fitting in like I was.

Luckily for him, he had the football- and swimming team captain as a brother. His brother came to this school 2 years ago when they started moving from New York, and has made himself one of the school most admired sportsmen. He was also on the honor roll of the school, and stood second best at his grade.

The Vice Headmaster came into the hall. He went and stood at the podium in the middle of the stage. Everybody was talking and nobody paid attention to the stage. The Vice cleared his through.

“Uh-um, please be quite.”  The hall became silent.

He began a speech, he had written on a few q-cards. The stack looked quite thick and he might take a while to finish.

 As you all know our Headmaster has retired last year and we will miss him, but we have to look to the future. We must not look to the past, to the forgotten and lost, because we cannot change it. What we can do though is change the future, mold it to be what you want and need.

Today is the start of a journey for many of you and to some it is the final stretch to get to University. It will be sad to see you graduate, and make me happy to see the new ones succeed both academically and in sports.

Today is also the starting point for our new Headmistress. She is one of the nicest women I know. Please give a warm welcome to your new Headmistress, Ms. Masson.

My mother walked up to the stage, with her white dress and long curly hair. She gave her usual smile to everyone.

Thank you Mr. Cambridge and welcome to all the new learners at the school. I won’t be babbling on and on about what you should and shouldn’t do.

I just want to say:

Enjoy your year and have fun.

“All new learners please go to the gym to be assigned to your classes. Thank you” Mom announced.

Christopher knew the schools layout, and all the shortcuts. His brother, Rick gave him a map of the school. I followed him thru a hallway that led around the large hallway that would be crammed at the moment. We reached the Gym first.

“You’re good. I have to tell that to you.” I told Chris.

“I know.” he said and laughed.

The rest of the new kids started to arrive at the gym. The gym got half full as the learners entered. The room started to buzz with chatting and laughter. Everyone started to introduce themselves to each other. A girl came up to me and Chris.

“Hi, I am Jennifer.” she greeted.

“I am Drenith and he is Christopher”

“Wow, what a strange name” she commented

“I got it from my Mom. She wanted something Unique…”

She laughed. “Well she came up with a nice name”

“Thank you”

“I will be seeing you around won’t I?” Jennifer asked.

“Yah, you will” I smiled.

Seven teachers came thru the door and the buzz died out instantly. They instructed us to go take seats.

“All of you will be divided into 10 classes. There will be 32 in each class. Remember, you are put in a class according to your subjects.”

Chris and I had Information Technology, Chemistry and Biology.  English, Math’s and Life Skills were subjects we had no choice in taking. I hated the practical of Life Skills, it was always the same stuff over and over again. I wanted them to change the exercises a bit.

“Amber Andrews, Charles Davies, Christopher Gilbert, Jennifer Halley, Kendrick Jones, Drenith Masson…” the teacher called out our names.

When he called the last person in our group he instructed us to follow Mr. Sutit. We followed him to the A-block of the school. Classroom 14 A was my register class for my school career, except if I fail one year and then I have to go to another class. Kendrick and Amber made it their business to meet everybody in class. They went to each and every one in class, introducing themselves and chatting for a while.

Jennifer and two other girls chatted in the corner. She would occasionally look over at us. Each time she looked she stared right into my eyes, then she looked away making as if she had been looking past me. I went over to her after she looked at me again.

“Hey Jennifer, thought I might stop by and introduce myself to your friends.” I smiled

“Yah, right Drenith” she said shaking her head. “You didn’t just come over to see me?”

“I would have Jen, but I think that would hurt your friends’ feelings.” I laughed.

“Okay then. Drenith meet Ciara and Tania. Ciara and Tania, meet Drenith.” she giggled “All done introducing you guys so let’s have a chat.”

She pulled me to the only empty table in the class. She sat down and gestured me to have a seat opposite her. She had a wonderful smile.

“They dared me to talk to you ‘alone’, so here we are.” she said giggling again.

“What do they want us to do? Look deep into each other’s eyes?” I said sarcastic, but I was already staring into her soft blue eyes.

“I don’t know, nor do I care. I think it’s fun to give them a little to talk about.” she looked at them. “They’re that ‘ooh there’s a nice guy’ type of girls. I just hang with them because I know them from grade school.”

“Wow, now you’re making me feel bad. I left Chris there alone. Be right back.”

I ran over to Chris and told him that Tania and Ciara would like to talk to him. He went over to them and Ciara suddenly blushed as red as a tomato.

“Where were we?”

“You sent him to a bunch of boy crazy girls Drenith.” She pointed at them, they were busy flirting with him. “I hope your friend survives them.”

“Don’t worry about him, he’s tough enough… well I hope so anyway…”

Jennifer and I chatted till the bell rang for interval. I went to get Chris and went to the cafeteria, where Jennifer joined us. She walked around with us chatting about random stuff. I made a lame joke, but we laughed like mad people as we sat to have a snack. We started to walk around again after we had the snack.

Chris took us to meet his brother Rick and his nephew Jason. Jason and Rick were cool guys. They liked sport, but they were smart. Not your everyday dumb football player. Just as we started to enjoy talking to Rick and Jason, the bell rang.

“Last person to class buys us all milkshakes tomorrow.” I said

I ran towards the crowd of kids that rushed into the hallways. With a twisting leap and some squeezing I managed to get thru the crowd, but Chris must have taken a shortcut already. I remembered mom telling me about a room that had a door that led straight thru a passage way to the A-block. She said it was room G-uhm-G20!

I ran in the room and straight to the door that said A-Block. It took me two minutes to get to the A-block. When I got to the stairs that led up to the class, I ran up them taking 2-3 stairs at a time. The last few meters I ran as fast as I could, skidding to a halt right before the class. Chris stopped at the door the same moment I stopped at it. I was the first to get into the class followed by Chris.

“What took you guys so long?” she smiled “I was beginning to think I was in the wrong class…”

“How did you? How did you get here first?” Chris asked shocked.

“Yah how did you?”

“Well my dear friends. It helps to know that there’s another passage that leads to the secret hallway. It’s in the utility closet.”

“I guess that means I’ll be buying the milkshakes tomorrow.” Chris said.

“Nah I’ll help you buy them. We came here at the same time. It’s only fair.” I told Chris

“That’s fine with me!” Jennifer laughed.

When the door opened again it was Amber and Kendrick that entered the class. They were laughing and poking each other. When the door opened again the rest of the class streamed in and sat down starting to chat again.

This day had gone better than I had anticipated, there aren’t even signs of my fears. Wow to think I was so scared of what the kids might think of me! All for nothing! Gosh I am so glad. Only 1 hour before school ends too!

Jen, Chris and I chatted the whole hour and made plans to get together at Chris’s house this Saturday. He said that his family might be a bit rich, but other than that they are great people to hang out with. I think I might have to cancel my gaming plans for the weekend!

The bell rang, everyone got up in synchronization. Mr. Sutit greeted the class en let us leave. Mom let me drive my own car to school, since I was going to the mall to get my school supplies and catch a movie. My car or rather me and my sisters a BMW Z4 coupé, looked absolutely stunning.  I couldn’t believe mom bought us that car, it’s not even like a ‘that car’ it’s like a ‘THAT CAR’!

I drove off, waving at Jen and Chris as they got into their carpools. Some of the other students stared at my car. I felt like saying ‘I know, I know. It’s gorgeous right?’ and who wouldn’t want to say it? I felt so awesome driving this car. Well, I think I can get used to all the stares the car brings me, I might even get me a few girls.

I went to fetch my sister at her school. Elena was a year younger than I was, but she can drive the car in three months’ time when she turns 16. I’ll be 17 in a week. When I stopped at her school the kids stared. Elena threw her bag on the backseat and got in. The kids still stared.

“Drive Dré! Drive! I want to get away from here! Such an awful school, they have no cute boys at all!”

I laughed, but drove off as she instructed. I took the highway and sped to the mall. We were flying thru the cars, just enjoying the drive with some cool music. Elena and I loved to take the car and go to the beach when we lived in Miami. Kids back there are mean and rough, so it doesn’t bother me that we moved to Palm Springs.

Elena and I went to buy ourselves some stationary, but as usual she had to go shopping for a new outfit, and this gave me an opportunity to buy myself a new game. I had to choose between Racing and War games, I couldn’t decide. Call of Duty: Black ops or Burnout Paradise. I finally got one that had a bit of both, a combat racing game called Jak X.

“Well I would have picked Blur, but I think that’s okay too” said a guy from behind me. I recognized the voice, but it couldn’t be him.

“Jake?” I asked

“Hey Dren old buddy”

“Wow, how have you been man”

“Great thanks for asking. I just moved to town. We bought the house across yours.”

“WHAT! We are neighbors now? Cool.”

“Yah, where is Elena? Shopping?”

“Yah, as always.”

Jake and I walked around the game shop. I decided to buy Blur and Jak X. We went to go get Elena at the boutiques’. She was just as glad to see Jake as I was. Jake is our nephew. We only see him about 2 times a year.

When we had done all of our shopping we went home. Jake came over and we played my games. It was one of the best days ever. I beat Jake at almost everything, but Blur was hopeless for me. He was a total expert at Blur. Around 10pm he had a snack and he went home. I still couldn’t believe I had this much fun on the first day.

After a quick shower I got into bed. Taking my PSP and playing secretly underneath the blanket. I just hope mom wouldn’t come in my room now. I fell asleep playing God of War.

I felt refreshed the next morning. I got up, washed up and got dressed. Breakfast was delicious. Toast, eggs, bacon and freshly squeezed lemon juice. It seemed kind of predictable, but as long as it was mine I was happy. When I got in the car, Jake got in next to me. Elena got in the back.

“Uhm, you’re going to my school?”

“What do you mean my school Dren? OUR school” he corrected me.

“Oh okay…”

I dropped Elena at her school and went to ours. Dad and mom carpooled another 2 teachers to school so their car was full, which meant I get to drive my car to school every day! Jake showed me his timetable. He was in MY class!

I introduced him to Jen and Chris. We had English the first period, but did we make fun of that teacher. Jen was talking to me when she walked in. Long brown hair, blue eyes, perfect red ruby lips and a slender but toned figure. She looked absolutely stunning, she walked passed me and winced in my direction. I felt my face turn red. Jake and Chris stared at me, and then kept their mouths shut and giggled.

“DUDE! YOUR RED!” shouted Chris.

This made me blush even worse. I swear that my head was about to catch on fire so hot it felt. The girl laughed, but smiled at me. She was so beautiful!

“Forget about her Drenith, she’s only into the weird guys” Chris said.

“What do you mean? I can be weird!” I quickly replied.

Chris, Jen and Jake burst into laughter this time. Their faces turn red as they laughed. I guess it would sound funny if someone said ‘I can be weird’.

“That’s Samantha. She dates the weird people and she’s attracted to them like they are magnets. Seems like you’re the magnet here Drenith.” Jennifer laughed.

I felt shy and didn’t speak again until we went out for interval. How could I have said that? I had to be an idiot. Just because she came in class I did that! She’s weird , not me.

“Dren? Hello? Dren?” Jake called me.

“Huh? Sorry, what did you say?”

“You were sitting there like you were thinking about something very hard. Jen and Chris went to buy lunch. What’s wrong dude?”

“Nothing, I just can’t believe I said that.”

“Oh, sometimes things like that happen, its normal.” He said laughing.

“Not to me. It never happens to me. I always think before I say something.”

“Well, there’s a first time for everything.” he said. “Can we go now?”

“Yah sure”

We left the class and went to meet up with Jen and Chris. Chris bought us all Pizza, milkshakes and Twinkies. He ate two Twinkies then started with his pizza.

“Your serious about your Twinkies aren’t you Chris?” Jen asked.  

“There so delicious. I just can’t resist them.”

We all laughed at Chris, but enjoyed our meals. The food here wasn’t bad. It was clean and sorted. The food tasted great. Unlike some other schools, where you would prefer to put in your own lunch.

After lunch we went to Chris’s brother. Rick was busy chilling underneath a tree, like yesterday. Another guy sat next to him and Jason. Two girls lay against their shoulders while they were talking.

“Hi bro” Rick greeted Chris. “Hello Dré, Jen and new guy.”

“Hello. My name is Jake”

“Hey Rick” Jen and I greeted at the same time.

Chris told Rick that Jake was my nephew and what happened in class when Melissa walked in. Rick hit Chris behind the head and scolded him, telling him not to embarrass his friends. He gave a commanding look at Jen and Jake. Looks like he doesn’t like it when somebody’s friends’ embarrasses them.

I had a nice laugh and Jason Introduce Linnet, Bishop and Wendy to us. They were the same as Rick and Jason. Intelligent, but sporty. They didn’t like to be in a group that goes around bullying kids. They preferred to relax underneath the trees at interval.

I was about to say something when the bell went. Interval was done and I hadn’t even talked to the new people in Rick’s hangout spot. That really sucked, like dummy sucking suck.

We went to IT class, it was real boring. The teacher babbled on and on about using the loops and GUI in the correct way otherwise we would lose some important marks for our test. He gave us 2 activities to do and 3 activities we had to do for homework. HOMEWORK on the second day of school!?! I mean it’s only the second day of school. Come on you got to be joking!

I told them how much I hated that teacher at the moment, to do this to me! The most innocent kid in school! And yes I said KID. I talked to my friends till the school went out. When the bell rang and the class got dismissed. Jake and I ran for the door as fast as we could. Jumped into my car and drove off.

Elena was already waiting for us when we got to her school. She seemed to be happy that we came to get her so early at her school.

“Wow, thanks for coming so quickly” she said as she got in.

“Thank Dren. He just had to get away from the school.” Jake replied

“I think he has to do that every day.” She said in a happy tone.

We went to Jakes house. His house looked so modern. Stainless steel, glass and white. The theme was carried out throughout the house. It was so open and bright. Jakes mom, aunt Lexi greeted us. She was as generous as ever. She just had that unique warmth to everything she does. 

Dinner at Jakes was nice. Having a swim at their place, even better. They had the house that faced toward the mountain, but their pool faced towards the centre of town.

We swam until it was almost dark. The sky was blue that faded into a darker blue towards the other side. The town beneath had all these lights that made everything seem so magical. WOW was all I could think.

The rest of the week past, the Saturday at Chris’s house was fun, but it also passed so quickly. School seemed to be okay for now. Another guy from another class now walked around with us during lunch. Felix Oswald was a well-built nerdy guy. They only thing he did, that wasn’t nerdy scared the crap out of us. SHARKDIVING! He said that he will take us diving some time later this summer.

Well it’s Friday. A week ago school started and tomorrow is my birthday. The only thing I am looking forward to is, a peaceful day were nobody will bother me. I’m just going to chill next to the pool tomorrow and play a bit of games. Aah, what’s better than that?

I woke up, and washed up. I got dressed, went to the pool and just lay and the recliner. Aah, this is the life, too bad it’s only on birthdays and Saturdays when I am alone at home.

“He’s out back at the pool.” I heard somebody say. “I think it could be fun.” the person said. I recognized the voice as moms. “Ten minutes, you better be here-” she looked out the window and saw me looking at her. “-with the chocolate honey. Drenith is eavesdropping again. See you.”

Ooh, dad’s buying chocolate. He always buys those nice ones, with the caramel and toffee inside. I took a sip of my drink… and then realized what mom was talking to one of my friends. They were coming here! I jumped up and ran to my room. Cleaned it and got dressed in some of my coolest clothes.

The doorbell rang. I heard footsteps. Jake appeared at the back door.

“Hey Dren! Happy Birthday!” He greeted me.

After that he shook my hand congratulating me again. The doorbell rang again. This time I heard voices. They seemed to get louder and louder. The backdoor opened. Jen, Chris, Rick, Jason, Bishop, Wendy, Linnet, Ciara, Tania, Kendrick, Amber and some of the kids in my class came out the door. They threw a beach ball and dived into the pool. Shouting Happy Birthday as they dived.

“Hey man, thought that we would let you go without a party?” Rick asked.

“He came over congratulated me and dove into the pool, as did the kids in my class. Jen pulled me in the house. Gifts where piled up in the living room, from floor to ceiling.

“See? Now that’s Birthday gifts. Come on we got to go join the rest. Oh, yeah Rick ordered 12 Pizza’s, 26 hamburgers and 60 cans of cool drink. The guys will be delivering it soon.”

“What?! How will He afford it all?”

“Chris told you, they have money.” she told me

I got in my swimming trunks and dived into the pool. We had water gun fights, water balloon fights and roasted marshmallows. I had fun, and it seemed like everyone enjoyed the party. WOW, this was a great day. Rick, of all people to organize me a party. I thanked him for it.

After the party I thanked Rick again, but he said it’s his duty to give his friend a party on his birthday. He gave me a letter. I opened it and found a voucher worth $500 at any store that accepted Visa. AWSOME!

The house was empty, I could hear my parents all the way in the study. The doorbell rang. I turned around to open it and found Elena, with a phone in the hand, 4 bags full of clothing and a guy carrying it. This is probably her new boy toy… I feel bad for the guy, getting used to drive her around the whole time. So sad…

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