A New Start (Sasu/Naru)

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: October 07, 2010



The blonde kitsune was jumping up and down with his team mates in celebration. Iruka was yelling that he knew he could do it and how proud he was. The band went to leave the stage. Naruto gave Sakura his guitar before turning back to where Kakashi, Iruka and Sasuke were standing. Naruto took a flying jump off the stage at Iruka who just barely caught him.

“Ruka! We did it!” he yelled. “This feels amazing!” Iruka laughed.

He was holding Naruto like a child as if he weighed nothing. Naruto was practically bouncing in the older man’s arms. Kakashi was looking on with amusement. Naruto hugged Iruka before being let down.

“You were awesome, Naruto.” Iruka assured the boy. “Especially that last song. Never seen you having so much fun. Especially considering it was Sakura.” Iruka mused. Naruto gave a laugh.

“I know, right? She’s going to think something’s up with me. Good thing she‘s with bushy brows huh?” Naruto said amused but a little concerned.

The rest of the band found them still in front of the stage. They looked happy with themselves. Sakura ran over and draped her arm around Naruto’s shoulder.

“Hey Naru-chan!” she said happily making him blush at the use of chan.

“Sakura-chan! I told you not to call me that in public,” Naruto whined. She giggled.

“I know, I know.” she said still giggly. “So when you going to bat for the other team and make me happy eh?” Naruto knew she was just teasing.

“I don’t know as tempting as it is…” Naruto said teasing her back. “Besides I don’t want to have to deal with your man.”

“Well you know if things change in that department,” she started to say.

“You’ll be the first to know,” he finished for her.

Sasuke just stared for a moment trying to take in what they were talking about and let it register in his brain. ‘He’s gay, I might have a chance.’ Sasuke thought.

“Oh hey Sasuke!” Sakura said just noticing him. “What are you doing here?”

“Kakashi-sensei dragged me to watch your band.” Sasuke told them.

“Oh, that’s right he’s your guardian and Iruka-sensei’s boyfriend.” Sakura said.

“Eh? Ruka, you have a boyfriend?” Naruto said obviously not clued in on this fact. Iruka blushed. “Gah! Why didn’t you tell me!”

“Sorry Naruto, I guess I forgot to tell you,” Iruka said nervously.

“Uhuh, right you just didn’t want me giving him the ‘talk’” Naruto said miffed.

“Well there was that…” Iruka trailed off.

“Ok where is he!” Naruto yelled. Kakashi raised his hand almost timidly. Naruto gave the silver haired man a once over before nodding his approval in Iruka’s taste.

“Alright, going to make this short since I’m in an awesome mood.” Naruto told him with a smile. “If you hurt Ruka I will castrate you! When I’m done with you you’d be wishing you were straight got it?” Everyone sweat dropped.

“Yeah I got it,” Kakashi told him with amusement.

“Well what are we waiting around for. Ichiraku’s my treat!” Iruka announced to distract them.

“Awesome Ruka, you’re the best!” Naruto shouted and they all filed out and walked up the street to the ramen shop.

They chatted about the show mostly and school. Sasuke learned that Naruto was going to be transferring to Konoha high starting tomorrow. They went in and ordered the ramen.

“So you all set for school tomorrow, Naruto?” Iruka asked.

“Sure am!” Naruto said in his normal hyperactive way.

“So Naruto, if you don’t already go to Konoha High, then how do you know the guys here and Iruka?” Kakashi asked.

“Well, do you know Ino Yamanaka?” Naruto asked. Kakashi nodded. “Well she’s my cousin. So I come to Konoha a lot. I’m really from Suna so that’s how I know Gaara. But since I’m 18 now they talked me into moving here.”

“Oh I see,” Kakashi said. “So are you parents moving too?” Naruto’s smile faltered for only a moment.

“They died a long time ago,” Naruto explained. “I’ve been staying with my guardian Jiraiya, but he travels a lot because of his job so I’m usually by myself anyways.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories.” Kakashi apologized.

“Don’t worry bout it, you can’t miss what you never had,” Naruto said. “That’s how I met Iruka-sensei here. He used to teach at Suna elementary.” Iruka nodded when Kakashi gave him a questioning look.

“Foods up! Dig in!” The chef called placing a bowl in front of each of them.

“Alright!” the excited blonde dug into his food as fast as he could.

Sasuke and Kakashi stared at the boy but everyone else just looked like it was normal. They shrugged and went back to their own meals. Loud coughing brought the raven’s attention back to the blonde who happened to be sitting next to him. Sasuke’s eye twitched before he whacked the blonde on the back making him swallow the ramen that got caught in his throat. Panting the blonde thanked him.

“Slow down dobe,” Sasuke said in his usual emotionless voice.

“What did you call me! Teme!” Naruto retorted.

“I called you a dobe, dobe.” the raven responded calmly. The blonde’s cheeks puffed out as he huffed. His anger was interrupted by a giggle on the other side of the blond.

“Calm down Naru-chan,” Sakura said still giggling.

“But Sakura-chan!” Naruto whined. “He started it.”

“I’m finishing it!” Sakura yelled starting look scary. Naruto and Sasuke could of swore they saw lighting strike behind her.

“Fine,” Naruto said going back to his ramen.

About three bowls later since that’s all Iruka would let Naruto get, they were leaving Ichiraku’s. They ended up walking to the park since it was still light out and Naruto and Sakura had begged to stop when they were passing it. Iruka agreed to let them play a few minutes after the long argument on how it would help the hyperactive teens sleep better. Sakura ran over to the merry go round dragging Naruto with her. Shikamaru laid down in the grass to watch the clouds floating by. Gaara went to sit on a swing. Kiba had already left with Hinata to see a movie. Sasuke, Iruka and Kakashi just stared at the teens who were acting like children.

“Hey, Iruka-sensei! Give us a push would ya?” Sakura called out from the merry go round.

“Yea! Come one Sasuke-teme get over here too!” Naruto yelled with a huge smile. Sasuke groaned but went over to them when Kakashi gave him a shove in their direction. Iruka and Kakashi followed and waited for Sasuke to get on the merry go round with the others.

“Any one else getting on?” Iruka asked.

“How troublesome,” Shikamaru sighed but stayed where he was. Gaara merely raised a non-existent eyebrow.

Iruka shrugged. He and Kakashi stood on opposite sides of the merry go round and started pushing the teens around in a circle until it was going so fast that everything looked blurred to them. Sakura was giggling, Naruto was laughing loudly. Kakashi thought he might of heard Sasuke screaming but wasn’t sure.

Soon as they slowed to a stop Naruto hopped off tripping over his feet while trying to walk. He looked rather drunken stumbling over his feet. He only made it five steps before falling over. Iruka and Kakashi laughed. Sakura stumbled over to him and made it about just as far before falling on top of him. Naruto let out a grunt as all Sakura’s weight landed on his stomach. It wasn’t long before Sasuke attempted to make it over.

“You’re such a dobe,” he said on his way over. He also tripped over his own feet and landed on top of the pile. Naruto gasped for air.

“Look who’s talking teme!” he barked out before shoving the two teens off of him. The blonde jumped to his feet. “Last one to the top of the jungle gym has to buy the other two dinner tomorrow!” he yelled before taking off. Sakura was on her feet and right behind him as was Sasuke.

Despite his head start Naruto was the last to the top. They sat at the top quietly for a while just watching the clouds. Naruto was in the middle with his bare feet dangling through the bars. Sakura was on his right with her head resting on his shoulder one leg pulled to her chest the other dangling through the bars like Naruto. Sasuke was to his left sitting the same as Naruto. Iruka sat on a bench talking to Kakashi. Shikamaru and Gaara had left telling them they’d see them at school.

“So where you taking us to dinner dobe,” Sasuke asked with a smirk.

“Don’t call me that teme! Where you guys wanna go?” Naruto asked not bothering to get mad at being called dobe, he was far too relaxed to be bothered.

“Don’t know yet. We can talk about it at school tomorrow, ok” Sakura said.

“Yea,” Sasuke agreed.

“Hey guys me and Iruka are heading back to my place. We’ll see you at school tomorrow.” Kakashi said before they headed off.

“See you later Ruka! Thanks for making it to the show!” Naruto said waving at them. Kakashi and Iruka waved goodbye.

“You still spending the night Sakura?” Naruto asked.

“Of, course!” Sakura said happily.

“You can come too Sasuke-teme, if you want,” Naruto said.

“Yeah, I don’t think I want to be home with those two,” he said giving a shudder. Naruto and Sakura laughed.

They walked back to Naruto’s new apartment in comfortable silence. When they got there the raven noticed there were still a lot of packed boxes. He wondered how long ago the blond had moved in.

“Sorry bout the mess, I’m still settling in.” Naruto said a little embarrassed.

“I can help you unpack if you want, Naruto.” Sakura said.

“Sure that’d be great!” Naruto said. “Let me make some popcorn and turn some music on then we can get to it.”

“Ok, sounds good..” Sakura said looking through Naruto’s refrigerator for something to drink.

“You don’t have to help if you don’t want teme,” Naruto said. He didn’t want the raven to think he’d invited him just to help out. Naruto was going to say something else when his phone started to ring. He walked out of the kitchen and picked up the cordless phone.

“Hello?” Naruto asked.Sakura had come over to try to calm him.

“Naruto?” came the voice from the other end. Naruto went stiff.

“What do you want Sai?” Naruto growled into the phone.

“I don’t think that song was necessary Naru-chan,” Sai said. “You know you’re going to take me back soon enough.” Naruto was fuming.

“Do you seriously think I’m going take you back after what you did?!” Naruto shouted.

“You know you wanted me to,” Sai said calmly.

“No, no I didn’t and I can’t forgive you this time.” Naruto stated.

“Why?” Sai asked.

“You seriously have the nerve to ask why?” Naruto yelled again.

“Who’s he talking to?” Sasuke asked Sakura.

“Ex-boyfriend/ stalker” Sakura replied. That somehow made Sasuke angry.

“Dobe give me the phone,” Sasuke said calmly. Naruto sighed and handed the phone over. He was too upset to care and he really didn’t want to talk to Sai.

“Hello,” Sasuke said calmly.

Naruto looked stunned for a moment then smiled.

“Thanks, you didn’t have to do that,” Naruto said.

“He was bugging you right? Well now he’s not.” Sasuke said satisfied with the fact that he had pissed off this Sai kid.

They spent the rest of the night unpacking Naruto’s stuff and eating popcorn. They talked some of school and their friends. Naruto learned that Sasuke didn’t like to talk a lot something about it being how Uchiha’s were. Naruto just shrugged it off. He still liked the boy whether he was quiet or loud like himself. Once they were finished unpacking Sakura and Naruto played some music before they turned in for the night. Naruto gave up his bed for Sakura. Sasuke took the couch and Naruto took the love seat since he was shorter then the raven.

“Who’s this? Where’s Naruto?” Sai demanded.

“He’s too busy to bother with you,” Sasuke told the other boy.

“Who are you?” Sai asked again. Sasuke thought for a moment before answering.

“Look, I’m Naruto’s new boyfriend so why don’t you back off and leave him alone. He wants nothing to do with you anymore.” Sasuke said before hanging up.

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