Truth or Dare???

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Growing up in California would usually mean "heaven". But to Brooke Rivers it means "Dax White".

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Truth or Dare???

Submitted: June 05, 2012

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Submitted: June 05, 2012




\"Truth or Dare?\" The group of kids all turned to the victim, a small skinny little girl with strait brown hair. She looked up, the freckles on her face danced from her left cheek, over the bridge of her nose, and faded towards her right cheek. Her large gray eyes were locked onto her challenger.

\"Dare,\" her eyes were tempting the younger boy.

\"Dare?\" The shy looking girl had a completely different image for him now. He imagined forcing her to eat one of the frogs out side by the lake. Or one of the many crickets that chirped through that night.

\"Do your worst, Horse Teeth.\" She snickered. The boy eyed her, she seemed to be a dare devil. She must have an older brother, he may be here, but who was he? He'd find out soon enough.

He suddenly knew how to break her.

\"I dare you to...\" The whole room seemed to hold their breaths. \"I dare you to kiss me.\"

The whole group gasped in horror, for they were mere children, the challenger was on seven, the victim was only five. Their parents would be furious. Unless they never found out, or if the victim refused.

\"Bring it on, Horse Teeth.\" He was surprised by her response to the dare, but leaned forward. the girl leaned forward. Would she really do it? It was never heard of a kindergarten girl kissing a second grade boy. Boys are stick, girls are icky, but the victim did not seem to mind, for she peck him right on the lips.

It was then during the millisecond kiss, that the challenger grabbed the little girl, hold her to him and dragging her out the room. The group followed. A boy in the crowd watched as the challenger dropped his little sister into the pool. Then came the screaming.

\"Help! I can't swi-\" she sunk down and popped back up. \"I can't swim!\"

The boy pushed forward, grabbing the challenger by the shirt. The boy was only eight, but recalled seeing the boy in school in another second grade class.

\"Get my sister out of there!\" He shouted. \"She really CAN'T swim!\"

The challenger shrugged. \"Not my fault.\"

The boy jumped into the pool after his sister just as the adults came out to see what the racket was.

That day the victim developed a fear of the water. And since then hated the challenger.

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Truth or Dare???

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