Hiding From A Vampire Slayer

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Kelly and David are two dating vampires with normal lives. But that all changes when they find out that a vampire slayer is out to kill them. They'll need to run and hide in different places to survive. But they'll also need each other.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Hiding From A Vampire Slayer

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Submitted: December 06, 2012



Kelly woke up to her alarm clock. She turns it off and gets ready for school. She put on skinny jeans, sky blue converse, a red shirt, and a heart necklace that David gave her. Her and David had been dating for two years now and he has been the only boyfriend she's ever had that truly understands her. They have a lot of things in common not including that they're both vampires. Kelly finished getting ready and went down stairs to the kitchen where her mom was. " Morning Mom." Kelly said. Her mom smiled at her and said " Good morning Kelly." and handed her a blood bag. Kelly grabbed the blood bag stuck her fangs out and bit into the bag. She didn't just drink from blood bags she went to a place where humans donated blood to vampires. Kelly preferred drinking from humans because the blood was fresh but the blood bags were good too. " Good morning Kelly. Good morning mom." said Kelly's little brother Ryan as he entered the room. He drank the blood from the bag. Kelly talked to them as she waited for David to pick her up and take her to school. Kelly heard a knock on the door. She opened the door and there stood David looking at her with a smile on his face. " Ready to go to school?" he asked. " Yeah do you want a blood bag before we go?" Kelly asked. " No i just ate." he said. " Oh okay. Mom I'm going to school bye!" she yelled to her mom. Kelly's mom came to the door looking a little worried. " Okay. Be careful." she said still looking worried. They walked over to David's car and they drove to school.

When they got to school they got out of the car and started heading in the school when Kelly said " Don't you think my mom looked a little worried before we came to school?" "She did and so did my mom before i went to pick you up. But they're moms they worry about their kids." David said. " Yeah but what do you think they're worrying about?" Kelly asked. " I'm not sure but don't worry maybe they're just sad we're getting older." he said " Yeah maybe." she said as they entered the school.

They went to an all human school and they had to pretend they were humans too. Only three other people in the school were vampires besides them. The principaland two other teachers. They couldn't reveal vampire existence to humans because one the humans would be scared and revealing that vampires existed would cause chaos. It wasn't hard for them since vampires looked like humans and acted like humans. The differences they had were that they drank blood, they needed to spray something on them selves so the sun rays wouldn't burn them, they had a lot more strength than humans, they ran extremely fast, and they had really good fighting skills. The speed and strengthwas hard was hard to hide in gym class sometimes but they just pretended to be a bit weaker and slower.

During Social Studies class David and Kelly heard an announcementon the intercom saying " Kelly Levine and David Blake to the office now." Kelly and David got out class and headed to the office. While walking to the office Kelly asked David " What do you think they want us for? We haven't done anything bad." " I don't know but the secretary sounded serious." When they got to the office the secretary told them to go to the principalsoffice. They went inside the principals office and sat down on the desks in front of his desk. The principal looked at them and " You two are not in trouble you're in danger." he said with worry and a little bit of fear. You could tell he wasn't trying to show it but it was evident in his voice. " Danger from what?" asked David. " Theres a slayer hunting both of you down." Kelly's eyes went wide. She had trained with her dad for her to defend herself against a slayer but never thought it would actually happen. " Me and some other vampires including your parents have been talking about a slayer. He's the best slayer in existence. His name is Jayden Miller." the principal said. " But why is he hunting us specifically? Theres other vampires besides us." Kelly said. " Yes and when we sent a vampire to spy on the slayers he told us that you two are very powerful vampires. None of us know what makes you two so powerful. But that's what the slayers say. They might be wrong." " So what are we gonna do?" asked David. " You two are going to have to run away and hide. You can't stay in the same place for a long time. The longest you can stay is three to four days, this slayer is very good at tracking down vampires. Your parents are outside loading your car David with food, blood, your clothes, and other things. Some of the things your gonnabe able to use against the slayer. But Jayden isn't the only slayer hunting you down theres others too but Jayden is the strongest." " Wait we're leaving this soon and where are we going?" asked David. " You're leaving this soon because the slayer is very close to finding you and your going to a motel like about 35 minutes from here. We need to keep you as far away from the slayers as possible and don't trust anyone." said theprincipal in a voice that soundedlike he was on a hurry. He opened a drawer on his desk and took out lots of money. He said " This is about $400 don't loose it. Your parents are going to give you more when we go outside. We're giving you this money because your going to need to buy blood and pay for the places you're going to stay in."

When they got outside Kelly saw her mom crying into her dads chest and saw David's mom crying his dad trying to comfort her. That's why their moms had been worried this morning. There were killer slayers hunting down their kids down. Kelly's mom went over to her and said " I'm sorry I'm not able to protect you. I don't want to send you away but it's the only way you'll stay safe." Kelly hugged her mom feeling her tears fall down her cheeks. She hated seeing her mom cry. Then her dad came over to her and said " You know how to defend yourself just in case a slayer attacks. Use every thing i taught you and don't let fear slow you down be brave and be careful." Kelly could tell that he was trying to hold back tears. He hugged Kelly and kissed her on the head. When Kelly's parents stopped hugging her she turned her head to the left and saw that David was hugging his mom who was now crying into his chest. He was trying to comfort her by telling her that nothing bad was going to happen to him and Kelly.

David and Kelly got in the car and before David started the car he looked at Kelly and saw the fear in her eyes and said " Everything's going to be okay Kelly. Don't worry if that slaying bastard tries to hurt you in any way he's gonna wish he never became a slayer." Kelly nodded. She knew that David was strong and so was she. They were both trained to defend themselves against slayers but that didn't stop Kelly from being scared. Slayers were trained to kill vampires just like Kelly and David. But Kelly would have to be brave. David gave her a soft kiss on the lips and told her " Don't be scared. I promise you that we'll be okay." He gave her another kiss and then started the car. Kelly calmed down a bit with his words. But still worried a little. Sooner or later they were going to have face a slayer. And not just any slayer. They were gonna have to face the best slayer in existence.

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