New beginning (When Alice and Jasper met)

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - New Beggining (When Alice and Japer met)

Submitted: March 22, 2009

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Submitted: March 22, 2009



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Chapter 3

“Alice, are you alright? Is something the matter?” I asked, really, really anxious now.

“No, it’s fine Jasper. We just need to transfer to another train” Alice said.

“Transfer? Why?” I asked.

“The Cullens are moving to Forks. We need to go there and not Canada”

“I don’t understand Alice”

“Like I said Jasper, I’ll explain later”

We quickly left the train as it stopped in the nearest station. Alice yet again was surrounded by lustful males, and as I would always do, I held Alice’s waist very tight, don’t they come near us, nor may someone help me for I will bite their heads off!

Alice got our new tickets now; we were heading for Forks, Washington. I must say, who ever these Cullens are, they are quite cunning to think of going o such well place for vampires.

As we seated Alice slumped on her chair again, but she was curled up like a ball. She closed her eyes delicately.

She kept close for almost an hour, and of course I don’t want to disturb her, but the suspense she is doing is killing me. I sighed;

I’d rather wait millennia than disturb Alice. I thought.

Alice suddenly opened her eyes and she looked at me. I don’t understand what emotion is in her eyes, this made me confused. Alice, knowing my gift, responded by touching my cheek, she was soothing me. I don’t understand.

“Jasper, are you alright?” Alice asked.

“I am fine Alice. And you?”I asked.


“I see. Alice? May I ask you something?” I said, sheepishly.

“Anything Jasper” she replied.

“Where are we going? Who are the Cullens? And why do you seem as if you sleep? Though I know our kind does not have the ability to do so.”

She giggled. “I guess it is time. Well, let me explain. We are going to Forks, Washington as you know Jasper. We are going there to meet the Cullens.”

“Cullens? Who are they?”

“They are quite a large coven. They have 5 members and soon to be seven.”

“Soon to be seven?” I asked, I wonder where we are going with this conversation.

“Jasper, my gift is to see the future, but it is subjective. I can only see someone’s future if he or she made up his or her mind.”

“And what does that have to do with us and the Cullens?”

“I saw my future along side my future mate Jasper. And from what I saw, I saw you. And I also saw your problem about how you feel about killing your preys and I saw a very unique solution from the Cullens. But even before I saw the way they live, I saw you and me being apart of their family. I say family and not coven, for they act like a family, they care for each other and help each other, like how a family is and act.”

“Your saying I’m your mate? For you saw it?”

“Yes” she immediately answered her was tone confident.

“But didn’t you say your visions are subjective? How can you be so sure Alice? That I am for you?”

“Jasper, I saw it out of nowhere. I wasn’t looking for my future, it came to me. And yes I am very sure. I know my own mind Jasper; don’t you know your own?”

I just looked down, trying to absorb her words.

“When I was surrounded by lustful men, you were being overprotective of me, weren’t’ you Jasper?”

“I guess I am”

She smiled. “See!” she teased.

I just chuckled. She was very interesting. And what’s more interesting? Knowing the fact I was meant for such a beautiful angel such as Alice.

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