Caged, Chapter 1

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Skyler has stumbled upon a strange buisness.
In this buisness people are caged, mutated, and tortured. And now the evil leader of the show has captured Skyler. She has no idea how, or what they will do with her. Will she escape? The next show is starting soon- better hurry.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Caged, Chapter 1

Submitted: January 14, 2012

Reads: 192

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



The dark alley was like a black hole. You could see all of downtown- the lights, buildings, people. But there it was, a jet black ink dot in between two resturaunts. Inside I saw nothing yet everything. I saw depth, and a strange energy came from it. But it was more than that, it was a magnet. I felt drawn to it, like it was whispering in my ear to come to it. So I did.
The journy across the street seemed endless, like time was slowed and everything was made of molasses. But as my tennis shoes hit the rock hard pavement of the sidewalk time decided to catch up. There I was, standing in front of the alley. My feet continued on, one after the other. Then the darkness swallowed me whole. It wrapped around me and cut off everything. My hearing, my sight, and any feeling exept coldness.
I gasped, feeling like I couldn't breathe. My mind was foggy- I struggled to remember anything. Then I repeated in my head about ten times, "My name is Skyler. I am thirteen years old. I live in Texas." And my feet skidded to a stop after fialy realizing they were still moving. I swung around, but... where was I now? All I could see was darkness. The world had gone silent. There was no buisy street.
Then something like ice wrapped around my arm. A scream was about to burt out of me, but nothing happened. Then my head suddenly felt hot. Not like a fever- burning stove hot.

Rags wrapped around me. They itched and I scratched all over but nothing made it more comfortable. Then i remembered, "Open your eyes, stupid." I figured I'd see the same darkness, but instead I saw dim light. Once my eyes adjusted, th first thing I saw were bars. They were bars like they would have on a dog crate, metal and cold. I was sitting upright with my head drooping. My neck was stiff and I cracked it, the crack echoeing.
I was in a cage. It was like an oversized dog crate, and I was the animal inside. And I was in what looked like backstage of an autotorium. There was a pale red curtain that looked heavy and dusty to my left, and a few doors in front of me. I looked down at my clothes. I was in pants and a shirt that looked like they were made of sewn together washcloths. Then a door opened with a creak, and I looked up. A man in a black tuxedo and a top hat walked in. He was tall and fit, the kind of guy my mom and her friends would call handsom. But his eyes were cold and filled with an evil amusment. He walked up to the cage and bent down. "Hello, Skyler." He said, drawing out my name. Before I could say anything he began to talk.
"I'll bet you're wondering why you're here, huh? Why do i know your name? I'll tell you none of these. But i'll tell you you're job and purpouse here. In exactly three hours an audience will be on the other side of this curtain. And you and your new co-workers are going to entertain that audience. You see, everyone here is special. And when i first saw you, I thought, 'She's not special.' But you could be. And will be. But first I'm going to show you your new co-workers so you get the idea." And as he finished he opened the cage door and grabbed me, pulling me forward. Soon I had a rag tied around my head, in my mouth so I couldn't talk.
The guy loaded the cage onto a cart, and pushed me down a narrow space behind the curtain. Soon we came to a long, wide hallway. And on each side of that hallway was a line of cages like mine.


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