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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Ænurin - Part VIII - The Trellic

Submitted: December 11, 2006

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Submitted: December 11, 2006




Brandon M. Dennis

The Trellic and Sarvest the Blue

The Trellic lines were founded by Segil and Kallach, two of the original twelve that were once urin. They first awoke to the salty smell of the sea, and when they opened their eyes all they could see was a blue vastness that went on endlessly in all directions. They were on a very small island-more of a collection of black rocks, really-which was most uninviting. Segil and Kallach ate of fish and shelled creatures and of the fruit that fell from the island's lone tree. But one day Kallach awoke and discovered to her horror that the tree had died during the night and fallen over, splintered into many pieces.

"Segil!" she called and awoke her husband. Segil came running and when he saw the sight, grasped his head in woe.

"Our tree, O, our tree, what has happened?"

Just then they noticed some movement around the fallen splintered pieces. They came closer for a look and noticed that some of the purple fruit that the tree bore had fallen on soil, and these pieces began to sink into the ground. Green sprouts suddenly sprang from the soil and grew steadily until, when Yalis had set, the sprouts were nearly as tall as Segil and Kallach.

"We lost our tree, but have been given four more!" said Segil, and the two were greatly relieved. Out of the wood they built a boat, and used it to paddle further away from the island in order to catch bigger fish. The trees would grow into adulthood in a matter of months and then die, but when the fruit was ripe it would always produce saplings at an incredible speed. In this way Segil and Kallach collected enough wood to construct their first floating city which they named Frestwasser which means "Blue Adventurer".

It was then that the two began to produce children, and very rapidly Frestwasser was filled with men and women building homes and planting the wonderful trees with the purple fruit. The Trellic were a short, flexible race with hair the many shades of the sea-mostly bright blue, but sometimes it grew in greens, purples and even bright reds. Their facial features were soft and blunted and they could both run and swim at incredible speeds, faster than any of the other races of men. They did not cut, braid or tie up their hair, but preferred to let it grow freely and wild, sometimes strait and other times wavy. Their skin was always very pale, even more so than the Rostic, and they did not grow hair anywhere but their heads.

Soon other floating cities were built and the Trellic race grew at a rapid pace atop the boundless sea. Their navigation was flawless and has yet to be matched by any of the other races of men. Yalis could be sleeping, the stars and Halis could be obscured by the darkest of storm clouds, but with just the scent of the sea and the lightest of breezes, any Trellic could sail a floating city to wherever he wished without wandering. No one but the Trellic knows where the original island with the fast growing trees lies and the Trellic are incredibly protective of this information.

When Sarvest arrived on urin she hovered over the water and scanned the horizon. She saw the floating Trellic cities and called out to them. The Trellic were in wonder of her voice and drew their floating cities near to her. She greeted them and told them who she was and they were captivated by her every word and motion. She was draped with the colors of the ocean. Her blue hair was long and tied behind her in a loose braid intertwined with colorful sea plants. Her body was smooth and clothed in a silky, navy cloth that shimmered. Green and blue sea plants wound about her being. From her waist hung a colorful horn of shell and she wore a starry cloak on her back.

"Come and follow me," she said, and she dove into the sea. The Trellic glanced at each other confused and Sarvest's head reemerged.

"What do you mean?" asked Segil. "We can not breathe under water."

"Have you ever tried?" said Sarvest with a wink, and with that the Trellic all dove into the water. To their amazement they could breathe under water and they swam in circles, delighting in their newfound ability. Sarvest motioned for them to follow and she led them to the very bottom of the ocean where tall pillars of green coral sprung forth like mighty towers. As she passed by she touched them and the ones she touched began to glow a light blue, illuminating the seafloor. The Trellic took in every wondrous sight that they saw, and from that moment on were never content to ride the crest of waves alone but desired to penetrate every corner of the ocean and discover her mysteries.

Sarvest came upon a large stone that rested on the seafloor and she pondered for a moment. She then bent down and lifted the stone up, casting it aside and revealing an opening beneath. In it she went and the Trellic followed. They discovered an enormous room filled with water. It was another one of those peculiar chambers like Gadwyth that Nurin had created long ago, but this one was filled with water. She named it Chruneflass which means "Throne Room" and here Sarvest built for herself a throne made out of blue, red and green coral, and all matter of sea life made their homes at her feet.

Sarvest found a large golden crystal growing from the floor and she pulled it out. She squeezed it and it began to glow a bright golden color, and then she shattered it. She gave the pieces to the Trellic and the men used the glimmering shards to construct the great lamps and lanterns that illuminated their realm. The Trellic built new cities around the base of Sarvest's throne, but their numbers grew so large and so rapidly that they quickly filled Chruneflass. They then spread out over the seafloor, and many of the Trellic went back to their floating cities for they still dearly loved to ride the crests of waves.

The sea giants saw the spread of the Trellic as an intrusion. After all, they had been there first, and for as long as they could remember they had ruled the sea and instilled fear into all manner of beasts that caught sight of them. Rage built within them at the impudence of the Trellic, and this hatred later led to great sorrow for the Trellic.

As they searched the depths of the sea, the Trellic came upon other chambers filled with water and explored every corner. Some of the chambers went very deep but then opened up into dry areas. Here the Trellic met the Favish and they startled each other. The Favish declared that the Trellic had trespassed on their sacred ground, but the Trellic insisted that the Favish had delved into their passages and invaded their seas. Goondagk was summoned and he came to the Trellic and looked at them sternly.

"If not for my sister," he said, "I would stomp on you all for trespassing on our sacred ground. But she is dear to me and you are dear to her, so I will do no such thing. But hear me now-you all must leave!" And so Goondagk gave them free domain of all the submerged chambers but strictly told them to not step foot onto any dry places under the ground. The Trellic shrugged and said they didn't want to anyways, and ever after there was tension between the Trellic and Favish, though they remained reluctant friends.

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