Those Eyes: Thriller

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What we did in the past gave us the powers we have now. The death of our loved ones drove us insane. The Big Business Corps. will pay.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Those Eyes: Thriller

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



Chapter 1


"Son. Do you know why you're here?"

The boy in his early twenties sat in the chair looking at the wall as the police continued to question him.

"This knife and this mask were found at the scene of the crime covered in your fingerprints, as well as blood from thirteen victims found at the scene."

The cop pushed two small plastic bags toward the boy. He broke his stare and looked down at the knife in one bag and the mask in the other. He reached for the mask and slowly started stroking it through the bag. The tool of his madness, crafted by his own hands. The mask was white, with two big hollow eyes and a line of teeth. Across the diagonal was one black line, painted with the greatest of care. The knife was further away so that his cuffed hands couldn't reach. He put down the mask and looked up at the one way glass. His face was blood-stained, covered in bruises and scratches. His hair was matted from the dried blood, and his eyes were cold and devoid of any emotion.

"We're not going to get anything out of him, take him back to the holding cell."

As two more officers came in, the boys eyes darted to the interrogating officer.

"You want me to answer your questions... but, do you have the stomach for the answers?"

The officer stopped halfway out the door and turned in surprise to hear his suspect speak. He waived off the other two officers.

"I'm listening..." said the detective as he pulled up a chair.The boy lifted his hands in protest of the cuffs. The detective analyzed the action and gave into the miniscule demand. He took out a set of keys and unlocked the cuffs. The boy rubbed his wrists and ran his fingers through his long curly hair. Then the boy stood up, making the cop reach for his gun, but the boy had no intention of harming anybody. He walked to the barred window and looked out.

"I'm waiting..." said the detective coldly.

"Patience detective... we have plenty of time to talk about the events that happened last night."

The detective felt uneasy by the boys tone, it just made him uncomfortable knowing what he did, and yet how calm his demeanor was.

"Do you know the reason for iron bars being used in prisons, Detective?"

The Detective paced on the other side of the table, making sure to keep space between him and his captive.

"No, I don't believe so" answered the detective, "why?"

"Iron bars are used to contain the evil, even after the body has decayed."

"I guess you'll be here a long time then, huh?" the detective remarked.

"Do you think i'm evil?"

"I believe there is something seriously wrong with you, upstairs." the Detective answered.

"Perhaps you're right, then again, you could be very wrong"

The conversation started to become cold, the detective felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up. The boys tone had grown shallow and raspy, like he was telling his story with as little effort as possible.

"Life, detective, creates the good and the bad. From the moment a child is enrolled in kindergarten up until they gratuate from high school. Humans are refined into their own groups based on how reality sees they are best fit. Life seemed to brand me an outcast. So, I developed an imaginary friend. Then one day, he left and I was left to fend for myself. I was a bright kid but, in this world that means absolutely nothing."

The Detective scanned his prisoner and noticed his demeanor shifting, the boy was slowly swaying in front of the window.

"Maybe, you should sit down" the detective suggested.The boy turned his head and stared into the detectives eyes, and the detective felt a small hint of fear. The boys eyes were as hard as ice, and he had a smile on his face, seemed almost like it spread from ear to ear.

"I'll stand, thank you". The boy walked over to the table and reached for the bag containing the mask. He held it gingerly in his hands and ran his fingers over it.

"Do you have children, detective?"

The detective gave the boy a stern look.

"I'll take that as a no. I'm only asking because when i was young i used to love Halloween."

"Why are you rambling on about this... the reason I kept you here was to have you tell me what happened. Not to listen to your life story!"

The boys eyes' met the detectives and the detective quickly looked away.

"What's wrong Detective? Do I make you feel uneasy?"

The detective grabbed the knife on the table and walked out the door.

"I need someone in there with me..."

"What are you saying? You can't handle it?"

"Captain, the kid gives me the creeps!"

"Fine, take a Junior officer in with you""Captain?"

"It's the best I can do"

The detective went back into the interrogation room, Junior officer at his heels. The room looked empty. The detective ordered the junior officer to wait in the room, while he located the prisoner. The detective left the room once again, closing the door behind him. In the corner of the room, was the boy, hiding behind the door. His face was hidden under a blood stained mask.

"Hello, Junior Officer Stewart..."

The officer drew his weapon and aimed down the sights at the boy.

"Stay where you are!" Stewart ordered.

The boys blue eyes stared at him through the mask. The masked kid took a step forward. Officer Stewart let a shot off hitting the boy in the arm. The boy hesitated for a second and took another step. Stewart shot again, this time in the chest, but the boy still trudged forward. Four more shots went off, but Stewart was unable to stop his attacker. Stewart dropped his gun and took a step back, fear in his eyes.

The door to the interrogation room burst open."Where did you go?" asked the detective.

"I've been right here"

"Where's Officer Stewart?"


The detective walked over to the boy and threw him against the wall. The boy giggled a bit and looked at the detective.

"Listen to me you piece of shit, tell me where he is..."

"Detective, I never figured you one for police brutality"

The detective dropped the kid and left the room once again. A few seconds later two officers came in and led the kid to a holding cell.


The next day the police began the search for Officer Stewart. The interrogation continued...

"Still no sign of your lost officer, Detective?"

"That's none of your business, now continue your story."

"I'm not sure my story was interesting you, so i decided to start over"

The Detective stood up and paced, he looked around the room quick and then back to his captive, who sat in the chair with a smirk on his face.

"I used to be a law-biding citizen, much like you are now detective... and then after a few drinks at the party, it dawned on me..."

The Detective took a step forward, "What dawned on you?"

"Did you ever stop to think how screwed up life is? We live in a world where loyalty means nothing to people. The evil go unpunished, and the vigilantees who stand up for what is just are the ones persecuted."

"So, What? you see yourself as a Vigilantee?"

"No Detective, according to the rules of law I am the evil one, for slaying my, so called victims. What I did at the time was just..."

"Listen to me, you snot nosed little prick, just because life doesn't go your way doesn't give you the right..."

"The Right!" The boy stood up at the table and stared down the Detective."I'm starting to think the reason you can't look at me, Detective, is that your past was not as bright and spotless as you make it out to be. I think when you see me, you see a younger you, with the power to do, what you were so afraid to."

The Detective met the boys gaze for a second, then walked out the door and motioned for the guards to take the boy back to his cell. The two officers came into the room and shut the door behind them with an echoing boom, that resonated in the air for an unnaturally long period of time. The two officers looked at the boy, now staring out the window.

"Alright son, let's go!"One officer reached out to grab the boy by the shoulder, when a deep, hissing voice arose from the boy.

"Officer Parsons, Officer Troy..." the boy turned around slowly to reveal his face covered by a blood-stained mask, "how nice of you to join me"

"Real cute" said Parsons, pulling out a pair of cuffs. "Now show us your hands!"Troy reached for his gun, as Parsons took a step closer.The boy held out his hands, and the detective cuffed one hand. The boy quickly grabbed the other cuff from the cops hand, and plunged it into the meat of the officers throat. Then with a quick pull, he severred the officers throat, sending blood spattering all over his mask. Troy started letting loose shot after shot, but the boy just kept moving. The officer pulled out a stun-gun and fired it into the kids abdoman. He hunched over for a second than, returned to his upright position, and continued toward the officer. He grabbed the officer by the scruff of his jacket and looked down into his eyes.

"Are you scared officer Troy?"

Troy stood there for a moment in awe, and then started swinging at the boys gut. Every blow connecting with a thud. Finally Troy was out of breath, and at the mercy of his attacker.

"My turn!"


"Detective, in my office!"

Detective Aimes walked across the police department to the Captains office. He was worried. Being in the Captains office was never good news.

"Have a seat Aimes..."

Aimes grabbed a chair and sat down. He quickly glanced around the room at all the medals and awards scattered acros the walls.

"I didn't call you here to idolize my work... Why hasn't your detainee been set up with a lawyer yet?"

"We did..."


Aimes smiled for a second before answering.

"Well, Detective?"

"Captain, when the prisoner's lawyer tried to discuss legal matters with him, he told his lawyer to leave before he decided to throw his tight ass in with the population, so that they might help him loosen up a bit... If you catch my drift..."

"I'm glad you find this humorous Detective. Where is your prisoner now?"

"Parsons and Troy are escorting him back to his cell as we speak."

Just then, outside the office came the sound off broken glass and screams followed by gunshots.

"What the hell?" the Captain said standing up and staring through the windows of his office.Aimes turned in time to see a masked figure step out of the interrogation room. The sound of broken glass was from the breaking interrogation room window. The screams were from the bloodied body of Troy, now laying on the floor, covered in glass. The gunshots were from the ten remaining officers at their desks.Aimes looked at the spectacle in awe and his only reaction was him gawking his face in an oh-shit-look.Shot after shot tore through his flesh, but left the masked attacker no worse for the ware. With a sideways glance at the Captains office, he reached down and grabbed the body of Officer Troy and with one hand, launched him thirty feet across the police station, through the Captains office window.

"Aimes, What the hell is going on?" came the Captains voice from behind his desk.Aimes looked around the police station at the officers relentlessly firing shot after shot with no effect. One of the officers grabbed a shotgun from a gun case nearby and started pumping out shellnafter shell. The masked man turned and eyed his attackers. He grabbed a desk nearby and threw it across the room with ease, taking out lamps, officers and windows. He continued his onslaught by charging at the last few remaining officers. The first he grabbed by the head and cracked against the corner of the desk, sending blood and skull fragments exploding across the desk. The next he grabbed by the scruff of his shirt and used him as a shield to get closer to the remaining officer. He tossed the carcaus onto the floor. Then he approached the final officer who was reloading her weapon. He waited, watching her intently as she struggled to load the jammed gun. He looked at the desk nearest him and saw an evidence bag containing his knife. He reached over and gingerly removed the knife and flicked it open. It was a small four-inch pocket knife, with a black handle. The officer finally finished reloading her weapon and raised her gun to fire. The masked man swiftly slit her wrists, and she dropped the gun. He cocked his head to the side and glanced toward the office where Troys body now lay.

"Aimes! Oh, Aimes" came a cold hissing voice. The masked man grabbed the woman by the throat and placed his knife gently against her back.Detective Aimes stood up from behind the chair and analyzed the room, now riddled with corpses and debris.

"What do you want kid?"

"Come forward Aimes, don't be shy."

"Let her go kid, she has nothing to do with this."

"Come closer."

Aimes inched forward until there was only a foot or so between the two of them.

"What do you want?"

"Nothing, I just thought you could use a shower." The masked man raised his knife to the female officers throat and drove the blade in and then forcefully ripped it back out, sending a rain of blood squirting all over Aimes face. Aimes shielded his face, but the blood continued to cover his clothes and face.The masked man walked over to a nearby window, grabbed a chair, and threw it through. A gust of air burst through the window sending papers flying across the floor.

"We'll be in touch Aimes" said the masked man as he leapt out the window.


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