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Delilah tossed the comb and brush to me. "Fix your hair, it's all tangled," she said, keeping her eyes fixed on the road.
I vigorously brushed my hair and combed my hair. I opened the window so my hair would dry faster. Luckily, my hair wasn't the type that got frizzy. I fixed the heel on my sandal and made sure it was secured. I checked my hair in the side mirror. I pulled out my lip gloss and glossed each lip once.
Before I knew it, we were at my house. I swung open the door and got out.
"Thanks, Lala! I owe you!" I called before I shut the door. I had the box, the key, and the daisy in my hands to carry and my bag of clothes in the other. I put them down on my porch swing and waved at Delilah.
In her car, I saw her point to her eye, make a heart with her hands, and pointed at me, and mouthed, 'I heart you'. I did the same and added my two fingers at the end so I mouthed, 'I heart you too'. I waved goodbye and she backed out of my driveway quick and stepped on the gas. Before I blinked, she was already gone.
I knocked on the door and waited for my dad to open.
He swung open the door and saw me with my arms full. He grabbed the box out of my hands and we both went upstairs and to my room.
"You can put the box right here," I said while pointing at the table. I just threw my bag of clothes in my closet.
I let myself collapse on my bed, face down. "I'm so tired," I said into my sheets. But it sounded like, "Mmm oh ire."
But surprisingly, Dad understood. "I know," he said and sat down next to my aching body. "So, what happened today?"
I lifted my head up and explained, "I found the next letter at Rosalie's Corner Store and it wasn't easy."
"Want to talk about it?" he asked.
"No, not really," I honestly said. "But, I know I will have to tell you sooner or later."
He chuckled. "Yeah, that's true."
"Okay, so Rosalie's granddaughter had a daisy in her hair. So, I took this as a hint. And she ended up having the key around her neck. Then, I had to look through shelves of jewelry boxes. Then, I found this box," I told him as I pointed to the box. "'I love you' was engraved on the key and my name was carved into the jewelry box."
My dad smiled. "This boy's really thoughtful," he commented.
"Oh, that's not it!" I stopped my dad. I lifted my wrist in front of his face. "He gave me this! It has real diamonds on it!"
My dad's mouth opened and started to examine it. "Oh goodness. These diamonds are real."
"I know!" I sighed and my eyes fell on my bracelet. "And I'm afraid I'm falling in love with a guy I don't even know," I said under my breath.
My dad put his arm around my shoulder. "Just listen to what your heart's saying and you won't go wrong," he advised.
"Thanks, Dad," I said while I wrapped my arms around him.
There are times that I know I needed my mother for but my dad was trying my best. That's what meant so much about the advice he gave. And for me, it would always be enough.

I swung the door open as soon as I heard the doorbell ring.
I found myself staring at Cam's gorgeous face. He was wearing jeans and a Ralph Lauren polo. He looked so handsome, I was speechless.
"Hey, Cam. You look..."
He grinned. "Yeah, you too."
I grabbed his hand. "My dad kind of wants to set the basic rules down and all. Don't worry, it won't take long."
My dad was sitting in the living on the couch when he saw Cam.
They shook hands. "Good evening, Mr. Harrison."
I rolled my eyes. This wasn't going anywhere. I stood there, next to Cam.
"Dad, this is Cam. Cam, this is my dad," I introduced them to each other.
My dad chuckled. "I know Cam. He gives me tips to keep the tomato garden healthy," my dad revealed.
Cam and Dad shook hands firmly. "Nice to see you again," Cam said politely.
"Where are you taking Natalie tonight?"
Cam shrugged. "Well, I just thought we could watch a movie and go out to eat."
"And you're paying for all of this?" my dad asked. I rolled my eyes. No, not this again. My dad didn't like it when guys didn't bring money to dates.
"Don't worry, Mr. Harrison. It's already taken care of," Cam assured my dad.
My dad was clearly impressed. "Okay, have her home by ten," he told him. Then, his eyes fell on me. "Don't forget to call by nine-thirty."
"Okay, Dad." I kissed him lightly on the cheek.
We walked out the door and my dad shut the door behind us.
"So, what are we watching?" I asked Cam as we made are way towards his Mustang.
"I just thought you'd want to watch a romantic movie like When We Fall In Love. It's a really nice movie. If not, you could pick something different," he said as he held open the door for me.
"Thank you," I said as I climbed in. He shut the door and climbed in the driver's seat.
He started the engine and we drove to the movies.
"Tell me what it's about."
"Honestly, I'm not really good at summarizing so I'll just tell you it's about a city boy and a small town girl." He grinned."But I think you'll like it," he said, sure this movie was great.
"Okay, I'll take your word for it."
He glanced at me and smiled. We parked near the theater and he opened my door. He held out his hand looking straight into my eyes. I took it without hesitation and our fingers intertwined. So, our date began.

Before I knew it, the movie was over and we only had a few hours left. I actually cried watching the movie. It was really touching. It was almost like the first time I saw The Notebook or Titanic.
"Where do you want to go for dinner?" he asked.
"How about Olive Garden?" I suggested.
He turned to me and smiled.

It felt like the night was speeding up or reaching its downfall. I didn't want the night to end.
I dialed up my dad on my cell phone. It only kept ringing until he picked up.
"Hey, Dad? I'm going to be home soon and don't worry, I'm still safe and alive," I said with a laugh.
"Glad you enjoyed. Okay, I'll be waiting," he said on the other line.
"Okay, I'll see you soon. I love you. Bye!"
I pressed 'end call'. I turned to Cam and reached for his hand.
"You look beautiful tonight," he said. "I don't say that often, by the way."
I bit my lip from smiling. But, I couldn't help it. I ended up smiling widely anyway.
"Hey, do you want to go to my backyard to see the garden. It looks great at night with the lights up and everything."
I nodded. How could I refuse? "I'd love to,"
Cam parked his Mustang in his driveway and we went through the side door.
"Hold on," Cam stopped me. "First, close your eyes."
I shut my eyes. Now, all I saw was pitch black. "Okay, now what?"
I felt Cam's hand grab mine. "Just walk slowly. I'll guide you," he told me.
He pulled me slowly towards the backyard. I was afraid I was going to trip over something.
Cam let go of my hands and then I heard a click, almost like a switch. Under my eyelids, I saw everything suddenly become a little brighter.
"Okay," Cam said. "Now, open."
I opened my eyes to find his whole garden of different, colorful flowers surrounded with individual lights. It reminded me of the stars.
I looked up at Cam. "It's truly beautiful," I said quietly. My eyes looked around at all the different flowers that were blooming. I guess all his work in the garden really paid off. It was so beautiful, I was overwhelmed.
"Yeah," he agreed. "Simply, beautiful." He took my hand and pulled me closer to him.
I looked up at him. His eyes were crystal blue and as beautiful as ever. I was probably almost mesmerized and drowned within them.
He gently caressed my cheek with his warm hand. I closed my eyes for the slightest moment.
I felt the slow movement of his kisses. Almost, like a dream. I was surprised by how well he kissed me.
I removed my lips from his and took a deep breath. Then, sighed.
I smiled. "Thanks, Cam. I had a really nice time tonight," I said.
He squeezed my hand. "I had really nice time with you too."
He leaned down and kissed my cheek. "I hope you have the sweetest of dreams tonight."
Then, he pulled me towards the flowers. He pulled out one of the flowers and handed it to me.
I held it between my fingers and stared at it. Then, I looked up at Cam.
"Do you want me to walk you to your house?" he offered.
I stared at him for a while. I shook my head slowly. "No, it's fine. You're already here, so I'll just leave." I kissed him again on the lips. "Thanks again, Cam. Goodnight."
He waved goodbye and watched me exit the way I came in. Within about ten seconds, I was already on my porch.
I opened the door and ran upstairs and to my room. I slammed the door shut and didn't turn on a single light. I just opened the window, letting the moonlight stream in.
I stared at the stars, the flower still in my hands. I squeezed it so hard, I thought I felt a tiny thorn pierce my skin. But I didn't care.
I needed to find my secret admirer. I wanted to know who he was. The tension was building inside me.
It wasn't long until I found myself crying. Crying endlessly just looking at the stars, wondering where in the world he could be. I was wearing his heart on my sleeve. I wasn't even taking care of my own.
I only read the letter once but those words just kept playing my head. An unknown voice was speaking to me.
I hope you love your gift. I picked the charms especially for you. That's my heart you'll be wearing on your sleeve. And there's the key to my heart. You've unlocked it once, so it's yours to keep forever. There's always a daisy for you, right? I know you've probably had a tiring day but it isn't going so well with me either. Well, you drive me crazy half the time. The other half I'm only trying to let you know what I feel is true.
I laid on my bed, still in the clothes I wore on the date. My head rested on my pillow, now stained with my salty tears that fell.
I wanted to know who my secret admirer was more than ever. I was going crazy for him now too. I didn't want to wait until I fell in love with the wrong person. I wanted to fall in love with my secret admirer.
Then, I realized I already was falling in love with my secret admirer.
I slowly fluttered my eyes closed but tears still fell. I didn't care that my palms were bleeding from the thorns.
Hoping I would dream the sweetest of dreams, I quietly drifted to sleep...with only a single, bright red rose in my hand.

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I love Cam! But i love her secret admirer too! OMG please make them the same person!!! I'd hate it if she had to choose between one... =( Oh well. UPDATE SOON PLEASe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

Sun, August 2nd, 2009 11:48am


OMG. I really want to tell you who her secret admirer is! I'll keep you posted!

Sun, August 2nd, 2009 4:50am


This is greeaatt =] I just kept hoping in every chapter, there will be the name of the secret admirer x]... Cam is just sooo sweet :] This is such a good story 8] Keep me updated XD

Sun, August 2nd, 2009 3:12pm


Thank you so much for reading! Sure thing! I'll keep you posted!

Sun, August 2nd, 2009 3:34pm


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sun, August 2nd, 2009 8:16pm


Glad you liked it! aha. I'll keep you posted.

Sun, August 2nd, 2009 2:19pm


i think i know her admirer is the last note helped me put the peices togeather and it was so tottaly amazing

Mon, August 3rd, 2009 5:48am


I'm glad you liked it. I want to hear who you think her secret admirer is. Because some people think it's Jake and some people think it's Cam. AHA!

Sun, August 2nd, 2009 10:53pm


Oooooh my goodness, more, more!

Tue, August 4th, 2009 6:31pm


Sure, sure. I'll keep you updated.

Tue, August 4th, 2009 12:28pm

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